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Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result 2 August 2022: Have you ever had a wish to test your luck? Lotteries are exciting. They give you the thrilling experience of testing how lucky you are. The Bhagyalaxmi lottery game is one of the most famous lottery games in India. Just like the other lotteries, you buy a ticket and let fate decide the result. Today, the results of the lottery are coming out for different time slots. Read this article to know everything about the game.

Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result Today – 2 August 2022

The Play Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Result for Today will be updated shortly. The Playbhagyalaxmi result has always been scheduled to be announced between 9:00 a.m. and 9:40 p.m. You can check the results online at the official website, or we will also provide the winning numbers for the 2nd of August, 2022 here.

Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result 1st August 2022

Here you can view Bhagyaxmi Lottery yesterday’s result (1 August 2022):

2022-08-01 09:00 A.M XA95 XB37 XC98 XD95 XE89 XF96 XG78 XH98 XI28 XJ13
2022-08-01 09:15 A.M XA09 XB72 XC45 XD01 XE60 XF76 XG59 XH50 XI69 XJ06
2022-08-01 09:30 A.M XA36 XB47 XC18 XD06 XE54 XF31 XG12 XH83 XI38 XJ65
2022-08-01 09:45 A.M XA87 XB46 XC30 XD61 XE62 XF91 XG43 XH48 XI09 XJ43
2022-08-01 10:00 A.M XA04 XB08 XC14 XD19 XE70 XF23 XG89 XH72 XI63 XJ24
2022-08-01 10:15 A.M XA36 XB32 XC92 XD99 XE71 XF29 XG07 XH76 XI38 XJ08
2022-08-01 10:30 A.M XA80 XB44 XC80 XD81 XE83 XF33 XG75 XH81 XI10 XJ50
2022-08-01 10:45 A.M XA26 XB26 XC55 XD55 XE37 XF46 XG29 XH67 XI60 XJ27
2022-08-01 11:00 A.M XA31 XB73 XC11 XD69 XE41 XF54 XG83 XH65 XI33 XJ75
2022-08-01 11:20 A.M XA94 XB75 XC18 XD90 XE32 XF37 XG40 XH78 XI80 XJ96
2022-08-01 11:40 A.M XA85 XB18 XC22 XD45 XE12 XF81 XG36 XH88 XI98 XJ13
2022-08-01 12:00 P.M XA73 XB17 XC94 XD89 XE03 XF58 XG17 XH19 XI82 XJ49
2022-08-01 12:20 P.M XA39 XB98 XC98 XD14 XE37 XF99 XG97 XH69 XI84 XJ96
2022-08-01 12:40 P.M XA55 XB55 XC98 XD47 XE46 XF40 XG49 XH55 XI26 XJ05
2022-08-01 01:00 P.M XA68 XB15 XC70 XD64 XE41 XF45 XG31 XH72 XI80 XJ73
2022-08-01 01:20 P.M XA16 XB57 XC16 XD73 XE09 XF35 XG14 XH39 XI05 XJ42
2022-08-01 01:40 P.M XA82 XB33 XC39 XD20 XE63 XF31 XG63 XH41 XI00 XJ04
2022-08-01 02:00 P.M XA08 XB50 XC31 XD87 XE53 XF40 XG15 XH76 XI11 XJ13
2022-08-01 02:20 P.M XA03 XB04 XC28 XD11 XE30 XF69 XG83 XH63 XI66 XJ54
2022-08-01 02:40 P.M XA39 XB74 XC34 XD91 XE54 XF09 XG47 XH91 XI05 XJ98
2022-08-01 03:00 P.M XA65 XB67 XC90 XD36 XE69 XF67 XG22 XH08 XI67 XJ93
2022-08-01 03:20 P.M XA48 XB25 XC01 XD43 XE78 XF13 XG69 XH59 XI99 XJ70
2022-08-01 03:40 P.M XA16 XB26 XC98 XD02 XE50 XF83 XG58 XH91 XI71 XJ07
2022-08-01 04:00 P.M XA78 XB49 XC24 XD34 XE41 XF92 XG35 XH78 XI60 XJ52
2022-08-01 04:20 P.M XA37 XB31 XC47 XD39 XE13 XF51 XG90 XH10 XI54 XJ00
2022-08-01 04:40 P.M XA14 XB91 XC11 XD65 XE17 XF48 XG67 XH93 XI94 XJ76
2022-08-01 05:00 P.M XA54 XB80 XC74 XD90 XE67 XF57 XG58 XH94 XI22 XJ26
2022-08-01 05:20 P.M XA67 XB05 XC57 XD17 XE44 XF04 XG57 XH80 XI82 XJ85
2022-08-01 05:40 P.M XA62 XB94 XC80 XD58 XE85 XF48 XG28 XH85 XI73 XJ39
2022-08-01 06:00 P.M XA32 XB03 XC59 XD53 XE03 XF29 XG83 XH43 XI47 XJ45
2022-08-01 06:20 P.M XA06 XB64 XC20 XD07 XE40 XF24 XG36 XH20 XI97 XJ07
2022-08-01 06:40 P.M XA15 XB90 XC00 XD93 XE42 XF76 XG52 XH55 XI63 XJ60
2022-08-01 07:00 P.M XA39 XB25 XC33 XD98 XE80 XF97 XG38 XH81 XI89 XJ64
2022-08-01 07:20 P.M XA29 XB45 XC70 XD94 XE67 XF21 XG40 XH28 XI74 XJ61
2022-08-01 07:40 P.M XA57 XB76 XC02 XD54 XE27 XF17 XG57 XH77 XI36 XJ34
2022-08-01 08:00 P.M XA12 XB45 XC20 XD06 XE60 XF35 XG77 XH02 XI96 XJ96
2022-08-01 08:20 P.M XA66 XB85 XC25 XD15 XE85 XF95 XG74 XH15 XI31 XJ47
2022-08-01 08:40 P.M XA48 XB65 XC50 XD71 XE35 XF26 XG57 XH07 XI97 XJ90
2022-08-01 09:00 P.M XA70 XB64 XC03 XD54 XE41 XF27 XG82 XH61 XI74 XJ81
2022-08-01 09:20 P.M XA50 XB23 XC71 XD49 XE84 XF23 XG16 XH70 XI89 XJ16
2022-08-01 09:40 P.M XA89 XB93 XC29 XD40 XE02 XF27 XG47 XH54 XI03 XJ95

Check Kerala Lottery Result Today Now!

Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Overview

NamePlay Bhagyalaxmi Lottery
Winning amountUp to one crore
Playbhagyalaxmi lottery priceRs. 100 to Rs. 1000
Result modeOnline

Know the full form of CTI

Bhagyalaxmi lottery ticket buy online – Check the steps

The lottery earlier required people to go and buy the tickets. Then, people had to check results in newspapers or other ways. Unlike older times, now you can buy the tickets online and check the results online too. Read the instructions given below to check the Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result.

Step 1: Visit the website of the lottery.

Step 2: The screen will display the different levels of the lottery. Choose your level by clicking on ‘Play Now’.

Step 3: Enter your details to create an account. Make the payment for the ticket.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation on your Email ID or mobile number.

Step 5: Now wait for the Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result. If you win, the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

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Levels of Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Game

There are different levels in the Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Game. The level increases with the increasing ticket price and winning amount. The more you spend, the higher the winning amount gets. That has always been a rule of the lottery. The levels are as follows.

LevelTicket priceWinning amount
PukhrajRs. 100Rs. 10,00,000
SilverRs. 250Rs. 25,00,000
PlatinumRs. 750Rs. 75,00,000
GoldRs. 500Rs. 50,00,000
DiamondRs. 1000Rs. 100,00,000

How to Check the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result?

The result is coming out each hour. If you bought a ticket, you must keep checking the result every now and then. The following instructions will help you.

Step 1: Visit Official Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result website.

Step 2: Enter the date for which you want to lookup the results.

Step 3: Check for your ticket number in the list.

Thank you for reading this article on Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result. WIsh you all the best with the result.

Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result FAQs

How to play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery game?

Visit the website of the lottery game. Enter your details to create the account. Choose your level and buy the ticket.

How many levels are there in the Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery game?

There are 5 levels in the Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery game- Pukhraj, Silver, Platinum, Gold, and Diamond.

What is the price of a lottery ticket?

The price ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000.

What is the winning amount for the Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Game?

The winning amount varies from Rs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 100,00,000.

Is the Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Game safe?

Yes, it is safe to play the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Game.

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