Khel Mahakumbh 2022 – Check its Registration process and Eligibility Criteria



The Gujarat Sports Authority is in charge of planning the Khel Mahakumbh 2022. Every year, Gujarat’s Department of Sports activities, Youth, and Cultural Activities manages the occasion. The registration period for 2022 opened on February 18. A total number of 28 games will be played at the Gujarati Khel Mahakumbh 2022. March marked the end of the registration period. 28 games are played by the state’s commoners as part of the Khel Mahakumbh tournament. The competition’s goal is to promote athleticism and the Gujarati sporting community. The state’s residents will be benefited from this, as well as the government. Through competition, talent will be revealed in the games, and the participants will be in good physical and mental health. It will be the eleventh edition of the competition in 2022. On February 17, 2022, Ahmedabad’s Sardar Patel Stadium hosted the event, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi integrated. As the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2010, he was the one who launched this initiative, which is now played every year. Check out the following article for more info, including the schedule, rules, eligibility, and other details.

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Khel Mahakumbh: Overview

AuthorityGujarat Information of Sports and Training, Sports University
EventKhel Mahakumbh
TaglineA platform where talent meets
Inaugration byNarendra Modi
Initiated in the year2010
No. of games28
Event venueAhemdabad

How to Register for Khel Mahakumbh 2022

After the online registration process begins, all interested candidates may submit an online application by going to the designated website.

Step 1: You must first visit the official website

Step 2: After visiting this website, you will arrive at its home page. There is an apply link on that page, click on it.

Step 3: Your screen will now display a new page.

Step 4: On that page, you must fill out your name, address, Aadhaar number, and all other requested information. 

Step 5: All required documents must also be correctly uploaded.

Step 6: After finishing the form, tap on submit button. The registration procedure will then be completed.

Khel Mahakumbh 2022: Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility requirements must be met by candidates who want to take part in the Khel Mahakumbh. The event will not permit participation from ineligible candidates. Although the requirements are not very restrictive and specific, the candidates must still be aware of them before submitting an application for participation. The following considerations must be made:

  • There are no gender-specific eligibility requirements for participation in the event. On the basis of equality, applicants from both genders may take part in the event.
  • No discrimination based on caste or any other type of partiality toward a community or a group.
  • Schools and organizations are welcome to take part in the competition and encourage their children to participate.
  • Age Restrictions: neither a lower nor an upper age restriction has been imposed by the organizers to take part in the event.
  • In order to play the game, candidates must be in their respective age group
  • Candidates who are physically disabled are also eligible to compete in this Khel Mahakumbh 2022.

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Age groups in the Khel Mahakumbh 2022

As previously stated, there is no restriction on participants’ ages. However, the authorities have established categories for different age groups in light of the declining energy levels and medical issues that come with advancing age. Only the participants in their specific age groups will be allowed to play. The players can choose to play in any of the following age groups:

  • 9 years and less 
  • 11 years and less 
  • 14 years and less 
  • 17 years and less 
  • Open Age Group
  • 40 years and more 
  • 60 years and more 

Khel Mahakumbh 2022: Timetable

Start date of Registration18th Feb 2022
School/Village level competition14th March to 18th March 2022
Taluka level competition20th March to 26th March 2022
District/Municipal competition20th March to 26th March 2022
Competition at the district or municipal level for taluka level winners03rd April to 12th April 2022
Zonal level competition14th April to 19th April 2022
State-level competition14th April to 29th April 2022

FAQs on Khel Mahakumbh 2022

How do I take part in the Khel Mahakumbh?

Before you take part in these games, you must first finish the application process that we have previously mentioned.

In which year did the Khel Mahakumbh Gujarat Start?

In 2010, Gujarat hosted the first Khel Mahakumbh, which featured 13 lakh competitors across 16 sports. And now in its 11th edition, there are, 36 general sports and 26 parasports, which has already attracted more than 45 lakhs participants.

How many games will be played in Khel Mahakumbh 2022?

 A total number of 28games will be played this year in Gujarat’s Khel Mahakumbh.

Who is eligible to take part in Khel Mahakumbh?

Any person can participate in Khel Mahakumbh irrespective of their caste, gender, or religion but the participant should play in their respective age groups.

What is the official website for Khel Mahakumbh online registration 2022?

The article given includes a link to the official website.