Telangana Police Books 2022- Get Recommendations for All Subjects



Telangana Police Books: To prepare for an exam, one should always choose the best sources of information. And what better source than a book. The exams for Telangana Police recruitment will be conducted soon. Hence, you must begin with the preparation. If you are unsure about where to start, read this article. We will tell you about some of the best books for your preparation.

  • Applicants must study about the syllabus and test pattern and begin their preparation with the aid of the Books listed below.
  • Selecting the appropriate set of books is critical to ensuring that you cover all of your Telangana Police Syllabus and that you save time by having a better understanding of the topics.

Best Telangana Police Books 2022 

Two written tests make up the Telangana Police Exam 2022. After passing the preliminary written exam, individuals are evaluated on the basis of two physical exams, followed by the main written exam. The following is a collection of Telangana police books that students can read before taking the Telangana Police Recruitment written exams.

Top Telangana Police Books for General Ability and Secretarial Ability

Sr.noName of the bookAuthorContent 
1Telangana Police (Preliminary) Exam GuideRPH Editorial BoardA complete guide for aspirants attempting the Telangana – Police Recruitment Exam
This book is a single 2018 edition and has a total of 224 pages. It is written in English for a larger audience.
The students preparing for Telangana Police exams should buy this book as the content is very relevant and is readily available as an easy studying material for students.
To sharpen problem-solving skills
2Telangana: General knowledgeAjay KumarThe author of this book is Ajay Kumar. The 2018 edition of this book is published by Ramesh publishing house. 
It is written in English for the convenience of students attempting to write the Telangana Police exam. 
It covers the majority history of Telangana and provides insights on the political condition, culture, and heritage of Telangana. 
Students can go for this book if they wish to attempt competitive exams and gain knowledge about their state.
3A Modern Approach to Logical ReasoningR S AggarwalThis book is written by R S Aggarwal. Published by S.Chand publications, it has a total of 290 pages. 
This book covers the arithmetic and subjective portion for aspirants preparing for Telangana – Police Recruitment Exam. 
This book gives a better understanding of students trying to solve complex problems with the help of simpler logic. 
4Arihant – A New Approach to REASONING Verbal and Non-VerbalBS Sijwali & Indu SijwaliThe Authors of this book are BS Sijwali & Indu Sijwali. Published by Arihant Publication. The Verbal Reasoning section covers Puzzles, Coding-Decoding, Number Series, Letter Series, Blood Relations, Clerical Aptitude, Classification, Analogy, Clocks, Calendar, and so on. 
Whereas, the Analytical Reasoning section covers Statement & Assumptions, Statement & Arguments, Course of Action, Cause & Effects. The students preparing for Telangana Police exams should buy this book as the content is very relevant and is readily available as an easy studying material for students.
5Quantitative aptitude for competitive examinations.R.S AgarwalThe author of this book is R.S Agarwal.
The 2017 revised edition of this book is published by S Chand publishing. 
It is written in the English language and has a total number of 960 pages.
It can be used as a reference book for almost all competitive exams. 
It has detailed solutions to all the different kinds of questions. The print quality is excellent. 

Top Telangana Constable Books for Physical Fitness

You must maintain your physical strength in order to pass the Physical Efficiency Test (PET) for the Telangana State Police Recruitment Exam. Before attempting the TSPSC Constable Recruitment Physical Efficiency Test, students should read the following Telangana books.

Sr.noName of the bookAuthorContent
1.Fitness Nutrition: The Ultimate Fitness GuideNicholas BjornThis book is written by Nicholas Bjorn. To maintain a healthy physique, you must acquire all the knowledge and motivation to keep you going. By reading this book, you will learn what food you must include in your diet that can benefit your body and the exercises that will help you get toned and in shape well in time. 
2.Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition GuideRoberta Larson DuyffWritten by Roberta Larson Duyff. This book covers the complete nutritional diet necessary for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This book promotes healthy eating and living. Aspirants can refer to this book to learn how to transform their eating habits to make sure that they are healthy and fit enough to perform the necessary tasks. This book balances the dietary guidelines. 
3. No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of FitnessMichelle SegarThis book provides a step-by-step program to motivate you to exercise for a lifetime of fitness and well being. Ideal for aspirants who are trying to increase their agility and speed during physical tests.

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Telangana Police Books FAQs

Which books are the finest for the Telangana Police exam?

Telangana General Knowledge and Secretarial Ability are two Telangana Police Books that can be used as a reference.

What are the Telangana Police General Ability books?

To practise crucial issues with a better understanding, check out R.S Agarwal’s A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning.

Which Telangana Police book is ideal for physical fitness?

For comprehensive physical fitness advice, consult Nicholas’ Fitness Nutrition: The Ultimate Fitness Guide.

Are there any Telangana Police preparing books available in Telugu?

Yes. Telangana Police books are accessible in Telugu in both offline and online bookstores.

Is there a PDF version of the Telangana Police Preliminary Exam Guide available online?

Yes. For full preparation of the next Telangana Police exam, relevant books, study resources, and test series are accessible online and can be obtained in PDF format from reputable sites.