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World Sight Day Quiz: At first glance, our eyes allow us to see and distinguish between objects of various sizes, shapes, and colours. However, did you know that the task of the eyes is not limited to just these functions? How do we know what we’re looking at? It’s only because our eyes have over 200 million working parts that start working together and send all the information about that object the moment we look at it. Isn’t it amazing? This article includes the top 15 World Sight Day Quiz questions to help you test your knowledge.

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Continue reading to get World Sight Day Quiz questions and answers. On World Sight Day, students can take a quiz called Human Eye and Colorful World Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to determine their level of preparation.

World Sight Day Quiz Questions & Answers

Attempt the below World Sight Day Quiz questions to check your knowledge. The following quiz on World Sight Day will help to upscale your knowledge as well:

1. The muscular diaphragm that controls pupil size is called________.

(a) cornea

(b) ciliary muscles

(c) iris

(d) retina

2. Having two eyes aids in 

A: expanding the field of view

B: Adding a three-dimensional perspective

C: Developing the concept of size and distance

The correct option(s) is/are

(a) A only

(b) A and B only

(c) B only

(d) A, B and C

3. The black space between the aqueous humor and the lens is known as______.

(a) retina

(b) iris

(c) cornea

(d) pupil

4. The near and far points of a young person’s normal eye are____.

(a) 0 and infinity

(b) 0 and 25 cm

(c) 25 cm and infinity

(d) 25 cm and 150 cm.

5. The defect of vision in which a person can see distant objects clearly but cannot see nearby objects clearly is known as_____.

(a) Long-sightedness

(b) Far-sightedness

(c) Hypermetropia

(d) All above

6. The ability of an eye lens to adjust its focal length in order to form a sharp image of an object at different distances on the retina is referred to as_______.

(a) Power of observation of the eye

(b) Power of adjustment of the eye

(c) Power of accommodation of the eye

(d) Power of enabling of the eye

7. Myopia and hypermetropia can be treated with____.

(a) Concave and plano-convex lens

(b) Concave and convex lens

(c) Convex and concave lens

(d) Plano-concave lens for both defects.

8. To correct_______, bi-focal lenses are required.

(a) astigmatism

(b) coma

(c) myopia

(d) presbyopia

9. The image formed on the human retina is known as

(a) virtual and inverted

(b) real and inverted

(c) real and erect

(d) virtual and erect

10. When white light passes through a prism, it is separated into its constituent colours. This is because_____.

(a) different refractive index for different wavelength of each colour

(b) each colours has same velocity in the prism.

(c) prism material have high density.

(d) Scattering of light

11. The air layer of the atmosphere that is cooler than the hot layer behaves optically.

(a) denser medium

(b) rarer medium

(c) inactive medium

(d) either denser or rarer medium

12. The refraction of light by the earth’s atmosphere as a result of variations in air density is known as

(a) atmospheric reflection

(b) atmospheric dispersion

(c) atmospheric scattering

(d) atmospheric refraction

13. The deflection of light in all directions by minute particles and molecules in the atmosphere is known as ___________ of light.

(a) dispersion

(b) scattering

(c) interference

(d) tyndell effect

14. Because of the fog, it is impossible to see through it.

(a) refractive index of the fog is very high

(b) light suffers total reflection at droplets

(c) fog absorbs light

(d) light is scattered by the droplets

15. Which of the following dates marks World Sight Day 2022?
(a) October 12
(b) October 11
(c) October 13
(d) October 09

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World Sight Day Quiz FAQs

When is World Sight Day in 2022?

Every year on the second Thursday of October, the world observes World Sight Day. The date for World Sight Day 2022 is October 13, 2022.

Who established World Sight Day?

During the ‘SightFirst’ campaign in 2000, Lion Clubs International established World Sight Day.

Is blindness and visual impairment the same thing or two different things?

Blindness and Visual Impairment are two distinct scenarios. Visual impairment is a reduction in the ability to see to a certain degree, which causes problems. This is temporary fixable with the glasses. Blindness, on the other hand, is the complete loss of vision caused by any disease, injury, or genetic problem.

What is the theme of World Sight Day 2022?

This year’s celebrations were themed ‘Love Your Eyes.’

How can we mark World Sight Day?

The best way to commemorate World Post Day is to raise awareness through social media. You can raise awareness about the importance of eyesight and eye care services by using various social media handles and platforms.