Famous Historical Monuments In Kerala- Location and History



The state of Kerala is famous for its beaches, backwaters, festivals, art forms, etc. There are also famous historical monuments in Kerala that make it significant. From the Bekal Fort to the Krishnapuram Palace, Kerala is home to numerous popular monuments. A place’s monuments are its storytellers. They tell us everything about the culture and history of the time they were built in. So, why don’t we discover the history of Kerala through its monuments? We bring you the popular historical monuments of Kerala in this article.

List of Monuments of National Importance in Kerala

To help you memorize the Popular Historical Monuments of Kerala, we have created a table. Note the name and location of the given monuments in Kerala. Further, we will also be discussing a few of them in detail.

Bekal FortKasargod
Dutch PalaceMattancherry
Koyikkal PalaceNedumangad
Fort KochiErnakulam
Jain TempleKitanganad
Poonjar PalaceKottayam
Peruvanam Mahadeva TempleThrissur
Krishnapuram PalaceKayamkulam
Shakthan Thampuran PalaceThrissur
Thalassery FortThalassery 
Thrikkakudi Rock-Cut TemplePathanamthitta
The Kanakakunnu PalaceThiruvananthapuram
Thrithala Shiva TempleThrithala 
Thunchan MemorialTirur

1. Fort Kochi

fort kochi

Located in the Ernakulam district is one of the must-visit monuments in Kerala- Fort Kochi. It is the first European township in India. Fort Kochi is also known by the names Fort Cochin and Cochim de Baixo. The fort was of commercial importance in medieval Kerala. Traders from across the world would gather here for their business. In the pre-colonial era, Fort Kochi was a fishing village. The Rajah of Kochi granted the Fort Kochi to the Portuguese in 1503. Later, Fort Emmanuel was built near the waterfront. On the streets of Fort Kochi, you can find the Portuguese, Dutch, and British-built old colonial houses. Other tourist attractions here are the Chinese fishing nets, the Church of South India, and the Santa Cruz Basilica.

2. Koyikkal Palace

koyikkal palace

The Koyikkal Palace was built in 1677 for Umayamma Rani, the queen of Venad. The architecture of the fort is traditional in Kerala. It has two stories. Currently, the Kerala State Department of Archaeology maintains the Palace. There are folklore and numismatic museums in the Koyikkal Palace. The folklore museum was set up here in the year 1992. Instruments like the Chandravalayam and Nanthuni make this place one of the most important historical places in Kerala. Chandravalayam is a small percussion instrument used in the ballad Ramakathappattu. The Koyikkal Palace is also home to the old manuscripts and ornaments used by the Royal family.

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3. Bekal Fort

bekal fort

The Bekal Fort almost appears to emerge from the sea. It is situated in the Kasargod district of Kerala. It forms its place in the list of popular historical monuments of Kerala. The Fort was built by Shivappa Nayaka of Keladi in 1650 AD. It served as a military station for the famous Tipu Sultan. There are coins and artifacts found in the fort by archaeologists. In 1992, it was declared a special tourism area. For its promotion, the Bekal Tourism Development Corporation was formed. The water tank and the observation tower built by Tipu Sultan form important features of the Bekal Fort. The fort shows a special resemblance to the Thalassery fort and St. Angelo Fort at Kannur.

4. Poonjar Palace

poonjar palace

In Kottayam is the 600-year-old glorious Poonjar Palace. It is home to royal antiques and furniture. The Poonjar Palace was built by the Poonjar kings. It is related to the royal families in Travancore. Charming chandeliers, a wooden thoni for massages, lamps, and sculptures of Nataraja are some of the notable features of this palace. The Madurai Meenakshi Temple is located near it. You will find ancient weapons, jewel boxes, grain measures, and a boat made of a single piece of wood here. In fact, these are the things that make it one of the must-visit monuments in Kerala.

This was all about the famous historical monuments in Kerala. Isn’t the history of India rich? Learn more by reading our articles. Also, tell us in the comments what you think about these monuments.

Famous Historical Monuments in Kerala FAQs

Which are the historical monuments of Kerala?

The famous historical monuments in Kerala are Bekal Fort, Fort Kochi, Poonjar Palace, Koyikkal Palace, etc.

Which monument is the oldest in Kerala?

The Peruvanam Mahadeva Temple is the oldest in Kerala?

Where is the Bekal Fort located?

The Bekal Fort is located in the Kasargod district of Kerala?

What is the importance of the Koyikkal Palace?

The Koyikkal Palace was built for the queen of Venad, Umayamma Rani in 1677.

Where is the Poonjar Palace located?

The Poonjar Palace is located in the Kottayam district of Kerala.