Importance of National Unity Essay: Know the Importance and Purpose of National Unity



Importance of National Unity Essay: Unity is a sense of oneness between individuals. It discards social segregation based on caste, creed, religion, etc. It is a feeling of solidarity and brotherhood in a country where diversity is the main ethos. Unity always bests disparity in ideologies and cultures, it promotes social cohesion. A nation progresses towards development and prosperity if only every individual and society as a whole is united.

Unity is not a novel concept. Although humankind has been reluctant to embrace it fully, some have found the true meaning of unity. Those who have, know how important it is to uphold the unity of a nation. It is the driving force of a country’s socio-economic development. National integration or unity is something that every country aims to achieve for the betterment of its people.

Importance of National Unity

National unity plays a crucial role in the political, economic, cultural, and social dimensions of a country. The important aspects of national unity are as follows:

Promotes Social Harmony 

Due to national unity, the social bond between people strengthens in the country, thereby endorsing brotherhood, peace, and tolerance among them. 

Connects the Nation

This unites people from different races, castes, creeds, or thoughts, and makes the country a single entity, thereby bolstering the country and making it internationally powerful.

Increases Economic Growth

Since this country has the least internal matters and problems, the economic growth prospers and develops.

Promotes Loyalty for the Nation

National unity advocates the loyalty of the citizen to the country. It helps to make people join hands and stand for the advancement of the country forgetting their petty issues.

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Importance of National Unity in India

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions but most important of all, united. But it wasn’t this way all along. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel knew how important it was to tame the once united India, now fragmented post the Independence struggle. When India was hurting due to its own splintered pieces born out of British hate and spite, it was Sardar Vallabhbhai who brought peace to the subcontinent. He united every Princely state and achieved the dream of national unity. 

As a people-driven state which was once overpowered by foreign powers, India has done much to overcome its tainted past. Unity helped India recover from the shackles of British rule and helped the country stand up on its feet again.

Aim of National Unity

The primary aim of national unity is to preserve the integrity of a nation. Unity helps in upholding the stability of the country and helps in its development. Protection from alien powers is one of the secondary objectives of National unity. Other such aims/objectives of national unity are given below.

  • It nurtures communal harmony and fights casteist, racist and linguistic differences. 
  • It improves the feeling of fidelity towards the nation and aims at uniting people in case of emergency.
  • National unity focuses on all the sections of the society, thereby making them financially independent. 
  • Through it, the State aims to foster economic unity. 
  • No foreign aggression can ever break the back of a nation that is united in a true sense. 
  • Education, social and cultural unity, and equal access to all basic rights and amenities foster a sense of probity in the citizens of a country.
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Significance of National Unity in the Modern Era

National unity plays a crucial role in modern times and challenges communalism, regionalism, linguism, etc. However, global terrorism is one of the major threats to national unity. Only a few people with radicalist thoughts convince the population and brainwash them and provoke them against their motherland. In this era of technological advancements and the accessibility of social media, it is very easy to get misled. National unity helps people ignore these situations and makes people intellectually mature and tolerant.

National unity is quite significant for a country because it is seen many times in the history of mankind that the integrity of a nation fell in danger. Many confronted major challenges from within but also became a victim of foreign assaults. Hence, national unity plays a pivotal role in the making of a nation. It keeps the history of the country supported with development.

National unity in India is critical for increasing unity among all segments of society in a country like India, which is rich in multiplicity in many aspects of life.

Importance of National Unity Essay: Purpose

The goals of national unity are as follows:

  • To boost a sense of camaraderie.
  • To reduce religious, regional, racial, and cultural discrepancies.
  • Diligent and energetic dissemination of the ideals for which our country stands, particularly tolerance and peace.
  • To rally constructive societal forces in the interest of national unity and solidarity, and provide them with leadership, encouragement, and articulation.
  • To reduce killings, massacres, riots, and organized crimes among other things.
  • To contribute to the nation’s development. Increase people’s togetherness.

Importance of National Unity Essay FAQs

Q. What is unity?

A. Unity is a sense of oneness between individuals. It is a feeling of solidarity and brotherhood in a country where diversity is the main ethos. 

Q. Why is National Unity important?

A.  National Unity is the driving force of a country’s socio-economic development. It promotes social harmony, connects the nation, increases economic growth, and promotes loyalty to the nation.

Q. What is the purpose of National Unity?

A. The purpose of National Unity is to boost a sense of camaraderie, To reduce religious, regional, racial, and cultural discrepancies, etc.

Q. What is the importance of National Unity in India?

A. As one of the most populous nations in the world, India has to uphold its National Unity to develop and prosper as a nation with the help of the harmonious efforts of every individual.

Q. What is the significance of National Unity in the modern world?

A. National unity plays a crucial role during modern times and challenges communalism, regionalism, linguism, etc to create a better living environment for every individual.