World Brain Tumour Day 2022- Theme, Significance, and History



World Brain Tumour Day 2022: The World Brain Tumour Day is observed on 8th June. The goal is to spread awareness about brain tumours. To educate as many people as possible about brain tumours is the ultimate aim. The day also commemorates the patients of brain tumours as well as their families. If you know someone who had a brain tumour, then you must read this article. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis. Finally, spread this knowledge among as many people as possible. 

World Brain Tumour Awareness Day is important because the brain is the most important organ of our body. Its health is fundamental to our survival. Not many people are aware of brain tumours. There are myths and misconceptions that are still prevalent. Hence, the significance of Brain Tumour Day increases. 

DayWorld Tumour Day
Observed on8th June every year
Started in2000
Declared byDeutsche Hirntumorhilfe
Theme 2022Together we are stronger

History of World Brain Tumour Day

World Brain Tumour Awareness Day

It was an NGO called German Brain Tumour Association (Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe) that started observing brain tumour day. In the year 2000, with the goal of spreading awareness about brain tumours, the organization declared brain tumour day. Eventually, the 8th of June was decided as the brain tumour day. The organisation was founded in 1998. There are 500+ members who registered here from 14 nations. The NGO works for the care and benefit of brain tumour patients and their family members.

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Brain Tumour Day Theme 2022

World Brain Tumour Day is observed on 8th June every year. Each year there is a theme associated with the day. This brings a newer aspect to the day. World Brain Tumour Day 2022 theme is “Together we are stronger”. The message behind this theme is to stand together and fight against brain tumours. If we all stand together then anything is possible. To support this, there is a saying “Faith can move mountains”.

By reading about brain tumours, we can educate ourselves and other people. Knowledge is power. Hence, it is an important tool. World Brain Tumour awareness day is a great opportunity to talk about brain tumours. Its causes, symptoms, and diagnosis. You can also help the patients know about the organizations that help.

Brain Tumour Facts

  • There is no specific cause of brain tumours. It might occur due to prolonged exposure to radiation
  • Symptoms of brain tumours include headache, vision defect, seizures, vomiting, nausea, etc
  • For the diagnosis of brain tumour, the diagnosis includes MRI and CT scan, Neurologic exam, Angiogram, and Spinal tap
  • Doctors treat brain tumour patients with surgery, radiotherapy, ventricular peritoneal shunt, steroids, and chemotherapy
  • Most of the brain tumour patients die within 9-12 months
  • Only 3% or fewer patients survive for more than 3 years

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World Brain Tumour Day 2022 FAQs

When is the world brain tumour day observed?

World Brain Tumour Day is observed on 8th June every year.

Why do we observe brain tumour day?

We observe this day to spread awareness about brain tumours.

In which year was the brain tumour day first observed?

The first brain tumour day was observed in the year 2000.

Who declared the world tumour day?

An NGO named Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe observed world tumour day for the first time.

What is the diagnosis of brain tumours?

The diagnosis includes MRI and CT scan, Neurologic exam, Angiogram, and Spinal tap.