TS Traffic E Challan: Know More About TS E-Challan



TS Traffic E Challan. When it comes to road safety, Telangana state (TS) ranks eighth worst. The severity of road accidents in Telangana has grown to 29.7 points, which means that at least 30 people perished in every 100 incidents in 2019. Rising traffic offences and poor traffic management have been key concerns for the state traffic police. The government imposes strict laws and harsh fines for traffic offenders including TS traffic challan. If you violate any traffic safety guideline, you will be issued a Telangana traffic e challan under the New Motor Vehicle Act of 2019.

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TS E Challan Check the Status of Telangana Traffic Challans Online

You may check the TS challan status on the Parivahan website. What you must do is as follows to know E Challan status Telangana:

  • To E-challan TS check the TS E Challan status of your TS police challan, go to the Parivahan website and enter your car registration number or DL number as well as your Telangana challan number.
  • If there are no TS traffic e challans filed against your car, the message ‘Challan Not Found’ will appear.

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How to pay your TS Traffic E Challan Online?

To pay your Telangana TS E Challan payment online, follow the procedures below:

Step 1: Go to the Telangana traffic police’s official website, echallan.tspolice.gov.in.

Step 2: Enter your car or licence plate number.

Step 3: Respond to a basic mathematics question and press the ‘GO’ button.

Step 4: You will then be presented a list of infractions for which you must pay an e-challan (TS Challan payment).

Step 5: Review the information and pay your fine online.

What is the Telangana Traffic Police’s 12-point system?

To cope with traffic regulation infractions, the Telangana government has implemented a punishment system. Below are the points stated: 

  • If a person accumulates more than 12 penalty points in two years, his licence is suspended for at least a year.
  • The government can suspend or cancel a person’s driving licence for up to two years if they commit multiple traffic infractions.
  • A learner’s licence holder who has accrued more than five penalty points in the previous two years is not eligible to apply for a permanent licence.

TS E Challan FAQs

What happens if I accumulate 12 traffic penalty points in Telangana within two years?

Anyone who accumulates more than 12 traffic penalty points in two years will have their licence suspended for at least one year.

Is there a time limit for paying the E Challan TS?

Telangana traffic e challans must be paid within 60 days after issue. Otherwise, your challan is returned to the court for further action.

Is it possible to pay my TS e challan online?

Yes. You can use the Parivahan portal or the official Telangana traffic police website. You can now pay e-challan Telangana with Paytm.

How to check the TS E challan online?

Go to the Parivahan website and input your automobile registration number or DL number as well as your Telangana challan number to check the status of your TS police challan.

Is Telangana’s penalty point system applicable to learner’s licence holders?

Yes. In reality, learner’s licence holders who obtain more than five penalty points in two years will be denied a permanent driving licence.