E-Challan Mumbai – Steps to check status and make payment online



Mumbai is amongst the most congested cities in Maharashtra, with vast numbers of vehicles navigating its crowded streets every day. As a result, the traffic police have been watchful for anyone breaking the law. Fortunately, Mumbai’s implementation of the e-challan system, e-challan Mumbai, has made it simple for the city’s traffic police to spot lawbreakers and send them e-challans with fines attached. E-Challans have made it simpler and undeniably more convenient to punish lawbreakers. Unlike in the past when traffic fines were simple to avoid, today’s violations and fines are registered online and delivered right to the driver’s mobile device. In order to prevent further fines or even jail time for drivers, notifications are also sent out to them prior to the deadline for payment.

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Mumbai traffic police fine and e-challan details

An updated digital version of the challan is known as an “e-Challan” or “E-Challan Mumbai.” The fine-payment process is made easier by this updated digital setup. Penalties may result from violating traffic laws and regulations. These fines come in the form of an electronic challan. Understand the procedure by following example:

  • Throughout the city, a number of cameras have been positioned in key locations to monitor traffic.
  • You will receive a challan if you are found to be breaking any traffic laws.
  • As soon as the e-challan is issued, you’ll receive a text message.
  • Within sixty days of issuance, you must pay it online.

How to pay E-challan Mumbai online?

You will suffer the consequences if you violate traffic laws. These effects vary based on the offense committed. In the past, breaking traffic laws resulted in a cash fine that you had to pay. But now that new technologies have emerged, like online payment, you can also pay traffic fines online. Read on for more information if you’re wondering how to pay an e-challan online in Mumbai.

Mumbai traffic E-challan payment through Maharashtra traffic police website

Owners of vehicles are informed via Text message when an e-challan Mumbai is filed against them. The following steps can be used to pay for an e-challan online:

Step 1: The offender receives an SMS containing the URL for the official e-challan payment website, which is mahatrafficechallan.gov.in

Step 2: There are two ways to log in after you click on the portal:

The last four digits of the engine number, and your registered vehicle number. OR

The challan number, which can be entered directly to log in, will be included in the SMS.

Step 3: After logging in, you will be given all the information you need regarding the offense and the debt, along with a variety of payment methods like a credit card, net banking, debit card, or widely used digital wallets.

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Mumbai traffic E-challan payment via Paytm

Step 1: Download the Paytm app on your device and complete your KYC registration in order to access all services.

Step 2: Select the “More” option on the app’s home screen.

Step 3: Click Challan under “City Services.”

Step 4: Choose your traffic authority.

Step 5: Complete the necessary information and press Proceed.

Step 6: Add the remaining information needed to continue with the payment. You can yet again choose the method of payment you like to use to pay your e-challan Mumbai.

How to check status of E-challan Mumbai?

Mumbai traffic police fines can be checked online using the Maha Traffic app, which is particular to the city and state of Maharashtra.

Step 1: Download the app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Launch the app, then select “My E-Challan.”

Step 3: Enter the necessary information to view the status of your e-challans and traffic fines.

Traffic rule Violation and penalties in Mumbai

Driving without seatbeltRs. 1000
No driving licenseRs. 5000
OverspeedingLight motor vehicle- Rs.1000-Rs.2000Heavy motor vehicle- Rs. 2000-Rs.4000
Drunk drivingRs. 10000
Riding/driving with no insuranceRs. 2000
Using mobile while drivingRs. 5000
Racing or speedingRs. 5000
Overloading of two-wheelersRs. 2000
Honking in a silent zoneRs. 2000
Riding without helmetRs. 1000

FAQs on E-challan Mumbai

How do I report for a wrong challan in Mumbai?

You only need to send a text with your allegation on WhatsApp to 8454999999 in order to submit your complaint to the Mumbai Traffic Police online. Once your complaint has been submitted, you will be given a complaint number, which you can use to follow up on it

In Mumbai, how can I check my challan online?

One can check his/her status of Mumbai E Challan using Parivahan website, echallan.parivahan.gov.in and then entering the valid details to view the status of challan.

Can I sign up for e-challan notifications with my mobile number?

Yes, you can do so by going to the Mumbai Traffic Police’s official website and updating your registered mobile number. Using a One Time Password, it can be updated in under a minute (OTP).

How do I access the Mumbai Police Traffic App?

Depending on your needs, the application can be installed from the iOS store or Play Store.

What is the fine for driving a car without a seatbelt?

It is possible to receive a fine for driving a vehicle without a seatbelt and the fine for this violation is Rs. 1000.