ESIC Stenographer Salary and Job Profile 2022- Check Annual Package and More



ESIC Stenographer Salary and Job Profile: Eligible candidates for the position of Stenographer are recruited by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). The Corporation issues an official ESIC Stenographer notification, which contains vital information about the recruiting. However, before applying for a position, you should be aware of the ESIC Stenographer Salary and Job Profile.Candidates chosen through this recruitment will be sent to various locations across the country and will have numerous opportunities for personal development. We’ve covered everything you need to know about ESIC Stenographer Salary and Career Growth in this article. To learn everything there is to know about ESIC Recruitment and Salary, read this blog.

Aside from the wage schedule, candidates should be aware of Dearness Allowances (DA), Housing Renting Allowance (HRA), Transportation Allowance, and other Allowances as determined by the rules.

As a result, we’ve put together this page with information about the ESIC Stenographer Salary and Job Profile. The following are some of the key points that will be discussed in this article:

  • Details about the ESIC Stenographer’s In-Hand Salary
  • Allowances and Perquisites for ESIC Stenographers
  • Job Description for an ESIC Stenographer
  • Career Advancement and Opportunities for ESIC Stenographers

Salary Structure for ESIC Stenographer

Level 4 of the 7th pay commission governs the ESIC Stenographer Salary. The following is the salary structure for the position of ESIC Stenographer:

Pay LevelPay Matrix (Level 4- Rs. 25,500 to 81,100)
Pay BandPB-1 (5200 to 20200)
Grade PayRs.2,400
Basic Pay Rs. 25,500
Dearness Allowance Rs. 1,785
House Rent Allowance Rs.2,550
Travel Allowance Rs.3,600

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Additional Benefits for ESIC Stenographer

Now that candidates have a better understanding of the ESIC Stenographer Income structure, let us go through the details of the various bonuses and perks available in addition to the base salary –

  • Allowance for Dearness
  • Allowance for House Rent
  • Transportation Allowance and Other Benefits

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In-Hand ESIC Stenographer Salary

The ESIC Stenographer is paid a basic pay of Rs. 25,500 per month, as mentioned in the wage structure overview above. However, in addition to the base income, the employee receives the Dearness Allowance and many other benefits. As a result, the ESIC Stenographer’s monthly in-hand salary is calculated by adding the basic wage, dearness allowance, and supplementary allowances. The monthly hand salary for an ESIC stenographer might range from Rs.25,500 to Rs.81,100 per month.

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Job Description for ESIC Stenographer

After being hired for the position of Stenographer, the qualified candidates will have a variety of employment responsibilities. The following roles will be included in the ESIC Stenographer job profile:

  • Keeping track of formal announcements and keeping crucial records.
  • Observing official statements and taking notes
  • Maintaining a log of official statements.
  • Document production and translation for official purposes

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Career Advancement and Promotion for ESIC Stenographer

As the essay on the ESIC Stenographer Salary Structure and Job Profile draws to a close. We’d like to share information about employment possibilities and promotions with interested candidates. The good news is that stenographers can advance in their careers. Seniority and good work performance may be used to determine promotions. The promotion is based on reviews and examinations conducted by the department.

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ESIC Stenographer Salary and Job Profile FAQs

How much does an ESIC stenographer make?

Level 4 of the 7th Pay Commission governs the ESIC Stenographer remuneration, which varies from Rs.25,500 to Rs.81,100.

What is the ESIC Stenographer’s take-home pay?

The monthly ESIC Stenographer salary is calculated as the sum of the basic wage, dearness allowance, and additional allowances, and can range from Rs.25,500 to Rs.81,100.

Is the ESIC Stenographer eligible for any allowances?

Yes. Aside from the basic wage, the ESIC Stenographer is paid a dearness allowance, HRA, and other benefits.

Is there any room for advancement for the ESIC Stenographer?

Yes. Depending on the promotion rules, you can move up the hierarchy ladder of ranks.

What is the work description for an ESIC Stenographer?

Maintaining crucial records and keeping track of official statements, taking notes on official statements, keeping a record of official statements, generating and interpreting documents for official reasons are all part of the ESIC Stenographer’s job description.