Goods Guard Salary Structure: Get To Know Basic Pay, Job Profile, Perks & Promotion Opportunities!



The Indian Railways’ workforce is separated into four groups. The position of the goods guard falls under Group C. I’m going to give you all the information you need about the Railways Goods Guard Salary, Promotion, and Job Profile in this article. The Railway’s Group C has a lot of openings. All of these positions have roughly equal salaries, but their job profiles and opportunities for advancement range slightly. By taking the Railway Recruitment Board’s (RRB) NTPC exam, one can apply for positions with the Indian Railways. One of the positions under RRB NTPC is the Railway Goods Guard, which has a salary level of 5.

Goods Guard Salary Structure

The following components make up the goods guard’s salary structure:

Pay Scale

Rs. 5,200 – Rs. 20,200

Grade Pay

Rs. 2,800


1. Running Allowance

2. Accident Allowance

3. Breach of Rest Allowance

4. Allowance in Lieu of Running Room Facilities

5. Officiating Allowance

6. Outstation (Detention) Allowance

7. Outstation (Relieving) Allowance

8. Waiting Duty Allowance

9. Trip Allowance

10. Ghat Allowance

Goods Guard Salary In India

Goods Guards make a base pay of Rs. 8,560 per month. The least amount these guards can receive in any month is Rs. 11,360 when you add the grade pay of Rs. 2800 to this sum. Due to the vast range of allowances, they virtually usually make much more than this and their total take-home pay likewise varies from month to month.

Goods Guard: Perks & Benefits

Additionally, there are a lot more things that candidates receive as allowances while serving. They are mentioned farther down.

  • Dearness Allowances
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Housing Rent Allowances
  • Running Allowances: This allowance is based on the number of km a person runs each month.
  • Medical benefits, etc.

RRB Goods Guard: Job Profile

For people who enjoy traveling, the RRB Goods Guard role is ideal. The position requires a person to be always aware and vigilant, and it is a moderately dangerous one. Goods Guard can be observed on every train either in the brake van or the compartment attached to the tail of the train, which is also his working area. The safe transport of the cargo on the railway is ensured by the goods guard.

  • Ensure that all the brakes, including the emergency ones, operate and effectively.
  • To make all critical decisions required for the train’s safety and to alert the loco pilot or authorities if anything is discovered to be odd or to be capable of having disastrous consequences.
  • To ensure that the wagons are securely fastened to one another.
  • To give the loco pilot clearance and regular updates regarding the track lines.

In order to ensure the safety of the entire train, the Goods Guard must take complete control of the train while it is moving.

There isn’t a set schedule if we’re talking about the working hours of the Goods Guard. Their shifts and working hours are determined by how well the train runs. Eight to ten hours might be used to represent a working day. They are then permitted to take a 15–16 hour nap in the running room, available at some designated locations. According to the circumstances, the work schedule may be extended.

Goods Guard Promotion

In the Indian Railways, promotions are made based on a variety of criteria. To receive further advancement in the service, one might take promotional tests. The internal exam, departmental exam, and other names are also used to refer to the promotional exams. A candidate becomes eligible for the Promotional Exams after three years of service.

Additionally, promotions are given based on experience. A goods guard may be promoted as follows after gaining experience:

  • Passenger Guard
  • Express Guard
  • Section Controller
  • Chief Controller etc.

Goods Guard Salary FAQs

Q.1 Does the RRB NTPC Goods Guard have opportunities for career growth?
Ans.1 You can apply for advancements to the positions of passenger guard, express guard, section controller, and chief controller by taking the internal test.

Q.2 If you pass the RRB NTPC exam, do you get paid?
Ans.2 No, the candidate does not begin receiving compensation till they are hired by the department as an RRB NTPC in any profile.

Q.3 What is the basic pay of goods guards in the railway department?
Ans.3 The basic pay of goods guards in the railway department is Rs. 8,560 per month.

Q.4 Will running allowance be provided to the RRB goods guards?
Ans.4 Yes, Indian Railways provide running allowance to the goods guard employees.

Q.5 Are the allowances included in the salary structure of Goods Guards?
Ans.5 Yes, the goods guard salary structure includes allowances provided to them.