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Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0 AnswersSolid Waste is any garbage or discarded material that is no more useful. It includes things like construction debris, sludge, household waste, etc. The improper disposal of this waste can have toxic effects. It can contaminate soil, water, and air.

To prevent all of this, solid waste management must be practiced. MyGov Quiz’s Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0 is a great initiative to spread awareness. The quiz was launched on 15th June and shall remain available till the 12th of July 2022. Participants can get a Certificate and learn about Solid Waste Management. In this article, we will give you insight into the Quiz on Solid Waste Management with Answers.

Quiz NameSolid Waste Management Quiz 2.0
Start of Quiz15th June 2022 (5:00 PM)
Last date for Quiz12th July 2022 (11:59 PM)
Number of questions5
Maximum time60 seconds

Solid Waste Management Quiz Questions And Answers

Quiz on Solid Waste Management with Answers

If you think that you have an idea about solid waste and its management, then you must try this quiz. It is the second time that this quiz is being conducted. There shall be 5 questions that the participants have to answer within 60 seconds. The one who answers the maximum number of questions correctly will be the winner. Following are the Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0 Answers.

Which of the following methods is a good way of dealing with the solid waste problem?

  •  Recycling
  •  Landfilling
  •  Both a and b
  •  None of the above

Answer: Recycling

Why are plastics difficult to recycle?

  •  Because it is a very hard material
  •  Because of the different sizes of plastic
  •  Because it is very adhesive in its nature
  •  Because of different types of polymer resins

Answer: Because of different types of polymer resins

Why is recycled paper banned for use in food containers?

  •  Because it creates a lot of spaces
  •  Because it creates contamination
  •  Because paper can be used only one time
  •  Because paper is very thick and can’t cover the food containers

Answer: Because it creates contamination

Which integrated waste management is reduced on an individual level?

  •  Burning
  •  Disposal
  •  Recycling
  •  Source reduction

Answer: Source reduction

Which of the following wastes are called the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)?

  •  Food wastes
  •  Wood pieces
  •  Plastic cans
  •  All of the above

Answer: All of the above

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Solid Waste Management 2.0 Quiz- Things to Keep in Mind

  • All participants who log in and start the quiz automatically agree to the terms and conditions
  • A participant could be of any nationality from all across the world
  • Oce you submit the answers, you cannot change them. However, in case of doubt, you can skip the questions and come back to them later
  • The terms and conditions might change in case of unprecedented circumstances
  • If the participants submit incorrect details, they shall be disqualified

My Gov Quiz Certificate 

Every participant will get the MyGov Quiz certificate. All you need is an Email ID and mobile number. The steps are as follows.

Direct Link to Download the MyGov Quiz Certificate

Step 1: Go to the above given direct link.

Step 2: Log in using the registered EMail/Mobile number. Check the OTP in your emails or SMS messages

Step 3: Enter the OTP and submit. 

Step 4: Your certificate will display. Download it.

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Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0 Answers FAQs

How can I participate in the Solid Waste Management 2.0 Quiz?

Visit the MyGov quiz page. Register your Email Id and mobile number to take the quiz.

What is the process to download the My Gov Quiz certificate?

Visit the official website of MyGov. Log in to the certificate download section. Look for the certificate for Solid Waste Management quiz 2.0 and download it.

Are the Solid Waste Management Quiz questions and answers mentioned in this article correct?

Yes, you can rely on the mentioned Quiz on Solid Waste Management with Answers.

How much time will I have to answer the questions in the Solid Waste Management Quiz 2.0?

You will have only 60 seconds to answer.

How many questions are there in the Solid Waste Management quiz?

There will be 5 questions.