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Waste Management Quiz Answers: Waste is a problem all over the world. All the material that is discarded as useless and ends up as landfill is waste. It is harmful for the environment as well as the people. To raise awareness about this, the Waste Management quiz on MyQuiz is helpful. It is a set of 5 questions that have to be answered within 60 seconds. Participants get a certificate of participation. Each week, there will be a winner who gets Rs. 5000 as the winning prize. The amount will get transferred to the winner’s bank account. In this article, we will give you the quiz on waste management with answers.

Quiz NameCHT- Waste Management Quiz
Start of Quiz28th June 2022 (5:00 PM)
Last date for Quiz25th July 2022 (11:59 PM)
Number of questions5
Maximum time60 seconds

How to Participate in the Waste Management Quiz?

quiz on waste management with answers

If you are interested in this quiz, then register your Email ID and mobile number on MyGov Quiz. Post registration, you can choose from multiple quizzes. To take the waste management quiz, follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website of My Gov Quiz.

Step 2: Look for the Waste Management Quiz. Click on the ‘Play Quiz’ option.

Step 3: Enter your Email/Mobile number with which you registered to login. 

Step 4: You will receive an OTP. Submit this OTP and take the quiz.

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Waste Management Quiz and Answers

If you complete the quiz, you can get the MyGov quiz certificate. The waste management quiz and answers are as follows. Pay attention.

The disposal of the screen is done by:

  •  Sedimentation
  •  Flocculation
  •  Filtration
  •  Incineration

Answer: Incineration

The aerobic method of mechanical composting practised in India is called:

  •  Indore method
  •  Nagpur method
  •  Bangalore method
  •  Bhopal method

Answer: Indore method

The best method of disposal of refuse to ensure complete destruction of pathogenic bacteria is by

  •  Land disposal
  •  Incineration
  •  Pulverisation
  •  Mechanical composting

Answer: Incineration

The maximum C/N ratio in a Municipal Solid Waste Compost is

  •  10:1
  •  20:1
  •  30:1
  •  40:1

Answer: 40:1

Sludge bulking can be controlled by

  •  Chlorination
  •  Coagulation
  •  Aeration
  •  Denitrification

Answer: Chlorination

Steps to Check MyGov Quiz Winners

It is possible that you might win the Waste Management Quiz. Each week, a winner will get the prize of Rs. 5000.To find out the MyGov quiz winners, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of MyQuiz.

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right. Few options will display. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Winner Announcement’

Step 3: Look for the Waste Management quiz winners. Click on ‘Read more’. 

Step 4: Look for the list of winners and click on it.

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Waste Management Quiz Answers FAQs

What is the last date to take the Waste Management quiz?

25th of July 2022 is the last date to take the Waste Management quiz.

How many questions will be there in the Waste Management quiz?

There shall be 5 questions.

What will be the time duration for the Waste Management quiz?

The time duration will be 60 seconds only.

How can I download the MyGov Quiz certificate?

On the official website of MyGov there is a certificate download section. Login with an OTP to download the certificate.

How can I check the winners for the MyGov quiz?

Go to the ‘Winner Announcements’ section on MyGov quiz to download the winners list.