International Tiger Day 2022 – Know about its History and Significance.



International Tiger Day 2022: The tiger is the strongest of the big cats in the world, and a day is dedicated to this magnificent animal with its recognizable black and orange stripes and exquisitely marked face. On July 29, the world honors International Tiger Day to promote the protection of the wild cat, whose population has dropped dramatically over the past 150 years—nearly 95 percent. International Tiger Day was established to promote tiger conservation among people all over the world. The day is intended to support the global system that is committed to safeguarding tigers and their natural habitats.

This day can also be used to support and raise awareness about tiger conservation issues. Since more individuals are aware of something, the probability that they will assist increases, this day is crucial.

Tigers all over the world struggle with a variety of problems. Numerous practises are bringing tigers dangerously close to extinction, but we can all do our part to save these magnificent animals. Threats to tigers include habitat loss, poaching, and hostilities with people.

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History of International Tiger Day

The world’s tiger population was over 100,000 at the beginning of the 19th century, but by 2010, there were only 3,200 left because of habitat loss and rampant poaching. Tigers in the wild have been hunted for sport and for food. Some wealthy people decorate their homes with tiger skins. This resulted in unlawful hunting. To help this critically endangered species, International Tiger Day was established.

The Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, that was held in Russia in 2010 and on which several nations signed the agreement, took place on July 29, making this day historic. The agreement aimed to increase public awareness of the world’s declining tiger population and to protect tigers’ natural habitat. The first International Tiger Day had been observed in 2010, following the discovery that only about 3,000 wild tigers remained after 97 percent of them had vanished over the previous century. The fact that tigers are in danger of going extinct is not a surprise, and International World Tiger Day seeks to prevent the situation from getting worse. A few of the causes of the decline in the tiger population include habitat loss, climate change, hunting, and poaching. The day aims to preserve these species as well as to safeguard and improve their habitats. International Tiger Day is also observed by numerous international organisations, including the WWF, IFAW, and Smithsonian Institution.

Significance of International Tigers Day 2022

Since there are only thirty nine hundred wild tigers left in the world, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that celebrating World Tiger Day is important.As was previously mentioned, WWF and the nations with tiger populations hope to increase their numbers to 6,000 by the following year. The significance of the day is increased by the fact that tigers were once seen prowling across much of Africa. However, due to poaching, trade in illegal wildlife, and habitat loss, their population, and variety have decreased to just about 7% of what it once was.

There are 51 tiger reserves in India, spread out over 18 different states. The population of India’s national animal, the tiger, has increased, according to the 2018 tiger census.

Tigers come in a variety of colours, including white, brown with black stripes, white with black stripes, and golden. It is a beautiful sight to see them enter there in all their grandeur. These four tiger species—Bali Tiger, Caspian Tiger, Javan Tiger, and Tiger Hybrids—are all currently extinct.

How to celebrate International Tiger Day 2022

  • Create awareness of the problem

The dangers that wild tigers face are not well known. By spreading video content, infographics, and links to relevant content, you can increase awareness and encourage others to support the cause.

  • Take in a tiger.

Adopting a tiger could do wonders for the WWF and the work it does. They support initiatives that collaborate with regional communities to save tigers and also hold strong action against poaching and illegal trade.

  • Help a tiger charity by raising money

Donations can be made to organisations that support tigers’ welfare. Use your online presence to persuade your friends to make donations to charities that are similar to your own, carrying on the good work you’ve started.

  • Watch films based on Tiger

Watching films like “Madagascar,” “Ice Age,” and “Life of Pi” with your children can help you celebrate International Tiger Day. You could use art to illustrate how climate change is affecting wild tigers.

  • Go on wildlife Safari to experience their habitat

To experience the environment of the world’s big cats, one can observe International Tiger Day by taking a jungle safari. You can take your kids to a local zoo to show them the value of preserving tiger habitats and preventing tigers from going extinct.

FAQs on International Tiger Day 2022

Why do we celebrate International Tiger Day?

To promote awareness and support for tiger conservation issues, the annual International Tiger Day is observed on July 29.

When was the first International Tiger Day celebrated?

International Tiger Day was first observed in 2010. Because there is still much to be done to preserve this species, it is still honored today.

What is the theme of International Tiger Day 2022?

There hasn’t been an announcement yet, but one will come soon

Why there is a decline in Tigers population?

Tigers are subject to poaching for the illegal trafficking of traditional Chinese medicines.
Around 93% of tigers’ natural habitats have been lost due to the destruction of forests for various purposes, including agriculture, industry, etc.
The destruction of Sundarbans, one of the Royal Bengal Tigers’ natural habitats, was caused by the sea level rising as a result of climate change.

Which of India’s tiger reserves is the largest?

The Nagarjunagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve has a 3,728 sq. mi. land area, making it the biggest in India