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World Heart Day Speech: Every country around the world observes and celebrates World Heart Day on September 29 each year. Its goal was to raise public awareness of cardiovascular diseases, their prevention, and the impact they have on society. On this day, students and teachers have the opportunity to share their ideas about World Heart Day through a speech on world heart day. Considering this, we have provided three samples for speech on world heart day, namely 10 lines on the day, a short speech on the day, and a long speech on the day.

The World Heart Federation discovered that heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Every year, it kills 17.1 million people, which is more than cancer, HIV, AIDS, and malaria combined. World Heart Day was established by the World Heart Federation. Continue reading for more facts and figures about World Heart Day, as well as speech on world heart day.

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10 Lines on World Heart Day for Students

Check out this 10-line speech in English for students on World Heart Day. Students can edit the following speech on World Heart Day to create their own.

Hello there, everyone. Thank you very much for having me. My name is _____ _______, and I’d like to speak to you about World Heart Day today.

  1. Every year on September 29th, International Heart Day is observed.
  2. The first World Heart Day was observed in 2000.
  3. It is part of a global campaign to raise awareness about heart disease.
  4. In 2012, world leaders agreed to reduce the disease by 25% by 2025.
  5. World Heart Day is an excellent platform for fighting cardiovascular diseases.
  6. World Heart Day is observed by both governments and non-governmental organisations.
  7. Some famous buildings, landmarks, and monuments turn red on this day to raise awareness.
  8. A healthy diet, no smoking or drinking, and regular exercise are all necessary steps to saving your heart.
  9. It is not always necessary to organise a spectacular event to raise awareness. You can host Newman and educate them on the issue by gathering your friends and family.
  10. Every year, a specific theme is chosen in order to gain attention and success.

Short Speech on World Heart Day

Use the short speech on world heart day provided below to help you write a World Heart Day Speech. This World Heart day speech in English will give you a clue about how to write your own short speech on World Heart day.

Thank you very much for having me. My name is _____ _______, and I’d like to speak to you about World Heart Day today. To begin, World Heart Day is important for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease, which accounts for nearly half of all noncommunicable diseases worldwide.

Every year on September 29th, World Heart Day is observed. In May 2012, world leaders pledged to reduce noncommunicable disease-related deaths by 25% by 2025. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases kill 17.9 million people each year, accounting for 31% of all global deaths.

Tobacco use (cigarette, biddi, gutkha), an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, and alcohol use are the primary causes of these diseases.

The modern way of life has facilitated an unhealthy way of life. Working on the computer for long periods of time, eating junk food, and sleeping late at night are all common occurrences nowadays. Physical inactivity contributes to an already unhealthy lifestyle.

The coronavirus outbreak has added to the people’s already heavy workload. All of these conditions contribute to people developing high blood pressure, high blood glucose, being overweight, and being obese, all of which cause cardiovascular disease.

The World Health Federation’s World Heart Day educates people about cardiovascular diseases in order to encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle.

According to a Lance report published in 2018, cardiovascular disease accounts for 28.1% of total deaths and 14.1% of total disability-adjusted life years (DALY) in India in 2016. DALY is a measure of disease burden expressed in terms of years lost due to illness, disability, or premature death. It compares different countries’ overall life expectancy.

Ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the most common cardiovascular diseases in India, accounting for 61.4% and 24.9% of total DALYs from cardiovascular diseases, respectively.

These are a few of the facts, which are rampant. All we can do is develop a healthy lifestyle and spread the word of awareness about Heart Health.

Thank you for listening

You can modify the above-mentioned speech on World Heart day for students to suit your needs and prepare your own short World Heart Day speech.

Long Speech on World Heart Day

Use the long speech on World Heart day in English provided below to help you write a World Heart Day Speech.

Thank you very much for having me. My name is _____ _______, and I’d like to speak to you about World Heart Day today.

World Heart Day is an annual observance and celebration held on September 29 to raise public awareness of cardiovascular diseases, including prevention and global impact. The World Heart Federation (WHF), in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), established World Heart Day in 1999. Antoni Bayés de Luna, WHF president from 1997 to 1999, conceived of this annual event. Until 2011, World Heart Day was observed on the last Sunday in September, with the first celebration taking place on September 24, 2000.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. In the early 2000s, approximately 17 million people died each year from cardiovascular diseases worldwide. The majority of these fatalities were caused by coronary heart disease or stroke. Although cardiovascular diseases are commonly associated with people living in developed countries where sedentary lifestyles are prevalent, more than 80% of deaths from these diseases occur in low-and middle-income developing countries. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking are all considered modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Thus, even in developing countries with ineffective healthcare systems, the majority of these diseases are preventable. Cardiovascular diseases also have a significant impact on national economic systems due to the high healthcare costs associated with treatment and lost productivity due to disability and absenteeism from work.

Since the first World Heart Day, the WHF, a nongovernmental organisation, has sponsored the annual event, gathering and disseminating information and announcing a theme for the day. World Heart Day includes a number of educational programmes aimed at engaging the general public. Public talks, podcasts, posters, and leaflets are used to disseminate information about cardiovascular diseases and how to prevent them. Runs walks, concerts, fund-raising and sporting events, free health checks, and other activities that promote public health and health awareness are also held in conjunction with World Heart Day. Furthermore, scientific meetings and gatherings of international cardiovascular research organisations and medical societies are held on or near World Heart Day.

Every year, more than 90 countries celebrate World Heart Day, and as a result of these international efforts, World Heart Day has proven to be an effective method of spreading information about cardiovascular health. This level of involvement allows information to reach the developing countries hardest hit by these diseases.

“Our planet, our health” is the theme of World Heart Day 2022.

Every year, the theme of World Heart Day communicates the focus of that year’s celebration. The first event’s theme was “Physical Activity.” Other themes have included “Women and Heart Disease” in 2003, which was intended to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease in women, and “Know Your Risk!” in 2008, which was intended to help individuals identify the factors that increase their risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

In the end, I wanna say that the health factor is majorly up to us. So, take measures, adopt a healthy routine and spread awareness on this World Heart Day.

Thank you

You can modify the above-mentioned student speech on World Heart day to prepare your long World Heart Day Speech as needed.

Hope you found these samples of speech on world heart day helpful and informative to prepare your own speech. All the best. Also, check out the Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Speech.

Speech on World Heart Day FAQs

Why do we celebrate Heart Day?

The World Heart Federation established World Heart Day to inform people around the world that CVD, including heart disease and stroke, is the world’s leading cause of death, claiming 18.6 million lives each year, and to highlight the actions that individuals can take to prevent and control CVD.

Who Discovered Heart Day?

Antoni Bayés de Luna, WHF president from 1997 to 1999, came up with the idea for this annual event.

What is the theme of World Health Day 2022?

The theme for World Health Day 2022 is “Our Planet, Our Health.”

Is it first observed on September 29?

No, it was observed on the last Sunday of September prior to 2010. Now, it observes on September 29th, ever since 2011.

When and why is World Heart Day observed in India?

Every year on September 29th, India celebrates Heart Day. It is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of heart health.