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World Population Day is noticed consistently on July 11 to bring issues to light of worldwide populace issues. The total populace has expanded emphatically over the course of the past hundred years and keeps on developing at a disturbing rate. This unreasonable development presents serious difficulties for the climate, food security and personal satisfaction. On this World Population Day let us contemplate over a few significant issues connected with the consistently expanding human populace.In this article know the guidance to write Short Speech On World Population Day In India in 150, 250 and 300 words.

Short Speech On World Population Day In 150 Words

Every year, July 11 is observed as World Population Day. The main objective of observing this day is to raise people’s awareness about various population issues like growth, health and environment.

Education plays an important role in population stabilization as educated people and empowered women tend to have small families. On this day, we must focus on the need for imparting population education right from the primary level.

Along with education, improving maternal and child healthcare facilities and providing easy access to contraceptives will help families in planning the number of children.

With the exponential rise in population, our environment and resources are under tremendous pressure. On this day, we must aware people about threats posed by over-population and need for sustainable development.

While governments should strive to provide basic amenities, it is role of each individual to understand the pros and cons of higher population growth. With change in mindset at individual level, long-term solutions can emerge.

Speech On World Population Day In 250 Words

Good morning everyone. Today we are gathered here on the occasion of World Population Day.

World Population Day is observed every year on 11th July to highlight various issues related to the rising population of our world. The theme for this year’s World Population Day is “A world of 7.7 billion and counting”.

The total populace has arrived at an unreasonable degree of over 7.7 billion individuals. The quick ascent in populace is coming down on our restricted assets like food, water, energy and land. It is additionally making difficulties connected with destitution, joblessness, lodging, wellbeing offices, sterilization and training.

To solve these issues, we need to work towards stabilizing the world population. This can be done by promoting family planning, reproductive health, maternal health and women empowerment. Every family needs to decide the number of children they want responsibly.

Educating women and girls and providing equal opportunities to them is crucial to control population growth. At the point when ladies are taught and utilized, they can go with informed decisions about family arranging.

Alongside government endeavors, there is a requirement for mass mindfulness projects to teach individuals about the outcomes of fast populace development. We as individuals also need to play our part by adopting small family norms.

In conclusion, world population day reminds us that every person on this planet shares a common future. We all need to come together and take necessary steps towards stabilizing the world population for a sustainable future.

Thank you everyone for listening. I wish you all a happy World Population Day!

Speech On World Population Day In 300 Words

Every year on July 11, the world observes World Population Day to raise awareness among people about various population issues such as the effects of overpopulation, unregulated growth and development challenges. This day aims to highlight the importance of population stabilization for achieving a sustainable future.

There are various motivations behind why total populace is expanding at a disturbing rate. A high rate of birth, declining death rate particularly among kids, expanding future and absence of mindfulness about family arranging strategies are a few key elements prompting overpopulation.

Higher populace has prompted shortage of normal assets and put gigantic squeeze on the climate. Issues like food uncertainty, joblessness, destitution, environmental change and biodiversity misfortune can be straightforwardly connected to rising populace. Overpopulated nations additionally face difficulties in giving essential conveniences like medical services, schooling, lodging and sterilization to individuals.

To curb population explosion, both short term and long term measures need to be taken. In the short run, countries should focus on population education, upgrading healthcare facilities and provision of contraceptives to all. In the longer run, economic development, women empowerment, population control policies and sustainable development can help stabilize the population.

Along with initiatives by governments and organizations, it is important that individuals become more aware and responsible. People should understand the pros and cons of a large family size and adopt smaller family norms. The youth needs to be properly educated about the consequences of a growing population.

Media and non-legislative associations have a significant part to play in teaching individuals with respect to populace issues. They can spread mindfulness through different missions and projects, particularly zeroing in on Level 2 and Level 3 urban communities as well as country regions which have higher rates of birth.

In conclusion, Speech on World Population Day In Indiaacts as a reminder that stabilization of world population within the limits of available resources is essential for achieving a sustainable future. While it is a complex issue requiring efforts from all stakeholders, with awareness, education and right strategies, population explosion can be controlled to some extent.

Speech On World Population Day FAQs

Q.1 What is World Population Day?
Ans.1 World Population Day is observed on July 11 every year to raise awareness of global population issues and the challenges posed by rapid population growth.

Q.2 When was World Population Day started?
Ans.2 World Population Day was started in 1989 after the mandate of the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1987.

Q.3 Why is population control important?
Ans.3 Population control is important to live within the limits of our ecological resources and ensure food security, stable economy and better quality of life for current and future generations.

Q.4 What are the risks of overpopulation?
Ans.4 The risks of overpopulation include unsustainable pressure on limited resources like food, water and energy, widening inequality, unemployment, poverty, environmental degradation and threat to human survival.

Q.5 What is the current world population?
Ans.5 The current world population in 2022 is around 7.9 billion and it is projected to reach over 10 billion by 2050.