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World Students’ Day is celebrated on October 15. The day is celebrated remembering Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who was an aerospace scientist, teacher, and former President. Read the article to know about World Students Day Quiz. It is a celebration of diversity, cross-culturalism, and cooperation among students across the world. The day is celebrated all over India every year to appreciate the efforts of Dr. Kalam toward students and education. Besides being a pioneer in his profession, Dr. Kalam was also the 11th President of India and is remembered as the ‘People’s President’ to date. Hence, as a mark of tribute, the Government of India announced his birth date, 15th October, to be observed as World Students Day. Read the Quiz on World Students Day to know more.

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Quiz on World Students Day

Disclaimer: The correct answer is marked in bold.

  • When was the first World Students Day celebrated?
  1. 2022
  2. 2019
  3. 2015
  4. 2010
  • ______ is not a book by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.
  1. You Are Born to Blossom
  2. Failure to Success: Legendary Lives
  3. Fate made true
  4. Ignited mind
  • When is the World Innovation Day Celebrated as per the UN?
  1. 30th March
  2. 12th January 
  3. 21st April
  4. 19th February
  • Dr. Kalam was awarded the ____ prestigious honor for his outstanding public service in 2008.
  1. Time-Person of the Year
  2. Hoover Medal
  3. UK Knighthood
  4. Padma Bhushan
  • Dr. Kalam and his team conducted the Pokhran II nuclear tests in the year ___.
  1. 1974
  2. 1978
  3. 1986
  4. 1998
  • Which island is named after Abdul Kalam?
  1. Wheeler Island
  2. Landfall Island
  3. Bhavani Island
  4. Sriharikota
  • Dr. Kalam was the ____ President of India.
  1. 12th
  2. 11th
  3. 09th
  4. 10th

  • By what special name is Dr. Kalam referred? 
  1. The Missile man of India
  2. The Best Scientist in India
  3. The Defender of India
  4. The Rocketman of India 
  • What is the theme for World Students Day This Year? 
  1. Learning for Nation Building
  2. Learning for Knowledge and Innovation
  3. Learning for self Development
  4. None of the Above
  • World Students Day is celebrated  _____.
  1. All over the world
  2. Only India
  3. Only Asia
  4. SAARC Countries 
  • In his final hours, Dr. Kalam  ____.
  1. Asked the country to work an extra day if they wish to tribute him.
  2. Said no holiday must be declared on his death.
  3. None of the above
  4. Both 1 & 2
  • What is the objective of World Students’ Day?

  1. The day is celebrated as a mark of tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 
  2. The day aims to appreciate the work of Dr. Kalam toward education and students.
  3. The objective Is to promote science.
  4. None of the above
  • Who was the Prime Minister when Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was elected as The President of India?
  1. Narendra Modi
  2. Dr. Manmohan Singh
  3. Atal B. Vajpayee
  4. PV Narasimha Rao 
  • Dr. Kalam was also known as?
  1. People’s President
  2. The Best President
  3. Educated President
  4. President of the common man 
  • Dr. Kalam died of cardiac arrest while _____.
  1. He was delivering a lecture
  2. traveling
  3. he was in his sleep
  4. he was taking oath as President 

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World Students Day Quiz FAQs

In which year was World students’ Day first celebrated?

World students’ Day was first celebrated in the year 2010.

Why do we celebrate World Students’ Day?

We celebrate World Students’ Day to appreciate the work of Dr. Kalam toward education and students.

Dr. Kalam was also known as?

Dr. Kalam was known as the Missile Man of India and the People’s President.

Wheeler Island named after APJ Abdul Kalam is situated in?

The Island named after APJ Abdul Kalam is situated in Orissa.

Dr. Kalam received the Hoover Medal in the year?

Dr. Kalam received the Hoover Medal in the year 2008.