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CTI is an abbreviation that has many full forms or meanings. In the ITI sector, it is referred to as “Craftsman Training Institute”. The Government of India initiated Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) in 1950 and established many Craftsman Training Institutes for divulging the skills in various vocational trades. The purpose of this scheme is to meet the skilled manpower requirements for the industrial and technological growth of the country. CTI has different meanings in different sectors/categories. In this article, we are going to study CTI and its full form in different languages and different categories. 

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Full Form Of CTI In Different Languages

There are some other full forms of CTI in other languages. Check out the full forms provided in the given table and know about its full form in different languages as well.

CTI full form in Hindiशिल्पकार प्रशिक्षण संस्थान
CTI full form in EnglishCraftsman Training Institute
CTI full form in Marathiकारागीर प्रशिक्षण संस्था
CTI full form in Teluguహస్తకళాకారుల శిక్షణా సంస్థ
CTI full form in Tamilகைவினைஞர் பயிற்சி நிறுவனம்

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Check All CTI Full Forms

There are different full forms of CTI in different categories or sectors. Check out the below-provided table to know about them:

CTIIndustrial Training InstitutesCraftsman Training Institute
CTIComputer TechnologyCryptologic Technician Interpretive
CTITechnologyCombined Technology Iron
CTIUniversityColumbus Technical Institute
CTIInternational BusinessCustomer Trade Indicator
CTIOrganizationChristian Travellers International
CTIOrganizationCompatible Technology International
CTIOrganizationCreative Time Inc.
CTIOrganizationComparative Tracking Index
CTISoftwaresCosin Tire Interface
CTIMilitary And DefenceCombined Truck Insurance
CTITechnologyControl Technology Inc
CTITechnologyClimate Technology Initiative
CTIComputer SoftwareComputers Teaching Initiative
CTIAirport CodeComplete And Total Integration
CTIBusinessColumbia Tristar Interactive
CTIInformation TechnologyComputer Telephony Integration
CTIChemistryCharge Transfer Inefficiency
CTIGovernmentComponent Test Instruction
CTICommunityCaregiver Training Initiative
CTITechnologyComputer Telephony Interface
CTIBusiness FirmChrist Talk Initiative
CTIOtherCuerpo Tecnico de Investigacion
CTITechnologyConcrete Technology Inc
CTIEducationCarrier Telephone Industries
CTITechnologyCredit Technology Inc
CTISpace ScienceCritical Transportation Item
CTITechnologyComputer Technology Institute
CTIPlasticCollegiate Training Initiative
CTIBusiness FirmConcrete Technology Incorporated’s
CTITechnologyCommercium Technology Inc
CTITelecomComputer Telephone Integration
CTIOtherCreed Taylor Incorporated

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We hope that this article must have got you enough information regarding the CTI Full Form in ITI. If you have any doubts or questions related to the CTI full forms in ITI or CTI full forms in any category, you can connect with us. We will be happy to help you with all your queries and provide you with all the correct information.

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CTI Full Form in ITI – FAQs

What is the CTI Full Form in ITI?

The full form of CTI in ITI is “Craftsman Training Institute”.

What is the CTI called in Hindi?

CTI in Hindi is called “शिल्पकार प्रशिक्षण संस्थान”.

What is CTI stands for in Information Technology (IT) sector?

In IT, CTI stands for “Computer Telephony Integration”.

What is CTI referred to as in Space Science?

CTI in Space Science refers to the “Critical Transportation Item”.

What is CTI known as in Chemistry?

In Chemistry, CTI is known as “Charge Transfer Inefficiency”.

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