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BDC (Block Development Council) is a block-level committee within a state whose primary function is to get the funds approved by the government for the development works of the village. If we talk about BDC in the Business area then it is referred to as a “Business Development Company”. It is important to understand that the block head chosen by the panchayats of the village will be the head of the block development committee. For settlement with the Block Development Council, the development works of the village such as the construction of roads and drains, Pucca housing, hand pumps, hospitals, poverty alleviation, etc., along with social issues are also given. So, in simple words, BDC plays a very vital role in the growth and development of the village. In this article, we are going to give you BDC Full Form in different languages and different categories.

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BDC In Different Languages

There are some different full forms of BDC in different languages. Check out it from the below provided table:

Full Form of BDC In Hindiप्रखण्ड विकास समिति
Full Form of BDC In EnglishBlock Development Council
Full Form of BDC In Marathiविभाग विकास समिती

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Full Form Of BDC In Different Category

There are some categories where the full form of BDC will be different. Check out these categories and the full form of BDC in each category from the below table:

Category Full-Form
BDC Full-Form In ElectionBlock Development Council
BDC Full-Form In PoliticsBlock Development Council
BDC Full-Form In Panchayat In Hindiप्रखण्ड विकास समिति
BDC Full-Form SAP Batch Data Communication
BDC Full-Form In MedicalCongenital Bile Duct Cyst

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We hope that you must have got a pretty clear idea of BDC and its full form in various languages and categories. In any case, if you have any doubt, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to assist you with all your queries and provide you with all the important information.

What does BDC stand for in Medical?

BDC is commonly referred to as “Congenital Bile Duct Cyst” in Medical.

What is BDC called in Hindi?

In Hindi, BDC is called as “प्रखण्ड विकास समिति”.

What is BDC commonly referred to as in Politics?

In Politics, BDC stands for “Block Development Council”.

What is BDC in SAP?

BDC stands for “Batch Data Communication” in SAP.

What does BDC stand for in Panchayat in Hindi?

BDC in Panchayat is commonly referred to as “प्रखण्ड विकास समिति”.