TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Syllabus 2022! Check Here!



The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) conducts the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries 2022 exam every year. This examination is based on a specific syllabus. Candidates can download the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Syllabus 2022 from this article. A detailed description of the syllabus is given.

Syllabus for Sub Inspector of Fisheries TNPSC 2022

Candidates can check the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Syllabus 2022:




Paper 1


  • Instrumentation and Bio-techniques topics like the Microscopy-Phase contrast, fluorescent, TEM, SEM. Colorimetric techniques, Centrifugation techniques, etc
  • Non-Chordata, Protozoa, Coelenterata, Annelida, Arthropoda, Mollusca
  • Economic Zoology – Parasitism and Commensalism – Protozoan Parasites and diseases, helminths parasites and diseases of man and domestic animals, etc
  • Prochordata, Chordata, Pisces, Amphibia, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals
  • Evolution – Origin of life – Evolutionary theories – Contributions of Lamarck, Darwin, and De Vries, etc
  • Cell and Molecular Biology – Cellular Organelles – 
  • Environmental Biology – Ecosystem- structure and function of ecosystems, types of ecosystems, etc
  • Genetics – Normal and abnormal genetic disorders; 
  • Development Biology – fertilization, Parthenogenesis, type of eggs – blastulation, cleavage, and gastrulation in frog and chick. 
  • Bioinformatics – DNA and Protein sequence analysis, Prediction functional structure, protein folding, Phylogenetic tree construction
  • Bio-Chemistry – Structure and role of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and amino acids – Glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle, Physiology, Receptors, etc

Fisheries Technology / Fisheries Science / Fisheries Technology and Navigation Engineering

  • Fishery Electrical and Electronic Engineering – types of ponds-Pumps, Aerators, Sluice, Monk- Fishery Biology – Morphometric and Meristic Characters – Length-weight Relationship. Food and Feeding Habits – Reproductive Biology
  • Fisheries Resource Management and Administration – Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY), Fishing holidays, Mesh size regulations- Growth overfishing
  • Inland & Marine Fisheries – Major Riverine fisheries of India – Lake Fisheries Reservoir Fisheries – Cold Water Fisheries – Pollution in Inland Waters
  • Fishery Economics – Price, Income – Cost, returns – Marketing – Cooperatives – Socioeconomic Survey – the economics of fish and fish seed production system
  • Nautical Technology – Mercator Projections – Buoyage System – International Code flag signals –Navigational Lights-Firefighting –Storm Signals – Distress Signals
  • Fishing Gear and Craft Technology – Fishing Gear Materials –Modern Fishing gears – Trawls, Gill, Nets, Longlines Fishing Gear Accessories
  • Fish Processing Technology – the principle of fish spoilage– Rigor Mortis – Drying, Salt drying, Icing, Freezing, Canning, Fishery by-products, Fish packaging technology
  • Oceanography and Meteorology – Currents- El – Nino – Salinity – Tsunamis – Weather – Climate – humidity. Tropical Cyclones – Atmospheric pressure
  • Aquaculture – Plankton – Fertilization – Aqua feeds – Pond disinfection with lime -Water quality management

Fisheries Science

  • Microbiology of Fish and Fishery Products, Quality Assurance of Fish and Fishery Products, etc
  • Fish Biology, Fish Physiology & Fish Genetics, etc
  • Fish Packaging Technology, Fish Products, and Value Addition, etc
  • Marine Fisheries and Population Dynamics, etc
  • Fish in Nutrition, Fish Processing Technology, etc
  • Aquaculture, Ornamental Fish Culture, and Fish Diseases, etc 
  • Refrigeration and Equipment Engineering, Marine Engines, etc
  • Limnology, Aquatic Ecology, and Biodiversity, Fishery Oceanography, etc
  • Fishing Gear Technology, Fishing Craft Technology & Navigation, and Seamanship, etc
  • Fisheries Economics, Statistics, Fisheries Marketing & Fisheries Extension, etc




Paper 2

General Science

  • Physics
  • Chemistry 
  • Botany
  • Zoology

Aptitude & Mental Ability Tests

  • Simplification
  • Percentage
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Simple interest/ Compound Interest
  • Logical Reasoning

Current Events

  • History 
  • Political science
  • Geography 
  • Current socio economic problems
  • Latest invention

Economics and Commerce

Village and Rural Development in India. Agriculture, Major crops and crop pattern in India, Industrial Development, Major medium, small scale and cottage Industries of Tamil Nadu. Housing, Drinking water, and other developmental schemes – price policy, Inflation, population and unemployment problems, imports and exports.


Comprises the Earth and Universe‐Solar System‐Monsoon, rainfall, weather & climate‐Water resources ‐ rivers in India‐Soil, minerals & natural resources‐Forest & wildlife‐Agricultural Pattern Transport & communication‐Social geography – population‐density and distribution‐Natural calamities – Disaster Management.

Indian National Movement

Includes the topics of movement like National Renaissance‐‐Emergence of national leaders‐Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore‐Different modes of agitations‐Role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle Rajaji, VOC, Periyar, Bharathiar.

History And Culture of India and Tamil Nadu

Both India and specifically Tamil Nadu including the Indus valley civilization‐Guptas, Delhi Sultans, Mughals and Marathas‐Age of Vijayanagaram and the brahmans‐South Indian History‐Culture and Heritage of Tamil people‐India since independence‐Characteristics of Indian Culture‐Unity in diversity – race, color, language, custom‐India‐as secular state‐Growth of rationalist, Dravidian movement in TN‐Political parties and populist schemes.

Indian Economy

Nature of Indian economy‐ Five‐year plan models‐an assessment‐Land reforms & agriculture‐Application of science in agriculture‐Industrial Growth‐Rural welfare-oriented programmers‐Social sector problems – population, education, health, employment, poverty‐Economic trends in Tamil Nadu.

Indian Polity

  • Constitution of India
  • Corruption in public life
  • State Legislature

TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Syllabus 2022: FAQs

How many papers come for the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries 2022 Exam?

Candidates have to sit for 2 papers under the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Exam 2022.

Where can candidates get a detailed description of the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Syllabus 2022?            

Candidates can get a detailed description of the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Exam 2022 from this article.

What is the starting date to apply for the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Exam 2022?

The starting date for the online application is 13th October 2022.

What is the last date to apply for the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Exam 2022?            

The last date to apply for the TNPSC Sub Inspector of Fisheries Exam 2022 is 11th November 2022.

What are the subjects under paper 1?

The subjects for paper 1 are – Zoology, Fisheries Science, Fisheries Technology / Fisheries Science / Fisheries Technology, and Navigation Engineering.