Best Karnataka TET Books for Karnataka Teacher Eligibility Test (KARTET)



Karnataka TET books: The Karnataka state government organises the KARTET exam to select candidates for primary and upper primary teacher positions. We are all aware that the best way to study for any competitive exam is with books. As a result, choosing good books is critical. Though, finding the appropriate books to begin preparation can be challenging for candidates. In order to assist KARTET aspirants, we have compiled a list of useful books in the following article.

  • Knowing the best books for KARTET preparation allows candidates to prepare from a single book rather than juggling multiple books.
  • Here, we’re going to recommend some of the top books for the Karnataka TET preparation process, covering topics like child development and pedagogy, mathematics, environmental studies, social studies, and language.

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Subject-Wise Best KAR TET Books

Knowing the best books for a particular subject greatly aids a candidate’s preparation by avoiding unnecessary study material and only studying from the best. The best Karnataka TET Books are listed below.

Best Books for Child Development and Pedagogy

Some books for the Child Development and Pedagogy section are listed below.

Book Name Author/Publication
Psychology Of Child DevelopmentS. Bhattacharya 
Essentials Of Educational PsychologyS.K.Mangal , Dandapani , J.C.Agarwal
Child Development Laura.E.Berk
Child Development & Pedagogy Books Pearson & Wiley Books

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Best Books for Mathematics

Some books for the Mathematics section are listed below.

Book Name Author/Publication
Quantitative AptitudeR.S. Aggarwal
Magical Book on Quicker Maths M. Tyra

Best Books for Environmental Studies

Some books for the Environmental Studies section are listed below 

Book Name Author/Publication
Environmental Studies Kiran Publication
Environmental Studies Wiley

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Best Books for Social Studies

Some suggested books for the Social Studies section are listed below. 

Book Name Author/Publication
History, Geography, Economics and Social Science Books of NCERTNCERT
Social Studies Books Pearson 
GeographyMasjid Husain

Read in detail the Karnataka TET Eligibility Criteria here to know your eligibility.

Best Books for Language

Some books for the Language section are listed below.

Book Name Author 
NCERT Language Books NCERT 
English Grammar Wren and Martin

Additional Study Material

Candidates can supplement their KAR TET preparation by solving previous year question papers from other TET Exams such as CHTET, HTET, UPTET, MPTET, JTET, BTET, CHTET, RTET, UKTET etc. in addition to the KAR TET books mentioned above.

Preparation Tips for KARTET Exam 2022

When preparing for a competitive exam such as KARTET, it is critical to have a solid study plan. The best Karnataka TET books have already been shared above to assist you in your preparation. Aside from that, here are some preparation tips to consider:

  • First and foremost, thoroughly familiarise yourself with the KARTET syllabus and exam pattern.
  • After that, make a study plan that takes into account your weak and strong points and allocates time to each subject accordingly.
  • Group study is very useful for passing any written examination, so we recommend that you form a study group and study together as it will help you to know how to solve approach a particular question with various ways.
  • It is critical to take short breaks between studies to keep your mind fresh.
  • Furthermore, you must be consistent in your preparation and try to solve KARTET previous year papers; this will allow you to improve your knowledge as well as your time accuracy.

I hope this article has been helpful in learning about the best Karnataka TET books for KAR TET exam preparation. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and we will get back to you. Good luck with your examination.


How should I prepare for the Karnataka TET?

First and foremost, review the KARTET exam syllabus and exam. Following that, plan your preparation strategy, and consult the best books for KARTET exam preparation listed above.

What books are recommended for the social science section?

The recommended KAR TET books for this section are listed above.

Which book is best for the TET exam section on child development and pedagogy?

The Karnataka TET books suggested for this section are listed above in this article.

How many times can we take the TET?

There is no such limit on the number of tries. You may retake the exam as many times as you like as long as you are fulfilling the eligibility requirements.

What is the maximum age for the KARTET Exam?

As per the Official KARTET notification 2022, there is no age limit for candidates.