World Malala Day Quiz – Test your knowledge



World Malala day Quiz: Malala Day, which falls on July 12 each year, is a significant day in worldwide activism because it honors and recognizes Malala Yousafzai as a global icon. She defied convention and became well-known at a young age by fighting for individual rights, especially the right of women to an education. Malala’s birth is also remembered on this day, which is celebrated worldwide by the United Nations, international human rights organizations, and other notable world citizens. The unusual tale of a young person from a lowly background becoming a worldwide change agent explains why Malala Day is so significant.

The day also celebrates women’s and children’s rights. Therefore, this day is observed in honor of Malala and all the girls who, like her, aspired to higher education. Unfortunately, girls’ education is still prohibited or seen as improper by some communities in many parts of the world. And since the girls themselves fight for their rights, this attitude won’t change. For this reason, this day is observed as a day of awareness for all people around the world, especially girls, about the value of education in our lives.

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Quiz on World Malala Day

In recognition of women’s and children’s rights around the world, the United Nations celebrated Malala Day on July 12. You can check your knowledge of this day by taking the quiz mentioned below, which includes thorough questions and answers:

Q1. When is World Malala Day celebrated?

  1. 12 June
  2. 12 July
  3. 11 June
  4. 11 July

Ans. 12 July

Q2. What country is Malala from?

  1. Pakistan
  2. Afghanistan
  3. India
  4. Bangladesh

Ans. Pakistan

Q3. Why do we celebrate World Malala Day?

  1. To raise awareness of the global diversity and cultural heritage.
  2. To accelerate the gender parity
  3. To acknowledge the young woman who, since she was in her early teens, has been a prominent advocate for female education.
  4. None of the Above

Ans. To acknowledge the young woman who, since she was in her early teens, has been a prominent advocate for female education

Q4. In Which year was World Malala Day established?

  1. 2012
  2. 2013
  3. 2014
  4. 2010

Ans. 2013

Q5. Who is Malala?

  1. Education Activist
  2. Blogger
  3. Teacher
  4. Politician

Ans. Education Activist

Q6. When was Malala Assassinated?

  1. 2012
  2. 2013
  3. 2010
  4. 2011

Ans. 2012

Q7. What does Malala consider to be “our most powerful weapon”?

  1. Freedom
  2. Education
  3. Rifle
  4. Unity

Ans. Education

Q8. How should we celebrate World Malala Day?

  1. You should keep the school shut
  2. You can make a donation to the Malala Fund.
  3. You should promote feminism
  4. None of the above

Ans. You can make a donation to the Malala Fund.

Q9. What mantra did Malala’s struggle inspire girls to adopt?

  1. I am Malala
  2. Malala 2013
  3. Malala for a new Pakistan
  4. Viva Malala

Ans. I am Malala

Q10. Under the Taliban’s rule, how women’s rights were constrained?

  1. Voting was prohibited for them
  2. When they were outside the house, they had to wear a burqa.
  3. They were prohibited from working
  4. All of the above

Ans. All of the above