Kerala Public Service Commission Overseer/Draftsman Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2022



KPSC Overseer/Draftsman exam is conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission for the Government of Kerala. KPSC Overseer/Draftsman exam is conducted for recruiting the candidate for the work in the civil engineering department as the Overseer/Draftsman. The candidate would engage in the construction work, by supervising, helping and collecting data.

He should be able to monitor and supervise the work done by his workers

The candidate should know the rules, and laws of construction in civil engineering. 

As the work is completely related to construction the candidates have to focus on the subjects which they study during their diploma. The candidates have to briefly focus on the planning, construction, supervising and Maintenance. It is very necessary for the candidates to have knowledge about the construction, rules and regulation and policy of construction.

These are the following subjects which primarily focus on every aspect of the Overseer/Draftsman work and roles.

The pdf can be downloaded from the official website of the commission

Kerala Public Service Commission Overseer/Draftsman Syllabus

Basic Engineering Drawing

  • Modern and advanced surveying instruments
  • Surveying: Conventional surveying
  • Plane geometrical construction
  • Introduction and terms used in chain
  • Compass
  • plane table and  survey
  • Drawing instruments, equipment and materials
  • Lettering, dimensioning and scale
  • Theodolite survey
  • Conic section and projection
  • Principle of leveling
  •  Type of leveling
  • Reduction of levels Contouring,

Building materials and construction

  • Plane cement Concrete
  • Mason work
  • Roofing work
  • Flooring Building and services
  • Temporary structural treatment for building
  • Stone, Bricks, Cement and Filler materials

Building drawing and Estimation

  • Rate analysis and valuation
  • Building rules and By-laws
  • Estimation
  •  Rules 
  •  methods of measurements of work

Civil Engineering related subjects 

  • Engineering mechanics 
  • Project-Based Learning 
  • Physical Education 
  • Building Technology and Architectural Planning
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Physics 
  • Engineering Chemistry 
  • Systems in Mechanical Engineering 
  • Basic Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Programming and Problem Solving 
  • Workshop 
  • Town Planning
  • Rock Mechanics 
  • TQM and MIS
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineer 
  • Hydraulic Structure 
  • Concrete Technology 
  • Structural Analysis 
  • Project Management 
  • Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering 
  • Construction Techniques 
  • Advanced Surveying 
  • Project Management 
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Structural Design of Bridges 

KPSC Overseer/Draftsman Exam pattern

As per previous Kerala public service commission Overseer/Draftsman Exams. The following pattern is being collected from the different exams conducted by the commission on KPSC Overseer/Draftsman.

  • The KPSC Overseer/Draftsman Exam has two stages

  1. Written Exam
  2. Personal Interview
  • Stage 1 would be objective wise. It will be OMR  based exam paper
  1. The total time duration will be 1 Hour 15 Minutes
  2. It will be of a Maximum 100 marks question
  •  stage would be a personal interview where the candidates have to appear with their documents. The interview will be taken by the board members.
Written Exam100 Marks question objective-based.
Question individual Section related civil Engineering Time Duration 1 Hour 15 Minute
Personal InterviewEngineering and general knowledge

KPSC Overseer/Draftsman Syllabus FAQs

How many stages are there in the KPSC Overseer/Draftsman exam?

There are two stages in the KPSC exam.

Does Personal Interview is there in the KPSC Overseer/Draftsman exam?

Yes, there is a Person Interview in the KPSC Overseer/Draftsman.

What is the KPSC Overseer/Draftsman exam duration?

The Exam duration is 1 Hour 15 minutes.

KPSC exam syllabus target area?

The Exam syllabus’s target area is civil Engineering.

Where can I get the KPSC exam syllabus?

The Exam syllabus can be downloaded from the official website