International Youth day quiz – Test your knowledge



Every year on August 12, the international community observes International Youth Day to raise awareness of youth issues and to recognize the potential of young people as contributors to today’s global society. The UN established International Youth Day to raise awareness of these problems and aid in the search for solutions. Get involved because today is a day for action and reflection. On this day, there will be a lot of concerts, workshops, and cultural activities.

  • It’s a project that values youth and recognizes the difficulties that today’s emerging youth must overcome. It is crucial that the youth have access to the appropriate resources for education, wellbeing, healthcare, and other needs in order to support the elimination of these problems.
  • Every year, the UN will highlight a subject that will encourage the next generation to forge a better future. Similar to last year, the UN chose this year’s theme to honor youth’s active involvement in the pandemic situation. 
  • Numerous governments and nonprofit organizations are collaborating with millions of young people, both male, and female, to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Quiz on International Youth Day 2022

Joining in the celebration of International Youth Day is a wonderful way to honor the younger generation and gain a better understanding of how important they are to the future of humanity. Candidates can test their knowledge of facts, information, and personalities with the help of the International Youth day quiz. Lets us take a look at the questions below:

Q1. When is International Youth Day celebrated?

  1. 11 August
  2. 12 August
  3. 10 August
  4. 13 August

Ans. 12 August

Q2. What is the theme of International Youth Day 2022?

  1. Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation For Human And Planetary Health
  2. Transforming Education
  3. Building a better world for our children.
  4. None of the above

Ans. Building a better world for our children.

Q3. When was the first International Youth Day observed?

  1. 2000
  2. 1998
  3. 2001
  4. 2010

Ans. 2000

Q4. Which United Nations meeting sets the stage for International Youth Day?

  1. Lisbon Conference
  2. Washington Conference
  3. New Delhi Conference
  4. Mexican conference

Ans. Lisbon Conference

Q5. Which of the following age groups is considered to be the youth population, according to UN age statistics?

  1. 10-20 Years
  2. 15-20 Years
  3. 20-25 Years
  4. 15-25 Years

Ans. 15-25 Years

Q6. What is the purpose of International Youth Day?

  1. To increase awareness of the difficulties and issues faced by young people worldwide.
  2. To uphold moral principles and discipline in children
  3. To involve youth in the nation’s development
  4. To highlight a specific set of youth-related cultural and legal issues

Ans. To increase awareness of the difficulties and issues faced by young people worldwide.

Q7. what organisation established International Youth Day?

  2. UN
  3. WHO
  4. SAARC

Ans. UN

Q8. Which UN agency is in charge of the #31DaysofYouth digital campaign?

  1. UNIDO
  2. UNHRM
  4. UN


Q9. When is National Youth Day celebrated?

  1. 12 June
  2. 12 January
  3. 12 July
  4. 12 August

Ans. 12 January

Q10. India celebrates National Youth Day on the birthday of

  1. Swami Vivekanand
  2. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  3. Mahatma Gandhi
  4. Ishwar Chandra

Ans. Swami Vivekanand

Q11. Which year did the Indian government first declare Swami Vivekananda’s birthday to be National Youth Day?

  1. 1987
  2. 1984
  3. 1985
  4. 1986

Ans. 1984

Q12. “Safe spaces for Youth” is the theme of: 

  1. 2018 International Youth Day
  2. 2019 International Youth Day
  3. 2020 International Youth Day
  4. 2017 International Youth Day

Ans. 2018 International Youth Day

Q13. What is the full form of ‘NYMUN’?

  1. National Youth Model United Nations 
  2. National Youth Movement United Nations 
  3. National Young Model United Nations 
  4. National Youth Men United Nations

Ans. National Youth Model United Nations 

Q14. Which Indian ministry released “Youth in India 2022 Report”?

  1. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation 
  2. Ministry of Law and justice
  3. Ministry of minority affairs
  4. Ministry of health and social care

Ans. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation 

Q15. When is world youth day celebrated?

  1. Palm sunday
  2. Good friday
  3. Catholic monday
  4. None of the above

Ans. Palm sunday