Accenture Salary For Freshers: Know the Salary Structure, Employee Benefits & Responsibilities



Accenture Salary For Freshers 2023: Accenture is a multinational company with its headquarters in Ireland that specializes in IT consulting. The top 500 businesses worldwide, as determined by revenue, are ranked by Accenture. Accenture began as a specialized consulting firm and company. Accenture has multiple locations all around the world, and both entry-level positions and experienced positions are frequently available.

Accenture pays high starting salaries to new hires in India. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, Accenture will benefit greatly from your unique knowledge, abilities, and interests.

Check out the most recent and updated Accenture Salary For Freshers In India if you intend to join the top-ranked IT organization. We have the entire Accenture Salary Structure for freshly hired employees here.

Accenture Salary For Freshers

Accenture’s pay scale varies depending on the position and between entry-level employees and seasoned professionals. However, the accompanying table shows the projected wage package for the freshers.

Senior Software Engineer
SalaryRs 466,558 – 884,017
BonusRs 20,067 – 130,612
Profit DisbursementRs 3.64 – 116,465
Total SalaryRs 480,078 – Rs 935,990
Software Engineer
Accenture SalaryRs 297,419 – 600,171
BonusRs 10,057 – 80,061
Profit DisbursementRs 0.00 – 170,826
Total SalaryRs 307,025 – 625,082
Associate Software Engineer
SalaryRs 239,400 – 314,994
BonusRs 2,061 – 22,650
Profit DisbursementRs 602 – 32,498
Total SalaryRs 242,685 – Rs 326,962
Associate Project Manager (Unspecified Type / General)
SalaryRs 988,531 – 1,910,969
BonusRs 51,823 – 388,158
Profit DisbursementRs 9,401 – 276,664
Total SalaryRs 1,009,246 – 2,023,870

Freshers At Accenture: Employee Benefits

Numerous perks and incentives are provided to new hires in addition to an inexpensive accenture fresher wage. Below are a few of them:

  • Health & Life Insurance: Health and life insurance that is guaranteed, renewable, owned personally, and portable is provided to Accenture workers. In the event of an emergency or catastrophic circumstance, it offers additional financial advantages.
  • Financial & Education Assistance: Through financing centers, Accenture contributes to education both financially and intellectually. Support is available for college-level coaching, professional development, graduate study, and education reimbursement.
  • Accenture Family Care Services: The outreach services for survival benefits include backup care, enhanced family support, child support, maternity support, fertility benefit, adoption aid, surrogacy assistance, transportation for breast milk, and other services.
  • Travel Support And Services: In the event of an urgent or emergency situation, Accenture employees have access to special travel support services. Additionally, it arranges for highly qualified staff members’ professional travel.
  • International Relocation Offer: Accenture offers a comprehensive worldwide relocation package that has everything staff members require to move abroad to any nation. A few of the services provided include buying, selling, and renting homes; getting a mortgage in any other country; house and auto insurance; shipping stuff; and short-term housing aid.

Freshers At Accenture: Roles & Responsibilities

The newly hired employees or freshers at Accenture had to perform certain roles and responsibilities. Here, below we have provided all those responsibilities that are to be performed by them.

  • The capacity to foresee and swiftly address business challenges.
  • Versatile and multidisciplinary with the ability to pick up and use new talents quickly.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as strong communication and linguistic skills.
  • Deliver code in accordance with deadlines and quality standards, and take part in peer reviews.
  • Assume responsibility for the solution’s successful execution.
  • Provide assistance with infrastructure operations and/or oversee the delivery of IT systems and services.

  • The ability to move for project deployment to any location in India and operate in 24-hour shifts as needed for business.

Freshers At Accenture: Employment Opportunities 

For recent grads, the organization provides many professional prospects. The organization recognizes and explains the process to advance each employee’s career through regular training and other professional development opportunities in addition to offering a competitive salary package.

Accenture Salary For Freshers FAQs

Q.1 Will the freshers at Accenture get a good amount of salary?
Ans.1 Yes, the freshers at Accenture also get a good amount of salary.

Q.2 Will the freshers at Accenture get health and life insurance benefits?
Ans.2 Yes, the freshers at Accenture will get health and life insurance benefits.

Q.3 Are there any kind of benefits provided by Accenture to freshly hired employees?
Ans.3 Yes, benefits such as travel assistance and services, health and life insurance, etc. are provided to the freshers at Accenture.

Q.4 What is the bonus amount given to the senior software engineer at Accenture?
Ans.4 The bonus amount given to the senior software engineer at Accenture is Rs. 20,067 – Rs. 130,612.

Q.5 Why is Accenture beneficial for new hires?

Undoubtedly a fantastic place to begin your IT and consulting career. The organization provides you with a wide range of resources and opportunities to develop, progress, and pick up new skills.