Student Politics Essay- Understanding the Need of Student Participation in Politics



Student Politics Essay: Politics is described as the practice of political affairs. It deals with the governance of a country or an area. Generally, the first experience of politics for a person is student politics. In colleges and universities, there are political groups that organize elections and meetings for the various matters of the college. Students with the same ideologies form political parties and contest elections. Each party chooses its representative. But we often hear the debate of whether students should take part in politics or not. In our essay on student politics, we will talk about the way it is carried out in academic institutions. Read this article and decide for yourself which side you agree with.

Student Politics in India

What better place to analyze a phenomenon than your own country? If we talk about the origin of student politics in India, the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ comes to our mind. From 1905 to 1908, there were a huge number of students who supported this cause and took active participation in it. The result? Beginning of various revolutionary movements in the country. In 1920 when the Non-Cooperation Movement was supported by the students, the whole country witnessed it. Student politics has given India the brave Bhagat Singh. His letters and books are still an inspiration for us. 

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All of these movements are enough to support the participation of students in politics. In fact, the political belief of the students tells a lot about the political condition of a country. The students in colleges and universities use their voices for crucial causes. Being aware of the country’s government policies and how it affects the citizens should come naturally. Welfare for the people of the country is something students have always been taught. Student politics is what brings that into practice. 

The decision of whether students should be a part of politics depends on the outlook on politics. If you see politics as merely a waste of time then your views might be a little distorted. But if you think about the role of politics in making the functioning of college smooth and just then student politics will become important. To ensure the safety of students, to maintain harmony in the college, and to work for the betterment of the college folks, student politics is important. 

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Student Politics Essay FAQs

How to write a good essay on student politics?

To write a good essay, divide your matter into introduction, body, and conclusion. Use examples as much as possible to support your take.

What is student politics?

Students in various universities and colleges form political parties and conduct elections. Various future politicians come out of these student politics.

Should students take part in politics?

As long as they support the right cause, students must take part in politics.

Is there student politics in India?

Yes, in colleges like JNU and Delhi University, there are various political parties by students.

When was the first time students took part in politics?

In 1905 Swadeshi movement students took part in politics for the first time.