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United Nations Day Speech: On 24 October, the United Nations Day is celebrated. The UN became a global body in 1945 after the Atlantic Charter was accepted. The United Nations General Assembly held its first meeting in the year 1946. The day is celebrated to spread the message of the UN worldwide. The UN organizes events on this day to spread the word about its work, achievement, and global activities. In 1951, on United Nations Day, the United Nations Postal Administration issued the first UN Stamps in U.S. Dollars at the U.N. Headquarters in New York. Read the article to know more about United Nations Day Speech.

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10 lines United Nations Day Speech for School Students

Good morning members present in the house. Greetings, my name is Shirin (your name) from Standard 10 (your class). Today is United Nations Day Day, and I’ll be speaking a few lines on the topic.

  1. The UN Day has been celebrated on the 24th of October, since 1948.
  2. The day is observed to commemorate the foundation of the United Nations and its objectives. Meetings are held to chalk plans for the future and effective ways to handle any crisis.
  3. The United Nations is considered to be the most powerful, largest, and most familiar internationally recognized, and represented intergovernmental organization in the world.
  4. The United Nations has many agencies under its umbrella, most of them headquartered in Geneva, Vienna, Hague, and Nairobi. The UN headquarters is situated on international territory in New York City.
  5. The various agencies that come under the United Nations are UNESCO, WHO, UNICEF, WFP, FAO, UNDP, etc.
  6. Founded in 1945, the United Nations was created with a motto to promote peace, restore human rights, and prevent nations from going to war.
  7. The United Nations had 51 members at the time of its formation. Currently, 193 countries are member states of the United Nations, whereas few countries remain off-limit of the UN.
  8. The UN acts as a platform for the global community. It allows nations to speak about their issues and put their concerns in front of the world. It also helps in solving issues between countries, if asked for help. 
  9. Apart from dialogue channels, the UN also has a force under its command. The UN Peacekeeping Force is deployed in various African nations providing security to the local population against anti-social elements. It also funds various socio-economic projects for better development.
  10. The UN nation is a multicultural organization and looks after the welfare of all states. The UN observes several days and organizes different events under its watch to promote equality in society. Recently it has done stories on rural women and their fight within the society, the future of girl children, Ukraine, and the nuclear threat. All of these make the UN a responsible organization, working towards global peace.

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Short Speech On United Nations Day in English

Good morning members present in the house. Greetings, my name is Shirin (your name) from Standard 12 (your class). Today, I will give a short speech on United Nations Day.

The United Nations Day is celebrated in observance of the entry into force of the UN Charter in 1945. The UN Charter is the founding document of this huge institution that has been working to establish peace and equality among member nations. The United Nations General Assembly held its first meeting on 10 January 1946.

The UN was born out of the shadows of the League of Nations. The League of Nations was formed in June 1919, after World War I. It was formed with a similar idea to that of the United Nations but failed to discharge its duty. After the Second World War broke out in 1939, the chapter of the League of Nations came to an end, and it was proposed to form a body that works for international peace and puts efforts to deal with a wide range of issues related to the war.

The United Nations was formed with the principle to maintain peace worldwide and prevent countries from going to war. But with time, the United Nations has spread its wings to a wide number of domains and formed bodies like WHO, UNESCO, and UNICEF, which works in the field of education, health, culture, science, and environment. 

Several schools across the globe celebrate the diversity in their student body on UN Day. The day is important as on this day, several meetings are held to discuss the future course of actions and goals of the organization. The importance of this organization became even more important while handling the covid pandemic and during the distribution of covid vaccines.

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Long Speech on United Nations Day

Good morning members present in the house. Greetings, my name is Shirin (use your name), a graduate-level student(replace it with your degree). Today is United Nations Day, and I’ll be speaking a few lines on the topic.

United Nations Day is celebrated on the 24th of October every year. The member countries of the United Nations observe this Day every year and is celebrated as a priority in eighty-one countries. This day is observed with an objective, which is educating the people of the world about the goals, purposes, and achievements of the United Nations. 

After the Second World War, almost all nations of that time accepted the Atlantic Charter, thus forming the U.N On 24th October 1945. The basis of the United Nations was made by members nations fighting against Nazi Germany in World War II. A Meeting in 1941 between the then President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, acknowledged the Atlantic Charter and laid a set of policies for world peace, and cooperation between nations to maintain peace globally. After 1941, in 1945 officials from 50 nations met in San Francisco to draw the basic charter for a World Organisation, which would work for peace and against war, a responsibility that the League of Nations failed to deliver.

The primary goal of the United Nations is to maintain peace through mutual agreement, and action. The UN is home to many subordinate bodies which focuses on eradicating illiteracy, promoting local culture, removing poverty, treat disease,s and chronic ill health which is rare and dangerous. 

The delegates of 50 countries at the United States conference drew up the United Nations Charter on the International organization. The mix of proposal and ideas were accepted and worked upon by officials of China, the then-Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom. The delegates worked on this in the United States at Dumbarton Oaks.  The representatives of 50 countries then acknowledged the charter on June 26, 1945. 

 The five permanent members of the Security Council were the founding members. To maintain peace and security in the world, the UN was formed, and it has adopted various measures to work on its principles. They are:

  • Appoint a group of persons to help in resolving and bring the two opposing sides or nations to a mutual agreement.
  • Send an investigation mission to disturbed areas to gain firsthand information about the incident.
  • Securing a deal to reduce and prevent armament and work for disarmament, and 
  • Appealing to the world to observe principles enunciated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and seek the route of dialogue to solve disputes.

Kiran Bedi has been appointed as the United Nations Civilian Police Advisor in the Department of Peacekeeping operations, which is a proud moment for India and its Police Service.

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Take ideas on Speech on United Nations Day and rephrase it in your own words for the 10th of October.

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United Nations Day Speech FAQs

In which year was the United Nations established?

The United Nations was established in the year 1945.

When was the first United Nations General Assembly held?

The first United Nations General Assembly meeting was held on 10 January 1946.

The Security Council has how many permanent members?

The Security Council has 5 permanent members.

What is the most powerful access of the permanent members of the Security Council?

The VETO power is considered to be the most powerful weapon of the permanent members.

Who is the current Secretary General of UN?

António Guterres is the current Secretary General of UN.