SBI Bank Manager Salary: Get Salary Breakdown, Allowances, Factors & Job Profile Etc!



The State Bank of India pays its workers excellent salaries that come with a number of benefits and allowances. The biggest commercial bank in India is SBI. Many individuals find the SBI Manager position to be quite interesting due to the salary. Candidates may view complete information about the SBI Manager Salary 2023, job description, potential for professional advancement, and benefits & allowances here.

SBI Bank Manager Salary Breakdown

An SBI branch manager’s pay could go up or down depending on the needs of the particular branch. The management is anticipated to be paid more than their staff due to their duties and the qualifications required. A Chief Manager would make an average of INR 12.8 LPA per year. Be aware that an SBI manager reports to the Chief Manager.

The average annual compensation for an SBI manager is broken out as follows:

Type of Pay

Salary Amount (In INR)

Base Pay


Additional Pay


Cash Bonus via Extra Income


Commission Sharing via Additional Pay


Yearly Salary


Factors Affecting SBI Bank Manager Salary 

An SBI manager’s salary is influenced by a number of factors. Following is a list of a few of those:

  • Salary is affected by location. For instance, the Dayal Bagh branch manager in Agra may get different compensation than the Kashmir Gate branch manager in Delhi.
  • The manager’s pay is influenced by the bank’s net profit.
  • The salary that both the manager and the chief manager receive is significantly impacted by provisions.
  • The manager’s pay may increase or decrease as a result of NII, or Net Interest Income.
  • The benefits offered at each branch have an impact on the manager’s pay there.

SBI Bank Manager Salary In-Hand

In conclusion, an SBI Bank Manager’s total compensation, which includes all benefits and allowances, can range from approximately Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,20,000 each month. It is crucial to remember once more that the specific salary structure may change depending on a number of circumstances.

SBI Bank Manager: Job Profile

Being a bank manager at SBI Bank is not an easy task. The person in this position has to perform some tasks as a part of his job responsibilities. In the section below, there are the job responsibilities of an SBI Bank Manager.

  • Loan Recovery: The most crucial task for a manager to complete is loan recovery because of the growing mountain of bad loans plaguing the banking industry at the moment. The branch manager and credit officer both have a responsibility to make sure that the bad loan accounts are recovered as much as possible.
  • Coordination With The Higher Authority: The branch manager is the bank’s main point of contact, and as such, he is responsible to them for all branch-related activities. Additionally, the branch manager must obtain approval from a higher authority if the branch needs something.
  • Meeting The Targets: Targets are typically set for the entire branch, but the branch manager is still held accountable if they are not fulfilled. He must therefore make sure that everyone on staff is doing everything they can to achieve the goals. To get the most out of his team, he needs to manage them as effectively as he can.
  • Offering The Best Customer Service: Being the boss without having to be in the spotlight is challenging because he needs to make sure that his employees are acting appropriately around customers because, in today’s cutthroat banking industry, that is ultimately what counts.
  • Ensuring The Branch Runs Efficiently: Bank branches in major cities tend to be larger and employ more people. Because he is in charge of supervising the personnel, the manager’s main headache is effectively coordinating with every employee.

SBI Bank Manager: Perks & Allowances

SBI Managers are also entitled to other benefits and allowances as set forth in the guidelines from time to time. The benefits & compensation for SBI Manager are listed here.

Dearness Allowance: A cost-of-living adjustment provided by the government to retirees and employees of the public sector is known as a dearness allowance. In order to reduce the impact of inflation, it is computed as a percentage of basic pay. 

City Compensatory Allowance: City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) is a form of stipend that businesses provide to employees to offset the high cost of living in big cities and metropolises.

Medical Facility: The SBI Bank Manger gets a medical facility. A medical allowance is a set sum that the employer gives to the employee regardless of whether they receive medical care and provide receipts to prove their expenses or not. 

Leave Fare Concession (LFC): The Leave Fare Concession (LFC) benefit allows permanent bank employees to go anywhere in India or back to their place of residence with their families. 

SBI Bank Manager: Career Growth

In the State Bank of India, managers have many options to advance through internal interviews and periodically organized promotional exams. The job opportunities at SBI are excellent. Candidates for SBI Manager positions have outstanding career opportunities in addition to competitive remuneration.

SBI Bank Manager Salary FAQs

Q.1 What is the yearly salary of the SBI Bank Manager?
Ans.1 The yearly salary of the SBI Bank Manager is Rs. 9,65,209.

Q.2 What does a manager do at SBI Bank?
Ans.2 Directing all parts of the bank’s operations, such as distribution, customer service, human resources, administration, and sales, in line with its goals.

Q.3 Will the SBI Bank Manager get medical facilities?
Ans.3 Yes, the SBI Bank Manager will receive medical facilities.

Q.4 Is a job at SBI Bank Manger a good career?
Ans.4 Yes, becoming an SBI Bank Manager is a great career as it offers a great salary and some perks too.

Q.5 Is the salary of the SBI Bank Manager affected by the location of the bank branch?
Ans.5 Yes, the salary of the SBI Bank Manager is affected by the location of the bank branch.