Commercial Pilot Salary In India: Check Average Salary Based On Experience, Perks & Career Growth



A career as a commercial pilot may be both challenging and rewarding. It is one of the most exciting professional options one may make when they are young. Commercial pilots make more money, get more publicity, and have exhilarating experiences. The pilot of an aircraft is in charge of controlling the aircraft’s flying operations. Although their pay scales in various businesses may vary, they will all have fulfilling careers. Additionally, the pay scale may vary depending on the position or profile they would be working in.

Average Commercial Pilot Salary In India

In India, there are enormous financial benefits to being a commercial pilot. Someone who wants to become a commercial pilot needs to have 250 hours of flight time. The average salary of a Commercial Pilot in India including his bonus or a could say a salary structure of his pay is given in the table below. 

Average Commercial Pilot Salary in India

Rs 177,539 – Rs 9,791,604


Rs 5,500 – Rs 300,000

Profit Sharing

Rs 1,521 – Rs 3,188,132

Total Pay

Rs 178,175 – Rs 9,993,011

Average Commercial Pilot Salary In India: Based On Experience

The salary of a Commercial Pilot in India is also based on experience. Pilots with more number of years get more salary. So, the below table shows the average Commercial Pilot Salary in India based on experience. 


Average Salary of Pilot ( Per Month)

Less than a year

Rs.60,000 – 130,000

1-4 years

Rs.100,000 – 300,000

5-9 years

Rs.250,000 – 450,000

10-19 years

Rs.400,000 – 700,000

More than 20 years

Rs.500,000 – 1,000,000

Factors Affecting Commercial Pilot Salary In India

A commercial pilot’s income in India is influenced by a number of factors, including the airline for which they work, the type of aircraft they fly, and their level of expertise. Pilots who fly larger, more complex aircraft often earn more than those who fly smaller planes. Performance, education, and seniority within the firm are all aspects that can influence a pilot’s income. The cost of pilot training and education might also have an impact on their earning potential. Overall, the commercial piloting business in India offers a range of options for persons interested in pursuing a career as a pilot, and earnings have been steadily improving over the past few decades.

Some of the elements that can affect a commercial pilot’s salary in India are as follows:

  • Type of Airline: Pilots who work for larger or more prestigious airlines typically earn more than those who work for smaller or regional airlines.
  • Type of Aircraft: Pilots who fly larger and more complex aircraft typically earn more money than those who fly smaller aircraft.
  • Level of Experience: A pilot’s remuneration is heavily influenced by his or her level of experience. Pilots’ pay often rises as they gain experience.
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements: Pilots who are members of a union or covered by a collective bargaining agreement frequently earn greater salaries and better benefits compared to non-unionized pilots.

  • Demand: The demand for pilots may have an effect on their pay. Pilots may be able to negotiate higher pay and better benefits during times of strong demand.
  • Market Conditions: Economic variables, such as a downturn in the aviation sector or a recession, might affect pilot earnings. Airlines may reduce expenses, such as pilot pay, in hard times to stay alive.
  • Performance: Pilots who continually display high abilities and consistently perform well may be eligible for wage increases or promotions.
  • Education: Advanced education, such as a master’s degree, may qualify pilots for greater pay or better work possibilities.

Commercial Pilot In India: Perks & Benefits

In India, commercial pilots are frequently provided with a variety of perks and bonuses that are intended to improve both their professional and personal lives. Pilots working in India frequently receive the following perks and benefits:

  • Health insurance: The majority of airlines offer their pilots and their families full coverage medical insurance.

  • Paid Time Off: The right to paid leave includes yearly leave, sick leave, and various types of time off for pilots.
  • Benefits associated with Travel: Pilots frequently get the chance to travel both domestically and abroad as part of their jobs. Some airlines also provide discounted travel for pilots and their families.
  • Retirement Advantages: Many airlines provide their pilots with retirement benefits, such as a pension plan.
  • Opportunities for Professional Advancement: Pilots can progress their careers by taking on leadership roles within the airline or by becoming captains.

Commercial Pilot In India: Career Prospectus

Commercial pilots in India often begin as co-pilots before becoming captains after gaining experience and flight hours. Commercial pilots’ pay increases in India rely on a number of variables, including the airline they fly for, their level of experience, and their position within the organization. Salary increases may also arise from promotions to senior captain positions and leadership positions within the airline. The demand for pilots and the status of the economy can both affect compensation increases because the aviation sector is very competitive.

Commercial Pilot Salary In India FAQs

Q.1 Are Commercial Pilots well paid?
Ans.1 Major airlines give their pilots the highest incomes whereas regional airlines pay their pilots the lowest salaries.

Q.2 Is Commercial Piloting a lucrative profession in India?
Ans.2 In India, a commercial pilot makes a significant salary. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a viable career choice in India.

Q.3 Do commercial pilots with fewer flight hours have employment options?
Ans.3 Commercial pilots with few flying hours can find employment as flight instructors, charter pilots, and cargo pilots, for example.

Q.4 What opportunities do commercial pilots in India have in the future?
Ans.4 With the increase in air traffic and the development of the aviation industry, there will likely be more options for commercial pilots to find employment in India.

Q.5 Is health insurance provided to Commercial Pilots in India?
Ans.5 Yes, commercial pilots in India are provided with health insurance.