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The Indian Navy recently issued a notice with 200 open vacancies under the Agniveer scheme. On the official website, eligible candidates can apply for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR exam. After being chosen as an Agniveer, the candidate will be eligible for a variety of perks and benefits. In this article, we will go over the Indian Navy Agniveer MR salary structure in detail.

  • Candidates between the ages of 17 ½ and 21 are eligible to apply for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR positions.
  • To become an Agniveer, candidates must pass a written exam, a PST, and a medical exam.
  • After being chosen, candidates will receive a monthly customised package of ₹ 30,000, which will be commensurate with a fixed rate over the next four years.

Indian Navy Agniveer MR Salary

Candidates will receive a monthly customised package of ₹ 30,000, which will increase at a fixed rate over the course of their service as an Agniveer. The following table details the salary structure:

  • Agniveers will receive risk and hardship, dress, and travel allowances in addition to their monthly salary.
  • During their engagement, they will also receive a Life Insurance policy worth ₹ 48 lakhs.
  • They will also get Disability compensation as follows:




₹ 44 Lakh


₹ 25 Lakh


₹ 15 Lakh

  • They will receive a Nidhi Seva Package of ₹ 10.5 lakhs when they retire.


Customised Package (Monthly)

In Hand (70%)

Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%)

Contribution to Corpus Fund by GoI

All figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution)

1st Year





2nd Year





3rd Year





4th Year






₹5.02 Lakh

₹5.02 Lakh

Indian Navy Agniveer MR Retirement Benefits

Agniveer will receive the following benefits upon retirement:

  • They will receive ₹ 10.5 lakh as part of the Nidhi Seva Package.
  • 25% of the Agniveers will join the Indian Navy as regulars.
  • Agniveer Kin will receive an additional ₹ 44 lakh for death attributable to service.

How to Prepare for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR Exam?

All that is required for a candidate to pass any competitive exam is thorough preparation. They should assess their own strengths and weaknesses in order to tailor their study schedule. We have provided a few preparation strategies that will undoubtedly help you:

  • First and foremost, review the Indian Navy Agniveer MR Syllabus and Exam Pattern.
  • Examine previous years’ cutoffs to determine the scores required to pass the Indian Navy Agniveer MR exam.
  • Solve a few Indian Navy Agniveer MR Sample Paper to get a sense of the types of questions you’ll encounter on the real exam. It will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Accordingly, Create a study schedule for your Indian Navy Agniveer MR exam and stick to it.
  • Get the best study materials to assist you in your preparation.
  • Finally, remember to stay motivated and to take short breaks between studies.

Hope you found this article on Indian Navy Agniveer MR salary helpful. 

Indian Navy Agniveer MR Salary FAQs

What is the monthly salary of an Indian Navy Agniveer MR?

Candidates who are selected as an Agniveer will receive a monthly salary of  ₹ 30,000 in the first year, which will increase at a fixed rate in subsequent years.

How to Become an Agniveer MR in the Indian Navy?

You must first register on the official website, and after being shortlisted based on your 10th-grade marks, you must take a written test, followed by a PST and a medical examination.

What is the minimum age to apply for an Agniveer MR position in the Indian Navy?

To be eligible to become an Agniveer, the applicant must be 17 ½ years old.

What are the retirement benefits for Indian Navy Agniveer MR?

Candidates will receive a lump sum of  ₹ 10.5 lakh as a Seva Nidhi Package after completing their 4-year tenure.

Is Indian Navy Agniveer MR covered by life insurance?

Yes, they will receive a ₹ 48 lakh life insurance policy for their time as an Agniveer.

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