Jharkhand High Court Assistant Salary – Check the Salary Structure here!



The Jharkhand High Court (JHC) has released an online job notification for the role of Personal Assistant (PA), with 42 available positions. Candidates are advised to submit their applications via the High Court of Jharkhand’s official website if they meet the eligibility requirements. A thorough comprehension of the pay scale is necessary for aspirants who are considering a career as a Jharkhand High Court Assistant. Making wise judgments and ensuring financial stability depend on having this information. Let’s now explore the specifics of the Jharkhand High Court Assistant job description and its salary components.

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Jharkhand High Court Assistant Salary: Overview

OrganizationHigh Court of Jharkhand Ranchi
Vacancy nameAssistant
No of vacancy42 + posts
Education type10+2 jobs , graduate jobs
SalaryPay Matrix Level 7 in the 7th PRC, 44900 – 142400/-
Official websiteJharkhandhighcourt.nic.in

Jharkhand High Court Assistant Salary

The annual salary for the position of Personal Assistant in the Jharkhand High Court will be in pay level 7, with a pay matrix ranging from Rs. 44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400. The shortlisted individuals will be compensated within this salary variation.

Jharkhand High Court Assistant Salary per month

The actual salary of a Jharkhand High Court Assistant may vary based on several factors such as experience, qualifications, and government regulations. However, based on the available information, the average salary for a Jharkhand High Court Assistant with 2 years of experience is approximately ₹3,56,250 per year. This is an average figure sourced from employees and may serve as a reference point.

In terms of the estimated take-home salary, it is reported to be in the range of ₹26,017 to ₹27,440 per month. It’s important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on individual circumstances, such as tax deductions and other factors.

Additional Allowances and Benefits

Apart from the basic salary, Jharkhand High Court Assistants are entitled to several allowances and benefits. These include house rent allowance (HRA) to cover accommodation expenses, dearness allowance (DA) to offset inflation, and medical benefits, including insurance coverage.

Deductions and Taxes

While the salary of a Jharkhand High Court Assistant comes with various benefits and allowances, it is important to be aware of the deductions and taxes that may apply. Certain deductions, such as provident fund (PF) contributions and income tax, are subtracted from the salary before it is received by the employee. It is essential to understand the income tax calculations and comply with the tax regulations to ensure a smooth financial journey.

Salary Slip and Components

To better comprehend the Jharkhand High Court Assistant salary, let’s take a closer look at the salary slip and its components. The salary slip provides a breakdown of the salary structure, including basic salary, allowances, deductions, and other financial details. Familiarizing yourself with the components of the salary slip will help you understand how your salary is structured and distributed.

Jharkhand High Court Vacancy Details 2023: Posts & Salary Scale

Job DesignationNumber of SeatsSalary
Assistant64Level-7 (44,900- 1,42,400/-)
Assistant Librarian1Level-6 (35,400-1,12,400/-)
Cashier1Level-6 (35,400-1,12,400/-)
Translator1Level-7 (44,900- 1,42,400/-)
Junior Translator1Level-6 (35,400-1,12,400/-)
Typist5Level-4 (25,500-81,100/-)

FAQs on Jharkhand High Court Assistant Salary

Q.1 What is the assistant’s salary structure at the Jharkhand High Court?
Ans.1 In India, the average compensation for a Jharkhand High Court Assistant with two years of experience is 3.6 Lakhs.

Q.2 How much does the Jharkhand High Court Assistant make in comparison to the average pay scale for this position in India?
Ans.2 An assistant at the Jharkhand High Court makes an average annual income of 3.6 lakh rupees, which is 48% more than the average assistant’s salary in India, which is 2.4 lakh rupees.

Q.3 Do Jharkhand High Court Assistants receive annual increments?
Ans.3 Yes, Jharkhand High Court Assistants are generally eligible for annual increments. These increments are provided based on factors such as performance, seniority, and experience. The specific details regarding annual increments can be found in the official guidelines and notifications.

Q.4 Can Jharkhand High Court Assistants avail of leave and medical benefits?
Ans.4 Yes, Jharkhand High Court Assistants are typically entitled to leave and medical benefits. The specific details, including the types of leave and medical benefits available, can be found in the official policies and regulations governing the position.

Q.5 What is the assistant’s expected salary at the Jharkhand High Court in India?
Ans.5 A Jharkhand High Court Assistant is expected to earn between 26,017 and 27,440 rupees per month in take-home pay in India. The take-home pay calculation is based on the 3.6 lakh rupee annual average Jharkhand High Court Assistant salary in India for workers with two years of experience.