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Republic Day Theme 2023 India:On January 26, 1950, India’s constitution was adopted, and the country was transformed into a republic. Every year, the day’s celebrations include spectacular military and cultural pageantry. Armed forces personnel march along the Kartavya path in New Delhi in an elaborate display of military might. Everything else going on in the country on this auspicious day pales in comparison to the epic show on Kartavya Path. The festivities begin with a grand parade on Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s House), and continue along the Kartavya path, past India Gate, and onto the historic Red Fort. Ceremonial parades are held at the Kartavya path on this day as a tribute to India, its unity in diversity, and its rich cultural heritage by the states of India, who construct beautiful tableaus. This article includes Republic Day Theme 2023 India, Chief Guest, Online & Offline Ticket Booking, etc.

Indian Republic Day Theme 2023 India

Every year, Republic Day is commemorated with a different theme. So this year Republic Day Theme 2023 India is “Jan Bhagidari (participation of the common people)”.

Indian Republic Day History

India went through many trials and tribulations before attaining the status of a prosperous nation and granting its citizens freedom. India has seen it all, from being ruled by Muslim Mughal emperors to being ruled by the British. Given the country’s many struggles, the formation of the Constitution in 1950 was a source of great pride. This is the day we commemorate today as Republic Day.

It all began in 1947, when India gained independence from the British Empire. A draught of the Constitution was developed and submitted to the Constituent Assembly in November 1947. However, it took the Assembly over two years of debates and changes before the Constitution was finalised — the sessions were open to the public.

Furthermore, the Constitution was adopted by the Assembly on November 26, 1949, but it did not take effect immediately. The charter’s establishing documents were signed on January 24, 1950, and the Constitution went into effect for the nation on January 26, 1950. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India’s first president, took office on this day as well. When the Constitution became law, it also replaced the Government of India Act, establishing India as a democratic republic. Today is Republic Day, which commemorates the day when democracy and justice were chosen to govern the country. This rule of law is lacking in many dictatorships around the world.

Indian Republic Day Significance

Republic Day should be observed to remind people of the efforts that went into crafting the Constitution. It is a watershed moment in history that offers numerous educational lessons to today’s youth. Without law and order, as well as a justice system, the entire country would implode. Republic Day serves as a reminder that fighting for justice is an important cause, and a nation’s fate is at stake. India’s Republic Day also recognises the significance of democracy. This is critical because many countries have suffered under military rule in the past, and we must ensure that every country stays on the path of democracy. This is the only way for the world to avoid human rights violations.

How to Celebrate Indian Republic Day?

You can commemorate Republic Day by making hashtags, watching patriotic movies, and so on. Make a trending hashtag and make sure everyone you know uses it to post something patriotic on Republic Day. Who knows, you might end up as one of the day’s top ten trending Twitter hashtags. This is the best way to unwind while also feeling pride in your country. Choose at least five patriotic movies that will inspire you. Declare a decorating contest in your town, with the most patriotic-looking house winning. As a result, all of your neighbours will join you in decorating their homes in the colours of the Indian flag.

Republic Day 2023: Chief Guest

The President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, is this year’s chief guest at Republic Day 2023. A 120-member Egyptian contingent will also march in the Republic Day parade.

How To Book Republic Day 2023 Parade Tickets Online?

The Republic Day 2023 celebrations will officially begin today, January 23, and will conclude on January 30, 2023. Every year, Indians look forward to participating in the Republic Day celebrations. People must purchase tickets to see the grand Republic Day parade. This year, the Indian government has set up an online portal,, where people can book Republic Day tickets.

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Republic Day Theme 2023 India FAQs

Q.1 On Republic Day, who hoisted the flag?

The flag is hoisted by India’s President.

Q.2 Who is India’s founding father of democracy?

Famous Indians such as Mahatma Gandhi, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and B.R. Ambedkar are credited with sowing the seeds of democracy.

Q.3 Who will be the main attraction on Republic Day 2023?

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi will be the chief guest at New Delhi’s Republic Day 2023 celebrations.

Q.4 Are cellphones permitted in the Republic Day parade?

The prohibited list shared by Delhi Police for the Republic Day Parade 2023 does not include mobile phones. Digital diaries, palm-top computers, and the iPad, on the other hand, are clearly prohibited.

Q.5 What is Republic Day Theme 2023 India 2023?

This year’s theme for India’s Republic Day 2023 is “Jan Bhagidari” (common people participation).