Traffic e-challan UP: Steps to Check Challan Status Online and Pay Fines



Uttar Pradesh (UP) is the fourth largest state in terms of area and the most populous, accounting for approximately 17.35 percent of India’s population. As a result, cities, and towns in UP experience heavy traffic, which can be difficult to manage. As per the Union Government’s initiatives, the State Government has provided an efficient and transparent electronic challan system, i.e., e-challan UP, to manage its traffic. In this article, we’ll look at UP e-challan fines and the various methods for paying and checking your UP challan status. 

Continue reading to learn about the various fine rates, your e-challan status, and the steps for making an e-challan payment in Uttar Pradesh.

How to Check Traffic e-challan UP Status Online?

You can check your e challan using a variety of online methods. You can also pay and check the status of the UP challan using mobile applications such as Phonepe, Paytm, and others.

Check out the e-challan status using the Parivahan portal or Uttar Pradesh traffic website using the steps mentioned below.

Parivahan portalUttar Pradesh Traffic Website
Step 1: First, go to the Parivahan portal
Step 2: On the website, enter your challan or vehicle number.
Step 3: If any pending challans exist, the challan details will be displayed on the screen.
Step 4: If no e-challans were issued, the message “Challan not found” will appear.
Step 1: Go to the website of the Uttar Pradesh traffic police.
Step 2: Go to the website and click ‘Check e-challan status.’
Step 3: Enter your UP e-challan number or vehicle registration number
Step 4: The status of your e-challan will be displayed on the screen.

Uttar Pradesh Traffic E-Challan payment Online or Offline?

Continue reading to know about the steps of making UP e-challan payment using your preferred mode of payment.

How do I pay my e-challan UP online?

To make things easier and faster, the Government of India has launched an online payment system for UP traffic police challans. Here’s how to pay your Uttar Pradesh e-challan online. You can pay your e-challan online either through the Parivahan website or through the Uttar Pradesh Transport official website.

Using the Parivahan website:

You can also pay your Uttar Pradesh traffic e-challan using the Government of India’s official e-challan website, Parivahan.

Step 1: Navigate to the official Parivahan website.

Step 2: Enter your e-challan UP number, vehicle number, or DL number.

Step 3: Fill out the captcha, then click ‘Get details.’

Step 4: You will be redirected to a page that displays your traffic violations as well as the amount of the fines.

Step 5: You can now pay the fine, and you will receive a confirmation message as well as the transaction ID.

Using the official web portal of the Uttar Pradesh Government:

Pay fines using the official state website using the steps outlined below:

Step 1: To pay your UP traffic police challan online, go to the UP official website 

Step 2: Enter the necessary information, such as the e-challan UP number, and then click ‘Get Details.’

Step 3: When you arrive at the UP challan payment gateway, pay the fine on your vehicle.

How to pay e-challan UP Offline?

To pay an e-challan issued by the Uttar Pradesh traffic police offline, there are two options:

  • At the bank counter, you can manually submit a printed copy of the e-challan payment confirmation receipt (generated online). 
  • Alternatively, you can go to any traffic police station in your city with your driver’s license, address and identity proof, and a letter for a traffic violation to pay your fine in cash.

Uttar Pradesh Traffic Fine List 2022

Continue reading to find out about the different fine rates, your e-challan status, and how to make an e-challan payment in Uttar Pradesh. The following is a revised list of penalties and fines as implemented by the Uttar Pradesh Traffic Police, for which a traffic e-challan UP will be issued upon violation.

OffensesPenalties (INR)
Violation of parking rulesFor the 1st offense: 500For subsequent offense: 1,500
Failure to present a certificate of Registration, Permit, Certificate of Fitness, Driving License, Pollution under control certificateFor the 1st offense: 500For subsequent Offense: 1,500
Driving a vehicle registered in other states for more than 12 monthsFor the 1st offense: 500For subsequent Offense: 1500
Provide driving license to another person.For the 1st offense: 500For subsequent Offense: 1,500
Passengers standing on the FootboardFor the 1st offense: 500For subsequent Offense: 1,500
To charge more than the permissible fareFor the 1st offense: 500For subsequent Offense: 1,500
Non-function of fare meter in Motor Cab.For the 1st offense: 500For subsequent Offense: 1,500
Disobedience to any direction given by the authority2,000/-
Refusal to give information or give false information to the authorities2,000/-
Driving without a Driving License5,000/-
Minor Driving the vehicle5,000/-
Unauthorized/disqualified person driving the vehicle10,000/-
Over-speedingFor light motor vehicle 2,000For medium / heavy passenger/goods vehicle 4,000
Use of mobile phone while driving.For the 1st offense: 1,000For subsequent Offense: 10,000
Physically/mentally unfit person driving the vehicleFor the 1st offense: 1,000For subsequent Offense: 2,000
Racing/ trial of speedFor the 1st offense: 5,000For subsequent Offense: 10,000
Violation of prescribed standards of air /noise pollution10000
Driving a vehicle without registration or with suspended or canceled registration.For the 1st offense: 5000For subsequent Offense: 10,000
Driving without a valid certificate of fitnessFor the 1st offense: 5,000For subsequent Offense: 10,000
Carrying excess passengers in passenger vehicles200/- per passenger
Driving without a safety belt1,000/-
Driving a vehicle carrying a child without a safety belt1,000/-
Triple-riding a motorcycle1,000/-
Driving without helmet1,000/-
Failure to allow free passage to emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire-fighting vehicles, etc.10,000/-
Honking the horn needlesslyFor the 1st offense: 1,000For subsequent Offense: 2,000
Driving a vehicle without insuranceFor the 1st offense: 2,000For subsequent Offense: 4,000
Unauthorized interference or temper with the vehicle without authorization1,000/-

To avoid paying traffic fines, you must follow all traffic regulations. Breaking traffic laws is a punishable offense in Uttar Pradesh. So follow all of the rules, and if you have an e-challan, make sure to pay the traffic e-challan UP on time to avoid any consequences. I hope you found this article on e-challan Uttar Pradesh useful. 

Traffic e-challan UP FAQs

In Uttar Pradesh, what can I do to avoid receiving an e-challan for traffic violations?

If you do not want to receive an e-challan, make sure you obey all traffic laws and regulations and carry all necessary documentation with you while driving at all times.

What is the penalty for speeding in Uttar Pradesh?

Speeding fines in Uttar Pradesh are Rs. 2000 for a light motor vehicle and Rs. 4,000 for a medium/heavy passenger/goods vehicle.

Can I use the Parivahan portal to pay my Uttar Pradesh e-challan?

Yes. You can pay your traffic e-challan UP through the Parivahan portal.

What exactly is E-Challan?

An E-challan is a challan that is generated electronically using an electronic challan system and issued to traffic rule violators by the traffic police. It can be paid in person at the traffic police station or online through challan payment portals.

What documents must I carry while driving?

The following documents are required while driving:
1. Driver’s License
2. Certificate of Registration 
3. Certificate of Taxation 
4. Certificate of Emission Test 
5. Fitness Certificate & Permit (while driving transport vehicles)
6. Certificate of Insurance