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An announcement on open positions for ITI Instructors will be made soon by the Bihar Staff Selection Commission. For individuals seeking government jobs in Bihar, this is a fantastic opportunity. Potential applicants should submit an application right away. It is advisable to read this post for those who are interested in the exam and want to learn more about the Bihar ITI Instructor salary and job description.

Bihar ITI Instructor Salary Structure

In addition to additional perks, the typical monthly Bihar ITI Instructor Salary ranges from INR 9,300 to INR 34,800. Following are some details regarding the pay scale:

Bihar ITI Instructor Salary Structure 2023
Conducting BodyBihar Staff Selection Commission
Post NameITI Instructor
Pay ScaleINR 9,300 to INR 34,800/-
Grade PayINR 4,200
Job LocationBihar

Bihar ITI Instructor In-hand Salary

The in-hand salary of a Bihar ITI Instructor is approximately INR 9,300 to 34,800 per month. It’s important to note that this figure is an estimate and subject to deductions as per the job’s rules and regulations.

Bihar ITI Instructor Salary Slip

Once a month, the organization publishes the Bihar ITI Instructor Salary Slip for each employee. The salary slip contains detailed information and figures related to the employee’s salary, including the basic pay, allowances, and any deductions. It serves as a reference for employees to review their salary-related details.

Bihar ITI Instructor Job Profile

The job profile of a Bihar ITI Instructor entails various responsibilities and duties, including:

  • Providing vocational training to candidates
  • Ensuring industry-level expertise within the classroom
  • Conducting disciplined and effective classes
  • Maintaining class control and discipline
  • Overseeing the management of training facilities
  • Supervising the laboratory opening and closing
  • Administering skill level exams and providing skill certificates to candidates

Factors Affecting Bihar ITI Instructor Salary

Several factors influence the salary of Bihar ITI Instructors. Understanding these factors can provide insights into the earning potential and help aspiring instructors make informed decisions. Let’s explore the key elements that contribute to the determination of their salaries.

  • Qualifications and Experience- Like any other profession, qualifications and experience play a vital role in determining the salary of Bihar ITI Instructors. Higher educational qualifications, such as a Master’s degree or Ph.D., coupled with relevant teaching experience, can lead to higher remuneration.
  • Job Location- The location of the ITI also influences the salary of Bihar ITI Instructors. Metropolitan cities and urban areas often offer higher salaries due to the cost of living and increased demand for skilled instructors. However, rural areas may have lower salary ranges.
  • Type of ITI- The type of ITI also impacts the salary structure. Government-run ITIs may have standardized pay scales.

Bihar ITI Instructor Career Growth and Promotions

The Bihar ITI Instructor position offers ample opportunities for career growth and promotions. Candidates who demonstrate dedication, loyalty, and efficiency in their roles and responsibilities can expect to be promoted relatively quickly. Promotions and career growth follow the organization’s hierarchy and standards. Upon promotion, employees receive a higher pay package and additional allowances, further motivating their professional development.

Please note that the specific details of perks, allowances, probation period, and career growth may vary and are subject to the official notifications and policies of the organization. It is advisable for interested candidates to regularly visit the official website of BSSC for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

FAQs on Bihar ITI Instructor Salary


Q.1 How often are Bihar ITI Instructors salaries revised?
Ans.1 The salaries of Bihar ITI Instructors may be revised periodically as per government regulations and policies. The revision frequency depends on various factors, including economic conditions and government initiatives.

Q.2 Is there any scope for promotions in the Bihar ITI Instructor role?
Ans.2 Yes, Bihar ITI Instructors can progress in their careers through promotions. Based on their performance, qualifications, and experience, instructors can advance to higher positions within ITIs or vocational training institutes.

Q.3 Can Bihar ITI Instructors avail of housing facilities?
Ans.3 Government-employed Bihar ITI Instructors may have access to government-provided accommodation or housing facilities, depending on availability and eligibility criteria.

Q.4 Are Bihar ITI Instructors entitled to travel allowances?
Ans.4 Travel allowances for Bihar ITI Instructors may vary based on individual circumstances and the policies of the respective ITI or employing authority. Some ITIs may provide travel allowances for official duties or specific situations.

Q.5 How much does a Bihar ITI Instructor make per month?
Ans.5 The salary each month is between INR 9,300 to INR 34,800.