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The Comptroller and Auditor General of India sets the salary for CAG auditors and accountants. The 7th Pay Commission led to a revision of the CAG salary structure. The basic pay range for CAG auditors and accountants is Rs. 29,200 to Rs. 92,300, with various bonuses. Let’s examine the article below to see the precise CAG auditor salary structure.

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CAG Auditor Salary Structure – Overview

For your reference, the salary information is explained here. Candidates chosen through the CAG recruitment program will receive a nice salary and less work pressure. The level-5 pay scale matrix contains the auditor’s pay scale for the CAG division. The basic pay range for a CAG auditor is from Rs. 29,200 to Rs. 92,300. The information in the following table explains the Auditor’s In Hand Salary for the CAG division:

ComponentAmount (INR)
Pay LevelPay Level-5
PayscaleRs 29,200 to 92,300
Grade Pay2,800
Basic PayRs 29,200
HRA (depending on the city)
X Cities (24%)7,008
Y Cities (16%)4,672
Z Cities (8%)2,336
DA (17%)4,964
Travel Allowance
Other Places1,800
Gross Salary Range (Approx)
X Cities~Rs 44,772
Y Cities~Rs 40,636
Z Cities~Rs 38,300

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CAG Auditor Salary- Benefits and Allowances

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): CAG auditors receive HRA, which can be revised to 27%, 18%, and 9% of the basic pay. The percentage varies based on the city of posting. The HRA amounts for different cities are as follows:
    • X Cities: Rs 5,400 (24% of basic pay)
    • Y Cities: Rs 3,600 (16% of basic pay)
    • Z Cities: Rs 1,800 (8% of basic pay)
  • Transport Allowance: CAG auditors receive a monthly transport allowance. The amount varies depending on the place of residence. For employees posted in cities, the allowance is Rs. 3,600. For employees posted at other places, it is Rs 1,800.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): CAG auditors receive a Dearness Allowance, which is 17% of their basic pay. This allowance is provided to offset the cost of living and is based on the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.
  • CAG auditors are entitled to a monthly lunch allowance.
  • Medical Allowance: CAG auditors receive a medical allowance that covers medical expenses for the entire family.
  • Special Allowance: CAG auditors are eligible for a special allowance based on their performance. This allowance serves as a performance-based bonus.
  • Additional Benefits: CAG auditors enjoy additional benefits such as provident fund contributions, pension schemes, and access to government facilities.

CAG Auditor Job Profile

The job profile of a CAG auditor includes the following responsibilities:

  • Auditing State and Central Government Transactions: CAG auditors are responsible for auditing all transactions of the state governments and the Centre. This includes examining remittance business, suspense accounts, advances, deposits, sinking funds, and debts.
  • Auditing Important Figures of Authority: CAG auditors audit the accounts of important figures of authority when requested by the Governor or the President.
  • Submission of Audit Reports to Governor and President: The CAG auditor submits audit reports of state accounts to the Governor, who then presents them to the State Legislature. Similarly, audit reports of central accounts are submitted to the President, who in turn presents them to the Parliament.
  • Maintenance and Assembly of State Government Accounts: CAG auditors are responsible for maintaining and assembling all the accounts of the state government.
  • Advising the President on Accounting Matters: CAG auditors provide advice to the President on matters concerning the form in which the accounts of the state and the Centre should be maintained.
  • Certification of Total Proceeds of Duty or Tax: CAG auditors certify and establish the total proceeds of any duty or tax, and their certification holds authoritative weight in such matters.
  • Guidance to the Public Accounts Committee: CAG auditors provide guidance and support to the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.

CAG Auditor Promotion Details

  • After three years of service, the CAG Auditor Officer would be promoted to Senior Auditor with a grade pay of 4200.
  • You can take the departmental SAS exam for the AAO post after two years of employment. After that, in 12–16 years, you’ll be paid a grade salary of 5400 as an audit officer.

FAQs on CAG Auditor Salary

Q.1 What is the CAG Auditor salary’s base pay?
Ans.1 The CAG auditor’s base salary ranges from Rs. 29200 to Rs. 92300.

Q.2 What is the growth potential for an auditor at CAG?
Ans.2 The CAG Auditor Officer will thereafter advance to the position of Senior Auditor Officer before joining the Department of Accountant General.

Q.3 What compensation and other benefits are available for the position of CAG auditor?
Ans.3 The CAG Auditor salary consists of the lunch stipend, transport stipend, special stipend, and medical stipend.

Q.4 What is the role of CAG auditors in the government?
Ans.4 The role of CAG auditors is to audit the accounts and financial transactions of the government and its agencies. They ensure transparency, accountability, and effective financial management in the public sector.

Q.5 Are there any promotions and salary increments in the CAG auditor career?
Ans.5 Yes, CAG auditors have opportunities for promotions and salary increments as they gain experience and progress within the CAG hierarchy.