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IPA Full Form: There are many full forms or you can say meanings of IPA. Many of you might be looking for the exact full form of IPA. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of IPA Full Forms. Go through this article completely to know all about them. 

  • In pharmacy, IPA stands for Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA). It is a national body that represents over 1 million pharmaceutical and pharmacist scientists. In the year 2015, the IPA was awarded the ‘Best Professional Organisation Award’ by the Indian Association Congress.
  • In iOS IPA stands for iOS App Store Package. It is a file that can only be installed on iOS. All the files with the .ipa extension can be uncompressed by changing the extension to zip or unzip

Check All Full Forms of IPA

You must have got the idea that IPA has different meanings in different respects. Check all the probable full forms of IPA through the below table:

IPA Full Form In IndiaIndian Pharmacist Association
IPA Full Form In chemicalIsopropyl Alcohol
IPA Full Form In PsychologyInterpretative Phenomenological Analysis
IPA Full Form In pharmaIndian Pharmaceutical Association
Full Form of IPA In biologyInvasive Plasmid Antigen
IPA Full Form In medicalIndependent Practitioner Association
IPA Full Form In communicationInternational Phonetic Alphabet
Full Form of IPA In iosiOS App Store Package
IPA Full Form In medical billingIndependent Practice Associations
Full Form of IPA In EnglishInternational Phonetic Alphabet
IPA Full Form In ComputerInstructions Per Second
IPA Full Form In alcoholIndia Pale Ale
IPA Full Form In pharmacyIndian Pharmaceutical Association
Full Form of IPA In bankingInternational Payment Account
In insuranceIndependent Practice Associations
IPA chemical full formIsopropyl Alcohol
IPA solution full formIsopropyl Alcohol
Full Form of IPA in sanitizerIsopropyl Alcohol

We hope through this article you must have got to know various IPA full forms. In any case, if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to connect with us. We would be happy to help you in each phase to improve your knowledge.

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What is the full form of IPA in insurance?

The IPA in insurance stands for Independent Practice Associations.

What does IPA stand for in the banking industry?

The IPA full form in banking is International Payment Account.

What is IPA in pharmacy?

IPA in pharmacy stands for Indian Pharmaceutical Association.

What is IPA in iOS?

IPA stands for iOS App Store Package.

What is the IPA full form in psychology?

IPA in psychology stands for Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.