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Technology plays a crucial part in our daily lives. When we consider the contribution of technology to economic growth, a national day to celebrate technology becomes even more important. National Technology Day is a day to remind Indians of the country’s technical advances. Technology plays an important role as it helps us stay organised, connected, healthy, and safe. Technology boosts our productivity and gives us new insights into how the world operates. Indian National Technology Day will be celebrated on 11th May, Wednesday. To commemorate the same, we have brought a National Technology Day Quiz. This will also prove helpful if you are preparing for General Awareness of any competitive exam.

National Technology Day Quiz 

Here is a quiz for National Technology Day. You can take it for free here.

Q1. Why is National Technology Day celebrated?

Option 1: To commemorate India’s successful nuclear test in Pokhran

Option 2: To celebrate the birthday of Dr CV Raman

Option 3: To celebrate the birthday of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Option 4: ISRO was established on this day

Answer: Option 1

Q2. What is the theme of National Technology Day 2022?

Option 1: Science for People and People for Science

Option 2: Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future

Option 3: Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future

Option 4: Rebooting the Economy via Science, Technology, and Research Translations

Answer: Option 2

Q3. How is Indian National Technology Day celebrated?

Option 1: Prime Minister of India hands out awards to scientists

Option 2: ISRO organises a cultural program

Option 3: The President of India attends the  ceremony and presents the awards for outstanding contributions to technology.

Option 4: There is a national holiday in the country

Answer: Option 3

Q4. Who had declared May 11 as National Technology Day? 

Option 1: APJ Abdul Kalam

Option 2: Narendra Modi

Option 3: Dr Manmohan Singh

Option 4: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Answer: Option 4

Q5. Who is the father of National Technology in India? 

Option 1: Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar

Option 2: APJ Abdul Kalam

Option 3: Dr Satish Dhawan

Option 4: Dr Homi Bhabha

Answer: Option 1

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