Which MBA Specialization is Best for Govt. Jobs? – Check Top MBA Specializations



Which MBA Specialization is Best for Govt. Jobs? This is one of the most burning questions among MBA aspirants who wish to get into Government jobs post MBA. MBA Specializations or Concentrations are for people who besides a Management Training want to become an expert in a particular field. If you want to pursue MBA and get expertise in a specific industry, you should go for MBA Specializations. After MBA, you get a great number of job opportunities, both in the private and Government sector. Most people are aware of the companies offering jobs in the private sector but do you know the top job opportunities in the Government sector? MBA Specializations like Finance and Marketing attract one of the best Government jobs. We know there must be many questions you want to ask: Which Specializations are offered in MBA? Which MBA Specialization is Best for Govt. Jobs? Which MBA specialization is in demand?

We will answer all your questions in this article. We will be talking about various MBA specializations, Government jobs available in India, and all the other frequently asked questions. So, without any further ado, let us get started.

Which MBA Specialization is Best for Government Jobs? – Let’s Discuss In Detail

There are a lot of MBA Specializations to choose from. You have to make a choice based on your interest and goals. If you are wondering which MBA Specialization is Best for Government Jobs then we might have an answer for you. Here are the top MBA Specializations that will help you get a Government job.

1. Finance

The field of Finance includes everything from Banking to Insurance. If you become an expert in the Finance field, you can get Government jobs in the Mutual Funds industry, Stock exchange, Financial Consulting, Banking, and Insurance industry. Students of MBA Finance study subjects like Budgeting, Capital Management, Costing, International finance, etc. The Central Medical Services Society offers the role of Manager (Financeji) to people with an MBA Specialization in Finance. Other Government Organizations that offer Finance jobs are ONGC, NALCO, PESB, etc. Job roles like Registrar, Consultant, and General Manager, are offered for the Finance specialty.

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2. Marketing

The MBA Specialization in Marketing is quite popular. A lot of candidates go for it. Marketing includes various forms like Digital Marketing, E-mail Marketing, etc. After MBA in Marketing, you can apply for jobs in companies like Braithwaite. You can also apply in Government banks for the role of a Marketing Officer. The Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) offer the job of Specialist Officer to aspirants with an MBA in Marketing. The PSUs like NFL, KAPL, and UJVNL need Marketing experts for the role of Management Trainee. The Specialization also provides you the opportunity for Junior and Senior Executive roles in Banks and PSUs.

3. Human Resource Management

As the name suggests, Human Resource Management is all about managing the people working in an organization. It is an important function of any workplace. People with good communication and organization skills should go for this specialization. You can apply for roles like Manager, Support Functions, and HR in different organizations. The job of Personnel Officer is offered by a few Government banks. The HPCL Rajasthan Refinery Limited and the Oil India Limited are examples of Government organizations that recruit candidates with an HR specialization.

Thank you for reading. We hope this article helped you understand after MBA scope in the Government sector. 

Which MBA Specialization is Best for Govt. Jobs?- FAQs

Which MBA specialization is in demand for Government Jobs?

Top MBA Specializations that are in demand for Government Jobs are Finance and Marketing.

What are the specializations available in MBA?

There are a number of specializations available in MBA. A few of them are Finance, Marketing, Accountancy, and Human Resource Management.

Which Government Organizations offer jobs after MBA?

Government Organizations like ONGC, CMSS, NALCO, PESB, etc offer jobs after MBA.

For Govt. Jobs, is MBA a good choice?

Yes, MBA is a good choice for Government Jobs. Make sure you have your goals clear and apply accordingly.

How to get Government Job after MBA?

If you have a specialization in MBA you can apply for various Government Jobs like Management Trainee, General Manager, Specialist Officer, etc.