Essay on My Ambition in Life To Become a Doctor- Highlighting the Importance of a Doctor



Essay on My Ambition in Life To Become a Doctor: Ambition is a thing which gives our lives meaning. It makes us want to work on ourselves. Every person has an ambition. It could be to work for their nation or to simply own a house. I have an ambition too. My ambition in life is to become a doctor. A doctor is a guard of a nation just like a soldier. Except the enemies in this case are poor health and diseases. Doctors take oath to treat treat their patients without any discrimination. Their job has been compared to that of God for a reason. God gives us life and doctors make sure to protect it. 

The human body is complex and so are the diseases it faces. Hence, there are all kinds of specialist doctors. There is a never ending battle of fighting the causative agents of human diseases. 

my ambition in life to become a doctor essay

Why do You Want to Become a Doctor?

Isn’t this the most recurring question? People have all kinds of ambitions but the only thing that remains constant is the reasoning. Every person has a reason for their ambition. Growing up, I have seen a lot of my family members getting hurt or sick. In my locality, I have seen diseases come and go like seasons. I always used to look for aid coming at our doors. The only prayer I had was to make this aid never leave my house. Once I wondered ‘What if I become the aid?’

I want to become a doctor because I want to reach every door that needs help. By treating patients and spreading awareness about diseases, I aspire to make this country healthy. Besides, reading about the human body is something that brings me joy. The human body is like a riddle to me that I love solving. To dream of a healthy India is the first step that I have already taken. To work for it is the second and I am positive that I will succeed in it. There are multiple reasons to not pursue something but to do it, you only need one. For me it is the dream to provide the best healthcare to everyone.

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What are Your Career Goals as a Doctor?

Although the basic role of a doctor is to treat their patients, but I have a list of goals that I want to pursue. In my career, I want to visit the sites that have the minimum healthcare available. I want to provide free treatment to the needy. It is a saying that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. To bring it to use, I want to organize camps to impart knowledge about health and hygiene. Just like these, I have career goals as a doctor that will remind me to not limit myself. I want to work tirelessly and fulfill the duties of a doctor.

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Essay on My Ambition in Life To Become a Doctor FAQs

How do I write an essay on My ambition in life to become a doctor?

Be honest to yourself and list the reasons why you want to become a doctor. Describe the reasoning that drives you to aspire to become a doctor.

What is the ambition of your life and why?

My Ambition In Life To Become A Doctor is because of my dream to make a healthy India.

What are your career goals as a doctor?

As a doctor, I want to provide free healthcare to the needy.

What is the aim of a doctor?

A doctor pledges to treat their patients without any discrimination.

According to you, what makes a good doctor?

The qualities of like cooperative, analytical, responsible, and passionate make a good doctor.