Assistant Loco Pilot Salary: Check 7th Pay Salary Structure, Perks, Job Profile & Career Growth



For anyone looking for a job in the railway industry, Indian Railways is important. The RRB ALP position is an excellent choice for aspirants who want to enhance their careers in the Indian Railways sector. The most popular employment among hopefuls who want to succeed in the railway industry is an RRB ALP career.

The RRB Assistant Loco Pilot test is managed by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB). The primary responsibility of RRB is to strategically establish hiring practices for employees while monitoring their performance and spending plans. The RRB ALP exam is given throughout India’s railway zones by RRB recruiting boards, which are dispersed across the country.

Assistant Loco Pilot Salary Structure

The base pay range for the Railway Assistant Loco Pilot Salary includes a number of bonuses and advantages for applicants. Additionally, the railway grants yearly raises to eligible candidates. Assistant Loco Pilot Salaries range from Rs 19,900 (before HRA, DA, etc.) to Rs 35,000. The table below includes the following salary information for RRB Assistant Loco Pilot:


RRB ALP Salary

Grade Pay



Rs 19,900

Assistant Loco Pilot Salary (inclusive of allowances)

Rs 35,000 (average)

Assistant Loco Pilot Salary After 7th Pay Commission

Following the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) enhanced its personnel salary. As a result, the RRB Assistant Loco Pilot wage has significantly improved and is now displayed as follows:

RRB ALP — Salary/Allowances






Grade Pay


Income Tax


Dearness Allowance


House Rent Allowance


Travel Allowance


Night Duty Allowance


Running All


Gross Pay 




Total Deduction


Net Salary of RRB ALP


Assistant Loco Pilot Salary In-Hand

The amount candidates get after all deductions and benefits are referred to as the RRB ALP salary in hand. When making plans for many elements of your life, it is crucial to know your specific salary. The RRB ALP’s in-hand pay is between 25,000 and 35,000 rupees. Candidates will have a decent notion of the standard of living to expect after hiring after knowing the amount. 

Assistant Loco Pilot Salary After 5 Years

The starting wage for RRB ALP candidates is Rs. 19,000 per year. After five years of service, the remuneration is typically raised greatly. Candidates can anticipate an RRB ALP pay of up to Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 60,000 after taking into account promotions and the increase in DA, which occurs twice a year. Depending on a number of variables and governmental laws, this sum may differ. However, the RRB ALP wage will undoubtedly increase after five years.

Assistant Loco Pilot: Perks & Benefits

Candidates will receive a variety of benefits and allowances in addition to their income, as per government regulations. For the convenience of candidates, the RRB ALP Salary Structure 2023 is presented here. It includes perks and bonuses.

  • DA: Dearness Allowance
  • HRA: House Rent Allowance
  • Transportation Allowance
  • Gratuity
  • Home City and All India Travel Allowances
  • Running Allowance (based on distance traveled)
  • Free medical care is available to employees and their dependents (family members) at railway and partnered hospitals.
  • Free train tickets are available to family members on specific lines.
  • 30 days of Paid Leave and 12 days of Unpaid Leave
  • 30 days of paid time off or paid sick leave
  • The New Pension Scheme (NPS) mandates that a 10% deduction be taken from each employee’s income. 

Assistant Loco Pilot: Job Profile

ALP stands for Assistant Loco Pilot. You must be familiar with the duties and tasks performed by an Assistant Loco Pilot if you want to be an RRB ALP. 

  • Assist the locomotive driver in fine-tuning the engine.
  • Assisting with minor locomotive repairs
  • Boosting sectional average speed, timeliness, safety, and security while maintaining the locomotive’s efficiency.
  • Recognizing and understanding the jerks that cause track faults.
  • Periodically inspecting the locomotive to improve performance.
  • Monitoring the railway signal.

Note: A locomotive is a motorized rail vehicle used to pull trains. In addition to this, the Assistant Loco Pilot must abide by all of the Loco Pilot’s rules and regulations.

Assistant Loco Pilot: Career Growth

An RRB ALP can only be promoted if they have reached a certain amount of seniority or have passed the RRBs’ departmental exams. After joining the department as an RRB ALP, the RRB ALP’s promotion order is as follows:-

  • Senior Assistant Loco pilot
  • Loco Pilots
  • Loco Supervisors
  • Loco Supervisors

Candidates should start preparing now if they intend to take the RRB ALP exam in 2023 because the RRB gives Assistant Loco Pilots a reasonable wage and employment chances.

Assistant Loco Pilot Salary FAQs

Q.1 Did the 7th Pay Commission’s implementation affect the RRB ALP’s salary?
Ans.1 Yes, following the implementation of the 7th pay commission, the wage of RRB ALP has increased.

Q.2 What is an Assistant Loco Pilot’s RRB ALP salary?
Ans.2 The salary of an assistant loco pilot is close to Rs 35,000. Additionally, it contains amounts for things like house rent, dearness, transportation, and running.

Q.3 Is assistant loco pilot a rewarding position?
Ans.3 Since the railway is a public enterprise, loco pilots have excellent employment opportunities and income possibilities.

Q.4 Is ample opportunity for the RRB ALP’s career to grow?
Ans.4 Yes, individuals are eligible to apply for advancements to the positions of Senior Assistant, Loco Pilot, and Loco Supervisor by taking the internal examination.

Q.5 Who governs the salary of Assistant Loco Pilot?
Ans.5 The salary of the Assistant Loco Pilot is governed by the 7th Pay Commission.