APPSC Group 4 Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2022



In the official notification and advertisement, the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) explains the APPSC Group 4 syllabus for all the jobs. The APPSC Group 4 curriculum is provided to assist candidates in planning their test preparation. The Commission also gives the APPSC Group 4 exam pattern so that applicants can fully comprehend the exam’s grading structure. On the official website, candidates may also download the APPSC Group 4 curriculum in Telugu medium pdf according to their language preference. A single written examination is used in the APPSC Group 4 selection procedure. Candidates who pass the exam will be called in for document verification and will be chosen for the position they desire. For all of the positions stated in this APPSC Group-IV recruitment, the APPSC Group 4 syllabus is the same.

Syllabus for the Preliminary and Main Exams

Screening Test and Mains Exam Syllabus

Paper-IGeneral Studies (SSC Standard)Important national and worldwide events.International, national, and regional current events.Applications of general science in everyday life Recent advances in science and technology, as well as information technology.Modern India’s social, economic, and political history, with a focus on Andhra Pradesh.Constitutional challenges, public policy, reforms, and e-governance projects in India, with a special focus on Andhra Pradesh.India’s economic development since independence, with a focus on Andhra Pradesh.The Indian subcontinent’s physical geography, as well as Andhra Pradesh’s.Vulnerability assessment, preventive, and mitigation measures are all part of disaster management. The use of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) in disaster assessment.Environmental Protection and Sustainable DevelopmentData interpretation, logical reasoning, and analytical abilitiesData analysis includes the following steps: a) data tabulation; b) data visualisation; and c) basic data analysis and interpretation.
Paper-IIEnglish and TeluguComprehension Usage and idioms Vocabulary and punctuation Logical re-arrangement of sentences GrammarSynonyms & VocabularyGrammar of TeluguTelugu to English meanings English to Telugu meanings Usage and idiom of Telugu

Computer Proficiency Test

Contents of Part-A
MS-Word (15 marks)Part-A Contents of the Computer Proficiency Test
Word (Microsoft) (15 marks)
Delete characters, words, lines, and blocks of text from a document using MS WORD a.
a. Process of undoing and redoing
c. Renaming, copying, and moving files.
a. Character formatting in a text document
a. Formatting of paragraphs
c. Page layouting
Check the material for spelling errors a. Searching for and replacing text
a. Bookmarks and Trying to Find a Bookmark
b. Automatically checking spelling and grammar
d. Using a dictionary to check spelling and grammar
Create a printout of the document a. Printing Demonstration
a. Dialog box for printing
Ms-word Mail Mergea. For mail merging, create the main document and a data file.
b. Bringing the files together
b. Using mail merging to create letters
d. Using mail merge to create mailing labels

Excel (Microsoft) (10 marks)

  • In Excel, make a new worksheet and save it.
  • Working with Data in a Worksheet
  • Worksheet data is being edited.
  • The text in the cells is being formatted.
  • The numbers in the cells are being formatted.
  • Cells are being formatted.
  • Copying the cell’s format as well as the data format.
  • Cells’ height and width can be changed.
  • Titles are frozen, and the screen is split.
  • Calculation formulas should be entered in the cells.
  • Using a range of cells to copy the formula.
  • Using built-in routines to populate the cells.
  • Using Chart Wizard, create graphs for the data.
  • Excel graphs can be formatted.
  • Worksheet printing.

PowerPoint (Microsoft) (10 marks)

  • MS-Powerpoint can be used to create and save a new presentation.-
  • In Powerpoint, the layout of the opening screen.
  • -Microsoft Powerpoint’s toolbars.
  • For a new slide, select Auto Layout.
  • Fill a blank slide with text and images.
  • In the presentation, add additional slides.
  • Apply transition effects to the slides.
  • Showcase of slides.
  • In a slide, add animation to the text and images.
  • Set the animation’s sounds, sequence, and timing.
  • Part-Contents D’s
  • MS-Access is a database management system (10 marks)
  • Database creation and manipulation.
  • Part-Contents E’s
  • The World Wide Web (5 marks)
  • Browser software is used to browse the internet (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google. Chrome, etc.,).
  • Use search engines to look for information on the internet.
  • Make an email account for yourself.
  • Email is sent and received.
  • Transactions on the internet.
  • Web content uploading.
  • Ability to operate Mac OS / Pages

Exam Pattern for APPSC Junior Assistant

A screening test and a mains examination are part of the APPSC Junior Assistant Exam Pattern. The following are the specifics of the exam pattern:

Screening Questionnaire

Section – AGeneral Studies & Mental Ability100100100
Section – BGeneral English & General Telugu(25 marks each & SSC Standard)505050
  • A total of 150 questions are asked, and the exam is worth 150 points.
  • The exam will take 150 minutes to complete.
  • There is negative marking; for each incorrect response, a third of a mark will be deducted.

Test of Computer Proficiency

There are five sections to the Computer Proficiency exam. Each section assesses a different aspect of computer efficiency.

The exam is worth 50 points, and students will have 30 minutes to complete it.

It’s a hands-on exam.

Name of the partName of the Question to be answeredMarks
Part AExample: Typing a letter/passage/paragraph ( about 100- 150 words ) in MS-Word15
Part BExample: Preparation of a Table/Graph in MS-Excel10
Part CExample: Preparation of Power Point Presentations/Slides (Two) on MS-Power Point.10
Part DExample: Creation and manipulation of data bases.10
Part EExample: Displaying the content of E-mail (Inbox).05

APPSC Group 4 Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain the Telugu version of the APPSC Group 4 syllabus?

The APPSC Group 4 syllabus in Telugu medium is accessible in PDF format on the Commission’s official website under the Syllabus section.

What books are available that cover the APPSC Group 4 syllabus?

All online and offline retailers provide books that cover the entire APPSC Group 4 2022 syllabus and are developed according to the APPSC Group 4 test pattern.

Is there a change in the APPSC Group 4 syllabus every year?

No, the APPSC Group 4 syllabus does not alter significantly from year to year.

Who makes the APPSC Group 4 syllabus decisions?

The APPSC Exam Board determines the APPSC Group 4 syllabus. It is created to meet the needs of the position and the department in which it is located.

 Is it okay if I use old editions of the APPSC Group 4 exam study books?

Yes, you can use previous editions of the APPSC Group 4 preparation books, but make sure they don’t contain any key elements of the APPSC Group 4 syllabus.