Traffic E-Challan Gujarat: Steps to check Status and Make Payment



E-Challan Gujarat: According to the 2011 census, Gujarat’s population is increasing like nowhere else. As a result, road traffic is a major issue in the state. The Gujarat e-challan has been implemented by the state government to ensure efficient traffic management. It is our responsibility to follow all traffic laws while traveling within the state. To avoid e-challans in Gujarat, make sure you have the vehicle documents with you. If you receive an e-challan, try to pay it as soon as possible. If you do not pay your Gujarat traffic e-challan on time, you will face serious consequences.

  • You can check the status of your e-challan at the Parivahan portal or the Gujarat Traffic Website. (Steps are provided.)
  • A Traffic Gujarat e-challan can be paid online and offline.
  • The Gujarat Traffic E-challan can be paid through the official website or any other payment portal such as Paytm, phone, and so on.

This article will teach you how to check your e-challan status and pay your Gujarat e-challan via the official website or another portal.

How to Check Traffic E-Challan Gujarat Status Online?

There are several ways to check the status of your echallan. You can also use Park+ to check the status by following the steps below:

  • On the Park+ website, go to the E-Challan Gujarat web portal.
  • Enter your vehicle number to view the status of your challan.

Follow the steps below to check your Gujarat Traffic e-challan status online using your vehicle number or mobile number via the Parivahan portal or the Gujarat Traffic website.

Parivahan portalGujarat Traffic website
Step 1: Go to the official Parivahan portal and click on the ‘Check Challan Status’ option on the homepage to check the status of your challan.
Step 2: You will be directed to a new page where you will be required to enter your driver’s licence or vehicle identification number.
Step 3: You’d then be able to see all of the challan’s information.
Step 4: If there are no pending challans against your vehicle, a dialogue box with the message ‘Challan not found’ will appear.
Step 1: Go to the official website of the Gujarat traffic police.
Step 2: Fill out all of the required information by clicking on the ‘Pay Challan’ tab.
Step 3: A new tab with your challan details will open, allowing you to easily check the Gujarat traffic challan status.

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E-Challan Payment Gujarat Online and Offline

Continue reading to find out how to pay your Gujarat traffic e-challan both online and offline.

How do I pay E-Challan Gujarat online?

There are two options for paying traffic e-challans online: through the Parivahan website or through the Gujarat Transport official website.

Using the Parivahan website:

You can also pay your Gujarat traffic e-challan using the Government of India’s official e-challan website, Parivahan.

  • Go to the Parivahan e-challan website.
  • Enter your Challan/Vehicle/Driving License number to know your Challan details.
  • After filling all the information, enter the Captcha code and press the “”Get Details”” button.
  • Your offence details, as well as the pending fine, will be displayed.
  • After checking your e-challan status, pay the fee.
  • You will receive a confirmation with the transaction ID after completing the transaction

Using the official web portal of the Gujarat Government:

  • Visit the Gujarat Police Department’s website.
  • Enter your credentials such as challan number or vehicle registration number, followed by a captcha code.
  • After that, a list of your traffic e-challans will be displayed.
  • Then, select the challan to be paid and proceed to the payment option.
  • You will receive the confirmation on your registered number after completing the transaction.

How to pay E-Challan Gujarat Offline?

To pay an e-challan issued by the Gujarat traffic police offline, you have the following options:

  • You can pay your fine in cash by going to the Gujarat Traffic Police headquarters with your driving license, address, and identity proof, and letter for a traffic violation.
  • You can also use an e-challan machine to locate a Gujarat traffic police officer. Give him all the required information and make the payment.
  • You can also send a demand draft or a check to the Gujarat Traffic Police headquarters.

Gujarat traffic fine list 2022

The following is the revised list of penalties and fines as implemented by the Gujarat Traffic Police upon violation of which a Traffic E-Challan will be issued.

OffensePenalty (in INR)
Driving without a seat belt500
Triple riding on two-vehicle100
Driving without helmet500
Carrying excess luggage5,000 and 1,000 per tonne excess load
Driving without a number plate1,000 (for 2-wheelers)
2,000 (3-wheelers)
3,000 (LMV)
4,000 (HMV)
Parking in “no parking zone”500 for the first offense
1,000 for a second or subsequent offense
Minor driving vehicle25,000 along with a prison sentence of 3 years? Deregistration of such vehicle for 1 year? Such a minor is deemed ineligible for the acquisition of a driving license before he/she attains the age of 25
Disobey traffic signals1,000- 5,000 and/or 6-months to 1 year in prison, license seizure
Dangerous/rash driving1,000
Using a mobile phone while driving500 for the first offense
1,000 for a second or subsequent offense
Drunken driving10,000 and/or 6 months in prison
15,000 and/or 2 years jail for the repetitive violation.
A driving vehicle without registration1,000 (for 2-wheelers)
2,000 (3 wheelers)3,000 (LMV)
Driving uninsured vehicle2,000 for the first offense
4,000 for the second or subsequent offense
Violation of road regulations1,000- 5,000 and/or 6-months to 1 year in prison, licence seizure
Over-speeding1,500 (for 2-3 wheelers)
2,000 (LMV)4,000 (HMV)
Not giving passage to emergency vehicles1,000
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive200
Racing5,000 for the first offense
10,000 for the second or subsequent offense
The disqualified person driving a vehicle500
Failure to intimate change of the address of vehicle owner500
Driving without a valid driving license500 for the first offense
1,000 for the second or subsequent offense
Driving without insurance500 for the first offense
1,000 for the second or subsequent offense

In Gujarat, breaking traffic laws is a punishable offense. So make sure you follow all of the rules, and if you have an e-challan, make sure you pay the traffic E-Challan Gujarat on time to avoid any consequences. I hope you found this article informative.

FAQs on Traffic E-Challan Gujarat

Can I pay my Gujarat e-challan through the Parivahan portal?

Yes. On the Parivahan portal, you can pay your traffic E-Challan Gujarat.

How do I pay my e-challan Gujarat offline?

Reach out to the nearest police station along with all the necessary details and after filling all the information make the payment for your traffic e challan.

Which forms of identification should I carry with me while driving?

You should always have a driver’s license (DL), registration certificate (RC), pollution under control (PUC), and automobile insurance with you while driving.

In Gujarat, what can I do to avoid receiving a traffic e-challan?

If you want to avoid receiving an e-challan, make sure to follow all traffic laws and regulations and keep all necessary documentation on you at all times while driving in Gujarat.

In Gujarat, what is the penalty for speeding?

The fine for speeding in Gujarat is Rs. 1,500 (for 2-3 wheelers), Rs. 2,000 (LMV), and Rs. 4,000 (HMV).