Women IPL 2023 team name list – WIPL Full Information 



Womens IPL 2023 team name list: The long wait for the start of the Women’s Indian Premier League (W-IPL)  is finally over. As previously reported, the BCCI is said to have booked a time slot for March 2023 for the inaugural edition of the women’s IPL and now a preview of the process for the start of the show  is revealed in a report 

It is understood that the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) has opted to allow franchises to field 5 foreign players in each playing XI and out of those 5, a maximum of 4 of them being international. The full member nations of the Cricket Council (ICC), while the only remaining seat may be filled by a player from the partner nations.


Womens IPL 2023 team name list: Team Names on the basis of Zones are given below in the following team

1NorthDharamsala, jammu
3centralIndore, nagpur, raipur
4eastRanchi, cuttack
6WestPune, rajkot

BCCI is expected to take a different approach to device sales. Quote: “The Board is debating between two options to sell the IPL teams: Zone by zone: North (Dharamsala/Jammu), South (Kochi/Vizag), Central (Indore/Nagpur/Raipur), East (Ranchi/Cuttack). Northeast (Guwahati) and West (Pune/Rajkot), with matches played in non-IPL venues) and existing cities such as Men’s IPL (Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata) with  matches played venues to be held at IPL).”

Alternatively, teams  can be sold in WIPL and matches can be played at venues currently hosting IPL matches.”

These major cities include Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Following the initial announcement regarding women’s IPL, it was widely reported that IPL owners would be given first refusal on team purchases.

The IPL Board of Directors and BCCI officers make the final decision on all matters affecting women’s IPL.

Two venues for the inaugural edition of the Women’s IPL

Womens IPL 2023 team name list: The BCCI is yet to come to a conclusion on the teams and the last topic of discussion concerned the venues of the tournament. While the men’s IPL will continue in 2023  with  home and away games, the women’s IPL is not  expected to do the same. It is likely that the first half of the tournament will take place at one location and the second half will be completely relocated to another location.

The 2023 season could be played at two of the team’s five venues, while the 2024 season could be played at two of the remaining venues. The remaining  venue and one of the 2023 season venues will host the 2025 season and this is expected to be the model for the future format.

Women’s IPL 2023 FAQ

 What is Women IPL?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to inaugurate Women indian premier league.

Is there women IPL in 2023?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has approved a WIPL in march 2023

How many teams are there in WIPL?

WIPL set place with a total of 5 teams

How many zones are divided by BCCI for WIPL?

A total of 6 zones is divided by BCCI

When WIPL 2023 will start?

Women indian premier league will start in march 2023.