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The IPL (Indian Premier League) is a professional men’s Twenty20 cricket league, contested by ten teams based in 10 cities in India. The IPL was established in 2008 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). This year IPL started on 26th March 2022 and TATA is the sponsor of IPL 2022. Many people have a craze for cricket and want to gain more knowledge about it. In most competitive exams, a number of questions are asked about games and sports as well. So, it is better to score well on your interesting topics.

  • All the leagues of IPL 2022 will be played in 4 venues – one in Pune, three in Mumbai at Wankhede, and DY Patil Stadium.
  • In IPL 2021, the CSK (Chennai Super Kings) beat KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) by 27 runs and win their 4th IPL title.
  • Read this article completely to know about the IPL Leaderboard 2022 and get all the latest information.

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IPL Leaderboard 2022

Check out the IPL Leaderboard 2022 and know which team is on the top in the IPL points table. 

TeamMatches PlayedWonLossTied NRPoints

IPL Schedule 2022

IPL Leaderboard 2022 helps candidates to know the team that is on top. Apart from knowing IPL Points Table, it also becomes important to know about the IPL Schedule 2022. It is important because it will help the candidate to know the exact date, day, and timing of the match.

Match No.DateDayTimeTeamVenue
126th March 2022Saturday7:30 PMCSK vs KKRWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
227th March 2022Sunday3:30 PMDC vs MIBrabourne – CCI
327th March 2022Sunday7:30 PMPBKS vs RCBDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
428th March 2022Monday7:30 PMGujarat Titans vs LSGWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
529th March 2022Tuesday7:30 PMSRH vs RRMCA Stadium, Pune
630th March 2022Wednesday7:30 PMRCB vs KKRDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
731st March 2022Thursday7:30 PMLSG vs CSKBrabourne – CCI 
81st April 2022Friday7:30 PMKKR vs PBKSWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
92nd April 2022Saturday3:30 PMMI vs RRDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
102nd April 2022Saturday7:30 PMGujarat Titans vs DCMCA Stadium, Pune
113rd April 2022Sunday7:30 PMCSK vs PBKSBrabourne – CCI
124th April 2022Monday7:30 PMSRH vs LSGDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
135th April 2022Tuesday7:30 PMRR vs RCBWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
146th April 2022Wednesday7:30 PMKKR vs MIMCA Stadium, Pune
157th April 2022Thursday7:30 PMLSG vs DCDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
168th April 2022Friday7:30 PMPBKS vs Gujarat TitansBrabourne – CCI
179th April 2022Saturday3:30 PMCSK vs SRHDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
189th April 2022Saturday7:30 PMRCB vs MIMCA Stadium, Pune
1910th April 2022Sunday3:30 PMKKR vs DCBrabourne – CCI
2010th April 2022Sunday7:30 PMRR vs LSGWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
2111th April 2022Monday7:30 PMSRH vs GTDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
2212th April 2022Tuesday7:30 PMCSK vs RCBDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
2313th April 2022Wednesday7:30 PMMI vs PBKSMCA Stadium, Pune
2414th April 2022Thursday7:30 PMRR vs GTDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
2515th April 2022Friday7:30 PMSRH vs KKRBrabourne – CCI
2616th April 2022Saturday7:30 PMMI vs LSGBrabourne – CCI
2716th April 2022Saturday7:30 PMDC vs RCBWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
2817th April 2022Sunday3:30 PMPBKS vs SRHDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
2917th April 2022Sunday7:30 PMGT vs CSKMCA Stadium, Pune
3018th April 2022Monday7:30 PMRR vs KKRBrabourne – CCI
3119th April 2022Tuesday7:30 PMLSG vs RCB Dr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
3220th April 2022Wednesday7:30 PMDC vs PBKSMCA Stadium, Pune
3321st April 2022Thursday7:30 PMMI vs CSKDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
3422nd April 2022Friday7:30 PMDC vs RR MCA Stadium, Pune
3523rd April 2022Saturday3:30 PMKKR vs GJDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
3623rd April 2022Saturday7:30 PMRCB vs SRHBrabourne – CCI
3724th April 2022Sunday7:30 PMLSG vs MIWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
3825th April 2022Monday7:30 PMPBKS vs CSKWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
3926th April 2022Tuesday7:30 PMRCB vs RRMCA Stadium, Pune
4027th April 2022Wednesday7:30 PMGT vs SRHWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
4128th April 2022Thursday7:30 PMDC vs KKRWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
4229th April 2022Friday7:30 PMPBKS vs LSGMCA Stadium, Pune
4330th April 2022Saturday3:30 PMGT vs RCBBrabourne – CCI
4430th April 2022Saturday7:30 PMRR vs MIDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
451st May 2022Sunday3:30 PMDC vs LSGWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
461st May 2022Sunday7:30 PMSRH vs CSKMCA Stadium, Pune
472nd May 2022Monday7:30 PMKKR vs RRWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
483rd May 2022Tuesday7:30 PMGT vs PBKSDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
494th May 2022Wednesday7:30 PMRCB vs CSKMCA Stadium, Pune
505th May 2022Thursday7:30 PMDC vs SRHBrabourne – CCI
516th May 2022Friday7:30 PMGT vs MIBrabourne – CCI
527th May 2022Saturday3:30 PMPBKS vs RRWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
537th May 2022Saturday7:30 PMLSG vs KKRMCA Stadium, Pune
548th May 2022Sunday3:30 PMSRH vs RCBWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
558th May 2022Sunday7:30 PMCSK vs DCDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
569th May 2022Monday7:30 PMMI vs KKRDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
5710th May 2022Tuesday7:30 PMLSG vs GTMCA Stadium, Pune
5811th May 2022Wednesday7:30 PMRR vs DCDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
5912th May 2022Thursday7:30 PMCSK vs MIWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
6013th May 2022Friday7:30 PMRCB vs PBKSBrabourne – CCI
6114th May 2022Saturday7:30 PMKKR vs SRHMCA Stadium, Pune
6215th May 2022Sunday3:30 PMCSK vs GTWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
6315th May 2022Sunday7:30 PMLSG vs RRBrabourne – CCI
6416th May 2022Monday7:30 PMPBKS vs DCDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
6517th May 2022Tuesday7:30 PMMI vs SRHWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
6618th May 2022Wednesday7:30 PMKKR vs LSGDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai
6719th May 2022Thursday7:30 PMRCB vs GT Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
6820th May 2022Friday7:30 PMRR vs CSKBrabourne – CCI
6921st May 2022Saturday7:30 PMMI vs DCWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
7022nd May 2022Sunday7:30 PMSRH vs PBKSWankhede Stadium, Mumbai
7429th May 2022Sunday7:30 PMFINALAhmedabad

We hope you must have got all the important details regarding the IPL Leaderboard 2022 and IPL Schedule 2022. But in case you have any doubts or queries related to IPL Points Table or IPL 2022, please feel free to connect with us.

When was the IPL started in India?

IPL was first started in 2008 in India by the BCCI.

Which team has the highest points in IPL Leaderboard 2022 till now?

The RR (Rajasthan Royals) has secured the highest number of points till now, that is, 12 points.

When will be the last match of IPL 2022?

The last match of IPL 2022 will be on 29th May 2022.

Which team has secured the lowest points in IPL Points Table 2022 till now?

The MI (Mumbai Indians) has secured the lowest points (0) in the IPL Leaderboard 2022 till now.

Where can I get the latest update of IPL Leaderboard 2022?

You will get all the latest updates on the IPL 2022 on the iplt20 official portal. The same will be updated on this article as well.