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Centre for High Technology 2 quiz answers: This quiz was launched on 28th June 2022. Participants can attempt it latest by the 25th of July. However, some of the quizzes in this series will end by the 12th of July. In this article, we will provide you with the quiz on Centre for High Technology 2 with answers. Before that, take a quick look at the quizzes that the CHT 2 quiz includes.

QuizStart DateEnd dateNumber of QuestionsDuration (seconds)Reward
Swachh Bharat Quiz28/06/202225/0720225605
Fuel Cell Quiz28/06/202225/0720225605
Waste Management Quiz28/06/202225/072022560E-Certificate
General Awareness Quiz15/06/202212/07/2022560E-Certificate
Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz15/06/202212/07/2022560E-Certificate
Solid Waste Management Quiz15/06/202212/07/2022560E-Certificate
Environmental Science Quiz15/06/202212/07/2022560E-Certificate

CHT 2 Quiz Answers

The answers for each quiz is as follows. Go to the heading for your desired quiz and check the answers.

Swachh Bharat Quiz

The CHT 2 Quiz answers for the Swacch Bharat Quiz are as follows.

Which is the first city in our country that has been declared free from manual scavenging?

  •  Alwar
  •  Bharuch
  •  Trichy
  •  None of these

Answer: Alwar

Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi while launching ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ asked people to donate a minimum how many hours every year for cleanliness?

  •  50
  •  100
  •  150
  •  None of the above

Answer: 100

What is the tag-line of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’?

  •  Sabka Kadam Swachhata Ki Ore
  •  Ek kadam swachhataki ore
  •  Har ek kadam Swachhata Ki Ore
  •  None of the above

Answer: Ek kadam swachhataki ore

Which of the following programme is re-launched as Swachh Bharat Mission?

  •  Total Sanitation Campaign
  •  Ek kadam swachta Ki Aur
  •  Nirmal Bharat Mission
  •  None

Answer: Nirmal Bharat Mission

Which is the cleanest village of India?

  •  Mawlynnong
  •  Punsari
  •  Dharnai
  •  Ballia

Answer: Mawlynnong

Fuel Cell Quiz

Check the Centre for High Technology 2 quiz answers given below.

When were fuel cells first used in space?

  •  Apollo Program
  •  Space Shuttle Program
  •  Project Mercury
  •  Gemini Program

Answer: Gemini Program

When was fuel cell invented?

  •  1701
  •  1901
  •  1839
  •  1879

Answer: 1839

What do fuel cells emit?

  •  Oxygen
  •  Hydrogen
  •  Nothing
  •  Water

Answer: Water

How do you boost the amount of electricity a fuel cell systemproduces?

  •  Adding oxygen
  •  Adding hydrogen
  •  Adding cells
  •  Adding protons

Answer: Adding cells

How do fuel cells generate electricity?

  •  Combustion
  •  Fusion
  •  Electrochemical reaction
  •  Organic reaction 

Answer: Electrochemical reaction

Waste Management Quiz

The CHT 2 Quiz answers for the Waste Management Quiz are as follows.

The disposal of the screen is done by:

  •  Sedimentation
  •  Flocculation
  •  Filtration
  •  Incineration

Answer: Incineration

The aerobic method of mechanical composting practised in India is called:

  •  Indore method
  •  Nagpur method
  •  Bangalore method
  •  Bhopal method

Answer: Indore method

The best method of disposal of refuse to ensure complete destruction of pathogenic bacteria is by

  •  Land disposal
  •  Incineration
  •  Pulverisation
  •  Mechanical composting

Answer: Incineration

The maximum C/N ratio in a Municipal Solid Waste Compost is

  •  10:1
  •  20:1
  •  30:1
  •  40:1

Answer: 40:1

Sludge bulking can be controlled by

  •  Chlorination
  •  Coagulation
  •  Aeration
  •  Denitrification

Answer: Chlorination

General Awareness Quiz

The Centre for High Technology 2 quiz answers are as follows.

The NOTA option was first used in the elections in

  •  2004
  •  2007
  •  2013
  •  2015

Answer: 2013

The headquarters of Reserve Bank of India is situated in which city?

  •  New Delhi
  •  Mumbai
  •  Lucknow
  •  Pune

Answer: Mumbai

Which one is the smallest ocean in the World?

  •  Indian
  •  Pacific
  •  Atlantic
  •  Arctic

Answer: Arctic

Which country joins BRICS’ New Development Bank (NDB) as its member recently?

  •  Australia
  •  Saudi Arabia
  •  Egypt
  •  Singapore

Answer: Egypt

Professor Amartya Sen is famous in which of the fields?

  •  Biochemistry
  •  Electronics
  •  Economics
  •  Geology

Answer: Economics

Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz

The CHT 2 Quiz answers for the Ozone Layer Depletion Quiz are as follows.

Ozone-depleting substance are chiefly utilized in (I) chimneys

(II) all of the human activities

(III) burning fossil fuels

(IV) cooling and refrigeration applications and in the manufacturer of foam products

  •  All
  •  Only IV
  •  Only I, II and III
  •  Only I and II

Answer: All

Ozone can be destroyed by the following free radical(s)

  •  chlorine radical (Cl)
  •  hydroxyl radicals (OH)
  •  nitric oxide radical (NO)
  •  all of these

Answer: All of these

Good ozone is found in the

  •  stratosphere
  •  ionosphere
  •  troposphere
  •  Mesosphere

Answer: Stratosphere

Following form(s) of oxygen is/are involved in ozone-oxygen cycle

  •  triatomic oxygen (O3)
  •  diatomic oxygen (O2)
  •  atomic oxygen (O)
  •  all of these

Answer: All of these

UV rays is higher in summer as

  •  during summer, ozone is more in the atmosphere
  •  sun is busy in summer specially
  •  sun is closer to planet earth so UV rays have a shorter distance to travel and reach us
  •  sun is further to planet earth so UV rays have a longer distance to travel and reach us

Answer: sun is closer to planet earth so UV rays have a shorter distance to travel and reach us

Solid Waste Management Quiz

Centre for High Technology 2 quiz answers for Solid Waste Management topic are given below.

Which of the following methods is a good way of dealing with the solid waste problem?

  •  Recycling
  •  Landfilling
  •  Both a and b
  •  None of the above

Answer: Recycling

Why are plastics difficult to recycle?

  •  Because it is a very hard material
  •  Because of the different sizes of plastic
  •  Because it is very adhesive in its nature
  •  Because of different types of polymer resins

Answer: Because of different types of polymer resins

Why is recycled paper banned for use in food containers?

  •  Because it creates a lot of spaces
  •  Because it creates contamination
  •  Because paper can be used only one time
  •  Because paper is very thick and can’t cover the food containers

Answer: Because it creates contamination

Which integrated waste management is reduced on an individual level?

  •  Burning
  •  Disposal
  •  Recycling
  •  Source reduction

Answer: Source reduction

Which of the following wastes are called the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)?

  •  Food wastes
  •  Wood pieces
  •  Plastic cans
  •  All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Environmental Science Quiz

The CHT 2 Quiz answers for the Environmental Science Quiz are as follows.

____ % water is used for agriculture in India

  •  63%
  •  73%
  •  80%
  •  93%

Answer: 80%

Deforestation is caused by

  •  Over population and shifting of cultivation
  •  The increase in demand for fuel is another reason
  •  Over grazing and forest fire
  •  All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Deforestation generally decreases

  •  Rain fall
  •  Drought
  •  Global warming
  •  Soil erosion

Answer: Rainfall

Which of the following is a fossil fuel?

  •  Tar
  •  Coal
  •  Petroleum
  •  All the above

Answer: All the above

The Botanical Survey of India (BSI) was established in the year

  •  1870
  •  1880
  •  1890
  •  1990

Answer: 1890

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