National Postal Day in India 2022 – Know more about it!



India celebrates National Postal Day on 10th October. National Postal Day in India 2022 will be observed as a mark of respect to the service of the India Post, the most widely functioning public postal service in the world. National Postal Day or Indian Postal Day is also marked to honor the role played by the national postal service in our day-to-day lives. Indian Postal Day of India is an extended celebration of World Post Day, which is observed on the 9th of October every year. National Postal Day is a week-long celebration, unlike World Post Day, which is a one-day affair. Read about National Postal Day in detail in this article.

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Indian Post Day vs World Post Day

Indian Postal Day and World Post Day are two separate events. Postal Day is celebrated by 150 countries across the globe. The National Postal Day of India is derived from the idea of World Post Day, but they differ in celebration and concept. The difference between World Post Day and Indian Postal Day is here:

Indian Post DayWorld Post Day
National Postal Day is not a one-day event. It is celebrated from 9th October to 16th October.World Post Day is a one-day celebration.
It is celebrated all over IndiaIt is celebrated on a global scale.
Celebrated as a mark of tribute to the service of the national postal organization, India Post, which was established in 1854.It marks the anniversary day of the Universal Postal Union (1874).
Events are held in different zones as a mark of respect to Indian post office employees.This day is observed as a holiday in most countries. Various competitions are organized, and postal employees honoured.

Indian Postal Day Theme

World Postal Day will be celebrated under the theme ‘Post for Planet’ on the 9th of October. The National Postal Day 2022 in India will then start the celebration for one week. 

National Postal Week

The National Postal Day of India is celebrated throughout the week. 9th October to 15th October is observed as National Postal Week. Read the details about it in the table below:

9th October World Post Day
10th OctoberBanking Day
12th OctoberPostal Life Insurance Day
13th OctoberPhilately Day
14th OctoberBusiness Development Day
15th OctoberMails Day

Indian Postal Service

The India Post, run by Indian Postal Service officers, is a public delivery organization, operated by the Department of Post, Ministry of Communications. It has 23 postal circles in India, each headed by a Chief Postmaster General. Apart from this, it has a base circle to provide postal services to the Armed Forces of India. India Post has 1,54,965 post offices in total.

PIN Code System in India

  • The first digit of the PIN indicates the region.
  • The Second digit indicates the sub-region.
  • The Third digit denotes the district.
  • The Last three PIN digits define the code of the post office under which a respective address falls.

National Postal Day Significance

  • This day is celebrated as a mark of respect to the service provider of the India Post, a Government of India-owned delivery organization.
  • The purpose of Indian Postal Day is to acknowledge the importance of postal services in India.
  • India Post is tying up with various private and public companies to extend last-mile banking connectivity.
  • Postal employees are skilled, delivering to perfect locations for ages.
  • India Post played a pivotal role during COVID.
  • Indian Postal Day is celebrated to praise the hard work of postal workers who deliver mail and parcels irrespective of the region.

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National Postal Week Activity

To celebrate National Postal Day 2022 in India, the government of India’s Ministry of Communications organizes a list of events to mark this year’s Postal Week. The events are as follows:  

  •  A Divisional Head to organize a ‘Financial Inclusion Mela’ in at least one village in each district. If a district has more than one division, then all the Divisions should organize the Mela in that district at different locations. Special focus must be given to activities related to POSB, PLI/RPLI, and IPPB. 
  • @ 75 Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav banner must be displayed at the Mela premises.
  • Circles must open at least 150 POSB accounts and 100 premium IPPB accounts. 25 PLI/RPLI policies must be procured per post office (including BOs) during the campaign period.
  • The Circles must post glimpses of the events each day on the social media platforms from the official accounts.
  • Quizzes to be organized for the customers, officers, departmental staff, GDS and agents, and all interested participants during the Postal Week celebration.

National Postal Day FAQs

When does India celebrate National Postal Day?

The National Postal Day in India is celebrated on 10th October.

How long is National Postal Day celebrated?

It is a week-long celebration in India.

Is National Postal Day an extension of World Post Day?

Yes, it can be said that National Postal Day is an extended celebration of World Post Day.

When is World Post Day celebrated?

World Post Day is celebrated on 9th October.

Why is this event celebrated?

It is celebrated as a mark of respect to the service and service providers of the National Postal System.