Amazon Quiz Answers 21 June 2022- See Expected Questions Here



Amazon Quiz Answers 21 June 2022: Tomorrow, new questions will arrive for the Amazon Quiz. For every Amazon quiz, we bring you the correct answers to submit. In addition to that, we tell you the expected questions for the next day’s quiz. Continuing this, we have expected questions for 21st June. Take a look at these and know what to expect for tomorrow. Also, bookmark this page to revisit on 21st June. We will update the questions that are asked in the quiz.

Check the Amazon Quiz Answers Today 20th June here

Quiz nameAmazon Daily Quiz
Date21 June 2022 (expected)
Start time12:00 AM
End time11:59 PM
Declaration of winner22 June 2022
Winning prizeTo be announced

Amazon Quiz Answers Today- 21 June 2022 (Expected)

The following questions might appear in Amazon daily quiz on 21st June. Be prepared.

Q1- French researcher Luc Montagnier, who passed away at 89, shared the Nobel prize for medicine for co-discovering which virus?

Answer ✅(A) – HIV

Q2 – The first match of the 2022 IPL was played between Chennai Super Kings and which team?

Answer ✅(B) – Kolkata Knight Riders

Q3 – The movie ‘Jalsa’ starring Shefali Shah, also stars which of these famous actresses?

Answer ✅(C) – Vidya Balan

Q4 – Name this species of monkey endemic to the western ghats of South India.

Answer ✅(A) – Lion Tailed Macaque

Q5 – Name this bird that lays the largest egg on land in the animal kingdom.

Answer ✅(A) – Ostrich

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This is all for this article. A gentle reminder that these are the expected questions. When you revisit this page tomorrow, you will find the updated questions for 21st June Amazon quiz questions