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RSCIT Assessment Question Answer: The RSCIT Course is a fundamental computer course. RSCIT Course has been acknowledged by the Rajasthan Government’s Department of Information Technology and Communication (DoIT&C) to promote IT literacy among the people of Rajasthan. It is asked as a major requirement for most of the Govt Competitive exams as an educational qualification certificate. Know more about RSCIT Assessment in this article below.

What exactly is the RSCIT Course?

RSCIT is a high-quality, low-cost IT literacy programme with a distinct curriculum, excellent study materials, and a learning management system in both local Hindi and English. A cutting-edge delivery system leads to State University-governed Examination and Certification. It provides comprehensive Microsoft Office training. You may improve your office automation tasks by honing your talents.

RSCIT Assessment Question Answer 13

  1. 1. If you have deleted a slide by mistake, what should be done to restore it?
  2. press the Undo button
  3. Press Ctrl + Z button
  4. Press Ctrl + Z button and press Undo button
  5. None of these

Ans: c. Press Ctrl + Z button and press Undo button

  1. 2. What happens when editing an already inserted image in PowerPoint? 
  2. The source file which was already inserted does not change 
  3. The source file which was already inserted gets changed 
  4. When you save the presentation, the source file changes 
  5. none of the above

Ans: a. Source files that were already inserted do not change

  1. 3. What is Motion Path?
  2. A way to enlarge the slide 
  3. A type of animation entrance effect 
  4. A method of moving items on a slide 
  5. all given

Ans: c. a method of moving items on a slide

  1. 4. The effect applied for display when slides are changed in a slide show is – 
  2. Custom transition 
  3. slide transition 
  4. custom animation 
  5. slide animation

Ans: b. slide transition

  1. 5. What is the way to close the PowerPoint presentation? 
  2. Click on File Type and Click on Close 
  3. You can click on the close option available in the top left of the right side at the top of the powerpoint 
  4. Can use shortcut key Ctrl + W 
  5. all given

Ans: d. all given

RSCIT Assessment Question Answer 12

  1. 1. Which of the following formula is suitable for counting the letters of a cell? 
  2. =LEN(B2,0) 
  3. =LEN(B1:B2) 
  4. =LEN(B2,1) 
  5. =LEN(B2)

Ans : =LEN(B2)

  1. 2. What is the file extension name of Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010? 
  2. xls, xls, xlsx 
  3. xlsx, xls, xlsx 
  4. docx, doc, docx 
  5. xls, xlsx, xlsx

Ans: d. xls, xlsx, xlsx

  1. 3. Which option is used to hold the title of row and column in a worksheet? 
  2. hold title command 
  3. Split command 
  4. Fridge Pains Command 
  5. Un-Freeze Pains Command

Ans: c. fridge pans command

  1. 4. In which menu or tab is the Sort option in Excel 
  2. Tool 
  3. Data 
  4. Format 
  5. Edit

Ans: b. Data

  1. 5. Which formula is suitable to move some letters on the right side of a year to a different cell? 
  2. RIGHT 
  3. RIT 
  4. LEFT 
  5. TURN

Ans: a. RIGHT

RSCIT Assessment Question Answer 11

  1. 1. Which of the following is the shortcut of Ctrl + Z 
  2. Undo 
  3. Paste 
  4. delete 
  5. Copy

Ans: a. Undo

  1. 2. Which option is correct to save the document for the first time? 
  2. Save 
  3. Save as 
  4. Both A and B 
  5. None

Ans: a. Save

  1. 3. Through _______, you can link any location of the current document to another document or website? 
  2. Link 
  3. Hyperlink 
  4. Database 
  5. Form

Ans: b. Hyperlink

  1. 4. A file in Word is called ________? 
  2. document 
  3. Template 
  4. Database 
  5. Forms

Ans: a. Document

  1. 5. ________ is a table of contents that presents its respective references in the document? a. Table 
  2. Clipboard 
  3. Index 
  4. Table of Contents

Ans: d. Table of Contents

RSCIT Assessment Question Answer10

  1. 1. What information can I get from the ePDS mobile app?
  1. Transaction History 
  2. Daily Transaction 
  3. Report Stock Status 
  4. All Given

Ans: d. all given

  1. 2. What is the full name of GPS?
  1. Village Positioning System 
  2. Guide Positioning System 
  3. Global Positioning System 
  4. None of these

Ans: c. Global Positioning System

  1. 3. Facilities provided by Bhamashah Yojana Mobile App –
  1. Population Statistics 
  2. QC and Editing 
  3. Enrollment Status
  4. All Given

Ans: d. all given

  1. 4. What does Mobile Hotspot do?
  1. Allows sharing with other devices 
  2. Does not allow sharing with other devices 
  3. This is an antivirus 
  4. None of these

Ans: a. Allows sharing with other devices

  1. 5. What is the full form of EPDS with reference to the mobile app?
  1. Electronic Passing Definition System
  2. Emergency Personal Defense System
  3. Electronic Public Distribution System
  4. None

Ans: c. Electronic Public Distribution System

RSCIT Assessment Question Answer 9

  1. 1) What is Income Tax Return – ITR?
  2. A proof that you have paid your income tax
  3. A proof that you have paid your income tax and a proof that you have paid your road tax 
  4. A proof that you have paid your road tax Tax is paid 
  5. None of these 

Ans. A

  1. 2) On which of the following occasion the National Voters’ Service Portal has been launched: A. National Election Day 
  2. National Voters’ Day 
  3. National Social Service Day 
  4. None of these 

Ans. B

  1. 3) Can you submit passport application online? 
  2. Yes 
  3. No 

Ans. A

  1. 4) You can modify your Aadhar card details through the following. 
  2. Online Method 
  3. Online Method and Offline Method Both 
  4. Offline Method 
  5. None of these 

Ans. B

  1. 5) What is the full form of PAN? 
  2. Permanent Asset Number 
  3. Permanent Account Number 
  4. Permanent Access Number
  5. None of these 

Ans. B

RSCIT Assessment Question Answer – FAQs

What is RSCIT Assessment?

The RSCIT Course is a basic computer course. You might learn about the office automation system if you have Microsoft Office expertise.

What is the full form of RSCIT?

Rajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology is the full form of RSCIT.

When was RSCIT established?

RKCL launched the RS-CIT Information Technology (IT) literacy course in 2009.

What is the purpose of the RSCIT test?

RS-CIT is intended to provide individuals with a basic understanding of information technology (I.T.) at a low cost.

Who takes the RSCIT exam?

Rajasthan Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University takes RSCIT Exam.