E-Challan Rajasthan – Steps to make payment online



In terms of both area and population, Rajasthan, which is located in the north-western region of India, ranks seventh overall. The population is growing, which is also causing a sharp rise in the number of vehicles on the road. Despite the traffic monitoring system’s digitization, managing traffic in these cities has become difficult. As a new standard for enforcing traffic laws, e-challans or e-challan Rajasthan are now used. Be cautious; if you break traffic laws while driving through the city, the Rajasthan police can come to your home with an e-challan. The state’s well-managed traffic is a result of both its well-built and maintained roads and its stringent traffic laws. The e-challan system has made it extremely easy for people to pay fines because they can do it online without having to be physically present.

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How to pay Rajasthan E-challan Online?

You have two options for paying e-Challans in Jaipur: online or offline. The online form of payment is much simpler and takes much less time than the offline methods, which can take some time. Here are some methods for making an e-Challan payment offline for those who are still wary of making purchases online:

Payment of E-challan Rajasthan through Official Website

Here is what you need to do in Rajasthan to clear your vehicle e-challan:

Step 1: Go to the Rajasthan Police’s official online challan website at echallanjaipur.rajasthan.gov.in

Step 2: Accept the disclaimer, and a new page will be opened for you.

Step 3: Type in your challan number, vehicle number, or driver’s licence number to pay your Rajasthan traffic police challan.

Step 4: If you don’t have these information, you can choose to enter your first name, last name, and birthdate to obtain the Rajasthan e-challan information instead.

Step 5: The Rajasthan traffic challan fine list will be available for you to view on the page.

Step 6: To pay for pending e-challans, click on them.

Step 7: You will receive a confirmation receipt after making a successful Rajasthan challan payment.

Payment of E-challan Rajasthan through Parivahan

The official Parivahan website offers an alternative online challan payment method in Rajasthan:

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan government website at echallan.parivahan.gov.in.

Step 2: Under the “Submit” button, scroll down and select the “Get Challan Details” link.

Step 3: Enter the challan number, the licence plate number, or the vehicle number.

Step 4: Tap on Get Details after successfully entering the captcha code.

Step 5: Click on the outstanding traffic challan fines from the list of fines for Rajasthan that are visible on the page to pay your traffic challan online in Rajasthan.

Step 6: When the e-challans are successfully paid, you will receive a confirmation.

How to check your E-challan status in Rajasthan?

Logging into the Parivahan online portal makes it simple to check traffic fines or e-challans. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Indian Government have launched an initiative called Parivahan (MoRTH).With just a few easy steps, you can check the status of a vehicle e-challan in Rajasthan:

Step 1: Go to the Parivahan government website at echallan.parivahan.gov.in.

Step 2: Click on the “Check Online Services” link in the top menu bar, and then choose “Check Challan Status” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Enter the challan number, licence plate number, or vehicle number.

Step 4: Clicking on the vehicle e-challans will allow you to know the status of any pending challans by entering the proper captcha code.

Traffic Violations Penalties in Rajasthan

Riding without helmetRs. 1000
Driving without SeatbeltRs. 1000
Using mobile while drivingRs. 1000
More than one pillion on two-wheelersRs. 1000
OverspeedingRs. 1000
Violating traffic rulesRs. 1000
Jumping traffic signalsRs. 1000
Not carrying a valid driver’s licenceRs. 5000
Racing bikesRs. 5000
Driving without registrationRs. 2000
Drunk drivingRs. 10000
Driving in restricted areasRs. 20000
Failing to have third-party insuranceFor the first time offence the fine is Rs. 2000 and for the second time Rs. 4000

FAQs on E-challan Rajasthan

If my car insurance policy has expired, will I still receive a challan?

If Rajasthan Traffic Police stop your car for an inspection and discover that your insurance is past due, they will issue you a challan. Driving a car without having a valid motor insurance is illegal, and the first time you do it, you’ll get a challan for Rs 2,000. And the fine will be Rs. 4,000 if you commit the same offence again.

Can I access the Rajasthan state traffic department’s website to check the status of my e-challan?

Yes. You can go to the Rajasthan police’s official online challan site at echallanjaipur.rajasthan.gov.in. You can view the details of your Rajasthan traffic police challan by entering the necessary information.

Who in Rajasthan has the authority to issue traffic e-challans?

Traffic challans may be issued by the Rajasthan traffic police.

What is the fine for driving in restricted areas in Rajasthan?

The fine for driving in restricted areas is Rs. 20,000.

What will happen if I don’t pay my Jaipur e-challan?

If the penalty is not paid after 60 days:
A Traffic Police officer will go to their home address to obtain the fine from them.
If nobody is home, the violator will be required to appear in court to respond to the crime.
The offender’s license will be suspended or revoked if they don’t appear in court for the scheduled hearing.