CUET Normalization of Marks 2022: Check Process, Formula, and the Need here!



The National Test Agency has announced the conduct of the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) for the academic year 2022-23. The test is to select deserving candidates for admission to UG programs in the top central universities of India which are participating in this process. This is a wonderful opportunity for aspirants seeking admission to the UG courses. This is a single examination with multi-session papers. Hence in order to be fair and just, the evaluation of the marks across different shifts is conducted using the concept of CUET Normalization of Marks.

So let us learn the important aspects pertaining to the normalization of marks for the CUET Exam 2022!

What Exactly is CUET Normalization of Marks?

Before we dive deeper into the article let us first understand the crux of this article. Simply put, the word  “normalization” refers to the process in which values are measured on different scales to a common scale. It is primarily used to assess the performance of all aspirants over multi-session papers. It is a  well-established method with the goal to vary the exam’s difficulty level across shifts.

Formula to Calculate Percentile of Candidates

The student’s percentile is calculated using the following formula – 

100 X Number of candidates in the ‘Session’ with a raw score equal to or lower than the candidate

Note – 

  • The raw score is a score that is the actual score obtained in the exam.
  • The Percentile of the total should not be an average or sum of the Percentiles of the Individuals of a distinct subject. 
  • The percentile score and the percentage of marks earned are not the same things.

In order to understand the formula better, we have compiled two examples each for candidates who scored equal to or less than the highest raw score and those who scored less than the lowest raw score –

Example 1

Total Candidates appearedHighest Raw ScoreCandidates who scored equal to or less than Highest Raw ScorePercentile Score

Example 2-

Total Candidates appearedLowest Raw ScoreCandidates who scored equal to or less than Lowest Raw ScorePercentile Score

Steps to Calculate CUET Normalization of Marks 2022

Now let us understand the steps taken to calculate the CUET Normalization of marks

Step 1: Candidates are distributed across two shifts

Aspirants must be randomly divided into two sessions with an equal number of candidates in each approximately. However, in case there are more days or fewer shifts the candidates will be allocated proportionally. This is to ensure that the distribution of students who take the exam is not skewed. 

Step 2: Preparation of Results for Each Session

The examination result for each session would be prepared in the form of-

  • Raw Scores (Actual Scores)
  • Percentiles Scores of Total raw scores (As shown in the section above)

Step 3: Compilation of NTA score and Result Preparation

 The Percentile scores for the Total Raw Score which is calculated in Step 2 above for all sessions will be merged with the NTA scores, which will be used for the compilation of results and thereafter for choosing the allocation.

What is the Need For Normalisation in CUET Exam 2022?

We have learned the formula and steps needed for the Normalization of marks, but let us learn the need for it. Since the CUET Exam is a multi-session exam, there were times when some aspirants were unfortunate enough to be given a challenging question set in the exam. While there were other students who were given a very simple question set. This resulted in a  lot of discord, and candidates began to lose faith in the examination panel. Hence,  the normalization of the CUET Exam was more of a unified demand of the aspirants

As a result, the commission decided to add 10 or 5 points to a candidate’s overall score if the paper set he took was tough. Similarly, if the paper was to be substantially easy, the commission would deduct 10 or 5 points from the candidates’ overall score.

We hope this article could help you understand the concept of the Normalization of marks. We wish you all the best for your exams!

CUET Normalization of Marks 2022: FAQs

How to calculate the CUET Percentile from Raw Score?

You can calculate the CUET Percentile using the formula 100 X Number of candidates in the ‘Session’ with a raw score equal to or lower than the candidate

What is the Raw score in the CUET Percentile calculation?

The raw score is the score which is the actual score obtained in the exam

Has the CUET cut-off 2022 been released?

No the CUET Cut-off 2022 has not yet been released by the officials.

What is the need for the normalization of marks?

The normalization of marks is to remove the discord that is caused due to the multi-sessions paper in the CUET Exam, where if one student gets a comparatively easier set than the other student, the marks are normalized using the formula mentioned in this article.

What is the purpose of conducting the CUET Exam 2022?

The purpose is to select candidates for admission to the participating top central universities to the UG courses.